1willow1 5:41am, 10 June 2009
We just got a rabbit from the humane society a week ago, and this rabbit's output is very abnormal. It is at least four times the size of normal rabbit poo. The rabbit has a lot of difficulty passing them and appears to be in pain as she throws her head back and makes a small squeak. They are also very infrequent... just a few a day. Her appetite has been dwindling too, but she is drinking and drinking water. Does this sound like megacolon? If so, what sort of prognosis can I expect? She is only a couple of weeks post spay...could that have anything to do with her difficulties?
Muggins' Lover Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Muggins' Lover (member) 10 years ago
Please see a vet ASAP as ANY gut movement problems can take a turn for the worse with these little ones very quickly, like by the hour. I haven't heard of what you are speaking before, but there will be others along with advise. But, again, I urge you to see a vet. If she is any pain, she needs pain meds.

A picture of her turds would help also...May I also suggest you edit the title of your post to also read "URGENT" so friends scrolling can see there is a pressing matter.

Sending gentle massages to your little ones tummy.
mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
could you say what you are feeding her and what she is eating?

mega colon is one of those things normally only diagnosed when other things have been ruled out first. the extreme thirst and what sounds like pain on passing faceces means there is something really quite wrong and i urge you to go to a rabbit savvy vet. check the House Rabbit Association List (for usa) and RWA list (for UK) and look at the BLU list below too. give her lots of herbs (wet) and soft hay to help her with her fluids and fibre intake but please take her to a good vet as soon as possible, she sounds like she is in bad pain. she needs an skilled exam and meds - and possibly an xray as muggins says urgently. i would not massage her myself in these circumstances (but that's just me). if it is megacolon or constipation this might be unwise: a bunny intestines are very delicate.
m for marvellous 10 years ago
Yes, please go see a vet ASAP!!
Catarina de Granada 10 years ago
Keep us posted! Sending healing thoughts!
jojo79 10 years ago
Picture of poop would be helpful and a diet list too as Dani says.

Def sounds like she is in pain - so I would say off to the vets. Sounds to me like she has been or is impacted. This is very serious. Its GREAT that she has been drinking so much as fluid is the BEST thing to help her out (along with pain meds).

Let us know how you get on at the vets.
1willow1 10 years ago
Thanks for all you best wishes. The frustrating thing is that I witnessed her distressing behavior just hours after coming back from a vet visit. The vet is over an hours drive away. Of course, they were closed by then and I couldn't call. I don't want to stress her right now with another long drive if I can avoid it, so I am taking her to another vet closer, whom I don't like. They could not see her until Thursday (one reason I don't like this vet!!), so I am hoping for the best until then. The first vet thought the unusual output was due to stress, and that is about all he had to say about it. Her temperature was normal and teeth looked ok. I hadn't seen how she was struggling before I took her there. She was eating alfalfa pellets before I got her, and that is all she will eat. I am giving her all she wants of that. She refuses hay and only barely nibbles on greens like parsley. She is hopping around, up and down the stairs and seems happy doing that. I'll let you know how things go with vet number two. We are in the middle of nowhere, and it is hard to find a vet who will see rabbits at all.
mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
try just halving the pellets and keep putting in lots of hay and some wet herbs as well - i mean lots. she may need more fibre and fluids in her diet which could help this at least a bit. if the pellet isn't there so much she may eat the hay and herbs.

please post a picture of the poo - we need to see what you are seeing.

if you are going to the other vet make sure to ask him for a bottle of metacam (meloxicam) oral for her pain (tell him about the noises she is making on passing) - pain can seriously interfere with the gut function of a rabbit. and ask him to give her some sub cut fluids.
Muggins' Lover 10 years ago
Yes, I want to see the poo! Haha! It's all about the poops here!

Also, if you can get to any old vet, they are likely to have metacam. We use it for dogs and cats and most animals. If there is question, say it's for your dog. Jojo or Moss can help you with a dosage. I'm just worried about her being in pain. But please, don't medicate without advise. :)

Sending many ~~~healing vibes~~~ keep us posted.
1willow1 10 years ago
Really?? You want me to post a picture of poo? I can, but the giant legendary poo is not there today. What is there is only maybe 2X normal size and somewhat mushy. I'm not sure it is picture-worthy.

I just got back from vet #2. I took the litter box with me : ) He said he didn't see anything life-threatening, but was alarmed at my story of a couple of nights ago. He took a sample to analyze, and sent us on our way with some probiotics. I feel more positive today. She was hopping around for at least four hours today, happy as a clam. And she was way more feisty and hard to put in the box for the trip. I like her to be feisty! One more funny thing...apparently, she was only shaved and not actually spayed??!! So we still have that task to accomplish at some later date.

By the way, the rabbit in my picture isn't her. That is Willow the black-and-white land shark. She doesn't tolerate her evening pellets to be late and will savage your ankles to make you hurry. We love her anyway.
Muggins' Lover 10 years ago
Did she get any pain meds?
jojo79 10 years ago
Yes please - photos of poop is a MUST.

You can see how obsessed I am about poop here:
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