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Bunny Olympics

Snail Trail PRO 3:38pm, 18 August 2008
I've been inspired by this post on BLU:

Naturally we all know our bunnies achieve great feats every week so I think we should have a picture post celebrating The Bunny Olympics!

Timmy is entering the following...

Olympic Football:
Foul, ref!

Olympic Flop:
Shh! Sleeping bunny.

and the
Olympic Tower Nudging:
Timmy plays 'knock down the wood chew towers'

Fudge would like to enter...

Olympic Towel Digging:
Digging at the towel


Olympic Telephone Directory Tearing:
Give me a chew minutes

Minstrel is competing in the
1 metre Tunnel Dash
Bunny tube!

What bunny sporting activities is your bunny entering for this Bunny Olympics?
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deemacdee Posted 10 years ago. Edited by deemacdee (member) 10 years ago
Chase the cat......poor Ranger just wants to love the bunnies

Cat chase 2

Cat chase 1

Hurling or shot put or whatever it's called...

Lucky's favorite toy
deemacdee 10 years ago
100 yard dash

Lucky airborne

run Lucky run
janepriceestrada 10 years ago
willow will be participating in:

the 100m dash
motion blur

and gymnastics (the shelf aparatus)
fixing the wrinkles

alita is going out for wrestling

both wish to say that they will not be participating in the winter olympics
alita_snow (3)
dutchlop PRO 10 years ago
haha! funny!
pretty texture [deleted] 10 years ago
Tankgirl would like to enter the dash, and also the vertical climb (into nextdoor's garden)

Dorris will also enter the dash, although she'd much rather you changed in to the 50 leisurely hop (or, in fact, the 0m snooze in the sun)

both will be entering the wrestling and hair-pulling, but only if they can compete against each other.
Catarina de Granada PRO 10 years ago
OK, mine have been in the spirit of the Olympics since they started:

Cashew likes the High Jump:

Cashew Demonstrates the High Jump

Peanut does the gymnastic handstand:

Bejing Bunny - Handstand Event

And last, but not least, Peanut demonstrates the Binky event, an event exclusive to bunnies this year!

Peanut - Master of the Binky!
ladylagomorph76 10 years ago
MM....can Dorris compete against Bunners? that's abut his speed? dozing in the sun....

these are alllll wonderful keep 'em coming guys!
Carly & Art PRO 10 years ago
Derby is considering training for the winter olympics.

Snow is Yummy!
boltandfrolic 10 years ago
Huddy is going for the gold in the ball toss!

dora_marie Posted 10 years ago. Edited by dora_marie (member) 10 years ago
Noisette will enter the Interspecies napping contest

Tigger and Noisette-mai 2008
seamonkey mags 10 years ago
G has qualified for weightlifting...

meaty haunches


crazy hormonal

And juggling...

Geronimo, that might be a bad idea
Pehpsii 10 years ago
Chewie would like to enter in the glide-flying even

And in the olympic eating contest

And of course he hopes for a medal in his EXPERT event - the bucket toss!

He will also be training for the winter olympics, where he's going for gold in plowing!

And he would like to take this time to remind everybun to do their stretches properly to prevent injuries! (=
Catarina de Granada PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Catarina de Granada (member) 10 years ago
Hah! These are great! Do I see a Bunny Olympics Blurb book in el futuro?

Yes, I agree about the stretching: Peanut ALWAYS stretches before events!

Peanut Demonstrates the Long Jump Event
lzeller2002 10 years ago
This is the greatest thread!!!! my fav is def. the bun that is against the winter olympics...hahahahaha. Great stuff everybun!!!
oddbird26 PRO 10 years ago
Joey specializes in the table climbing event

peek-a-boo joey on hall table

And under-furniture crawling

DSC03384 find the bunny

And he's always very careful to stretch :) Climbing's hard work you know!


He is hoping to expand into cat chasing soon (don't have any pictures of that yet, but Scruffy definitely runs from Joey every time, so there is potential for that in the future!)

Love the winter buns :)
m for marvellous 10 years ago
haha, excellent thread! :)
bel_b 10 years ago
plato is a strong contestant for hay & dirt throwing....

plato & the hay

she thinks she has this event wrapped up actually....

plato & the hay
Snail Trail PRO 10 years ago
You are all exceeding my expectations!
seamonkey mags 10 years ago
These are great. :D
literarybuns 10 years ago
Is Hide and Seek an event? If so, Fitzi would like to enter.

Can you find the second bunny in this picture?
Super Gogo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Super Gogo (member) 10 years ago
Charisma would like to go out for the furniture disassembling event (although she knows she faces some tough competition from Nutmeg in this event):

And the hay accessorizing event:
Silly girl!

And both of Emerson and Charisma want to compete in the tug-of-war....
No, it's mine!
It's mine!

...and synchronized napping!
Head to toe
earsplitting wrist [deleted] 10 years ago
Fin will enter the "biggest yawn" contest
Rudi & Fin

Rudi will be responsible for the highest number of continuing push ups ...
Rudi (& Fin)

... and sofa climbing

Pamuk will have good chances in the "who can stand on the hindlegs for the longest time" competition and might even rival Chewie in the glide-flying

And Pebbles already won the German masterships for "wolfing down greens in the shortest possible time"

This thread is so lovey and funny. I love all the adorable buns and their actions here :-)
BoristheFrog PRO 10 years ago
love this :D
dora_marie 10 years ago

Bwaaaaaaaaaa gliding event...you are cracking me up:)
wardahputeri 10 years ago
hahaa.... I LOOOOOOVE this thread......!!!!
ladylagomorph76 10 years ago
these are absolutely wonderful! and Nutmeg is willing to give Charisma a run for the gold....
That Nasty Pillow!
although this time it was a tag team event with Bunners...she was the definite *leader*
PintSizeDemonPoofball 10 years ago
Hide and seek? Arwen's all over that event!! FIver wasn't so good at hiding though...
Livingroom Takeover Fiver with cup

He was a decent plow though
Last photo of Fiver

Arwen would also like to enter the "multiplying bunny" event
Arwen Post-Groom

Though there was that "steroid" rumor when she bulked up...
Arwen Periscoping Bunny
Catarina de Granada PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Catarina de Granada (member) 10 years ago
OMG This is hilarious! I ove all the creativity and the winter events!

I would like to enter more events:

Special permission for dual-event on this one: -Peanut doing the invisible hurdle and the binky event: (Cashew is warming up doing cat-cow yoga stretch)

Peanut Gets Serious Air!

Cashew doing the chair dismount:

Might as well- JUMP!

And, Cashew in the egg laying event:

Rabbit Laying Eggs
bunnyhop PRO 10 years ago
I love everybody's photos!
here's Moe doing floor exercises...
Moe does leg lifts
Carly & Art PRO 10 years ago
LOL!!! OMG you people are hilarious. I clearly don't have enough action shots of my critters.

Derby, of course, will be entering the disapproval contest

I'm just not sure what to say......

@PintSizeDemonPoofball it's shocking that anyone would even think Arwen was doping!
bgpq PRO 10 years ago
What an awesome post!
I would like to put Deli forward for a few.

She would like to participate in the climbing activity and the shelf apparatus:
Cage climbing is her specialty

She will also be entering the hide and seek:

She will most definitely be doing her warm ups:

Although Deli will not be entering the hay and dirt throwing, such strenuous activities do not agree with her....
apologies for poor lighting, the arena wasn't well lit at the time.

Catarina de Granada PRO 10 years ago
This is way too much fun! I feel like a boastful mum (which I am!)

Cashew in the indoor climbing event:

Crux Move....

Peanut and Cashew demonstrate the synchronized alfalfa eating event:

Synchronized Alfalfa Bingeing

Ear wrestling event:

Rabbit Ears

happybun Posted 10 years ago. Edited by happybun (member) 10 years ago
Oh my goodness this is the funniest, cutest, best thread ever!!!!!!!

Soldier is in the getting the ball back from the kitty olympics...
Hopping over to Morris


Killian in the 500 meter pillow hurdles...

Sunie is making sure she has proper form for her event in the shot-put..
Nom, nom, nom

Sunie secrectly disapproves of her received bronze metal..
Disapproving Sunie

Killian, ever stoic, refuses to shed a tear during the national anthem!
Bunny Mouf!
Saraide Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Saraide (moderator) 10 years ago
Bear will go for

Hide and Seek

(sorry, this is the husband's, so I can just do a link)

Chair diving
Mid hop

And while I don't have a picture of it, I am confident that she can take the gold in hurdles. For the past few nights, Mike will lay on the floor with his head resting on his hand. Bear will run across the room and leap through the hole between his head and arm. She did it 10 times in a row on Sunday.

She is also excellent at Bottle Boxing, in which I continually put a water bottle next to her until she gets so ticked off at it that she boxes it. She could be disqualified for excessive snorting though.
bel_b 10 years ago
wow!....hoop jumping is a pretty challenging event sara! very 'cirque de soleil'....heh

on the last day of the beijing olympics [not sure if the bunny olympics coincide]...plato has a couple of events she's been training hard for....

"big leaf" wrestling
leaf wrestling

leaf wrestling

....and bunny equestrian event....she's looking pretty annoyed as she'd rather be on top...but she's the better jumper ;)
dora_marie 10 years ago
This thread is the thing to look at if you feel blue or just want a good laugh:)
I love it to pieces:))
Catarina de Granada PRO 10 years ago

HAPPYBUN and Killian refusing to shed a tear during the national anthem!

How creative, he says.

Hey, we should award gold, silver and bronze medals for voter's choices! How fun!
NerdBirdDK PRO 10 years ago
Hannibal & Marie are in for a medal in the Synchronised Grooming event:

Snail Trail PRO 10 years ago
Fudge is entering the cup toss
Bunny strop

Does anyone have any closing ceremony style performing bunnies?
ladylagomorph76 10 years ago
Bunner Butt

Bunners is last in the parade
m for marvellous 10 years ago
oh, i can't decide between the synchronized alfalfa eating and the synchronized grooming! all these "sports" are far more exciting and interesting than some of the actual olympic sports ;)
m for marvellous 10 years ago
Bucky enters the Head Balancing Object event, lasting at 20.534 seconds. Is that good enough for a World Record I wonder?

There better not be anything on my head (by mvo168)
Catarina de Granada PRO 10 years ago
That's a good long time for head balancing.....he needs some competition!
ladylagomorph76 10 years ago
these are so wonderful!!!
happybun 10 years ago
Killian is very honored and flattered by your comment Catlu1! Please thank your Other Half! hehehehehe! I love this thread so much!
MVO168, I love Bucky's photo! He looks like he was concentrating very hard! hehehe :)
Dora, this thread is definitely something everyone can look at when they are feeling blue! :)

I think voting would be fun!!!!
seamonkey mags Posted 10 years ago. Edited by seamonkey mags (member) 10 years ago
G has Bucky BEAT!

55 seconds of a CD on her head: www.flickr.com/photos/seamonkeymags/2484135666/in/set-721...

Oh, and Bunny Olympics has been mentioned at Daily Bunny: dailybunny.typepad.com/daily_bunny_d8/2008/08/wahoo.html?...
fashogee 10 years ago
i hope theres some room for paralympics!!!!!

Roger would first like to start off by singing for everyone the national anthem
ah ah ah ah ahhhhhh... I'm a pretty good singer you know.

Roger will be participating in the sit up contest
Gotta work on my SIX PACK!

the hide and seek

the 100 meter dash

the sleeping contest

the tunnel dash
Through the tunnel...


cecotrope eating contest
Muy Sabroso!

slurping fruit contest
HUH? i didnt eat nutin'...
this is me getting ready for it...

apple eating

SYNCHRONIZED apple eating

Peter would like to participate in the rabbit hole making and digging contest

Due to my size and the look, people have asked me if i do drugsbut the only drugs that i recieved were love... <333
Do I look FAT in this pic or what?
wardahputeri 10 years ago
this is what ADORABLE / ADORATAIL really means!!!
literarybuns 10 years ago
Roger! You are such an athlete! I love it!
babii_bunnie 10 years ago
I would like to enter cookie on " gymnastic - balancing beam "

Audi in " Hide and seek "
m for marvellous 10 years ago
cookie is awesome on the "balancing beam" and Audi is so cute in the "hide and seek!" :) :)
babii_bunnie 10 years ago
haha thank you mvo
BunnyMoving 10 years ago
Havi and Toffi are getting all set for the drinking event!

it is HAPPY HOUR here at the bunny house!

and a great thanx to JoJo79 :-D
hongkongphooey_2001 PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by hongkongphooey_2001 (member) 10 years ago

Peter would like to enter in the long jump, but he'll never win: He's too much of a gentleman to try to beat any of the other participants!

FIzzpop thinks she'd be good at the hide and seek.........or maybe the hurdles
Trying to find juuust the right spot
or maybe the nest building......

Pete for the 100m sprint (though there does appear to be some stiff competition and, well, he wouldn't want to make any other bunnies feel bad by winning)
hongkongphooey_2001 PRO 10 years ago
Action Rabbit




The babies would love to have taken part. they starting training from an early age. though sometimes i find this can put too much pressure on an athlete to perform.
Franie Frou Frou PRO 10 years ago
Just saw this www.myhouserabbit.com/blog/2009/03/24/the-olympic-rabbits... and thought of this stream.

Would be fab if some of our BLU bunnies made it onto the calendar :)
mossbinky 10 years ago
[if in doubt, build a nest!]

hay collecting/nest building event
mossbinky 10 years ago
[horatio and buzz enjoying something new]
winter olympics? cross country ski-ing
hilarious wire [deleted] 10 years ago
I looooove this thread! Everyone's buns look so strong and athletic! Hee hee.

My Norbert will be kicking butt in the push-up competition:


He's also going for extreme stair-climbing:

Tsuzy 10 years ago
Lucky will be in staring competition, Any contestant will go up in smokes with THIS disapproving stare. You better be scared =D

Lucky disapproving at 16 days old
hilarious wire [deleted] 10 years ago
Eee! You win, Lucky! I give up!
mossbinky 10 years ago
aagh i love the extreme stair climbing!!!

I will obey you lucky!
Muggins' Lover Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Muggins' Lover (member) 10 years ago
Gunther would like to enter in the high jump competition.
Toilet Paper Leap! by Muggins' Lover

And we have an elite team of tunnel runner's here in Canada:

Gunther Muggins' assesses the tunnel to anticipate his time
Gunther Explorabun! by Muggins' Lover

Lucy Muggins' takes off first!
Tunnel Entrance by Muggins' Lover

And here is Gunther's take off!
Tunnel Entrance by Muggins' Lover

And they both double back for the classic Muggins' victory caterpillar!
Catepillar Bunny? by Muggins' Lover
janepriceestrada 10 years ago
i am so glad this thread came back. its cracking me up all over again.
Muggins' Lover 10 years ago
Gunther is a real athlete of all sports. He's hoping for inclusion of the sport of Chinning to be in the next Bunny Olympics.
Gunther giving the new bun's house a good chinning! by Muggins' Lover
mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
muggins, you cannot enter gunther and lucy as you have now reported that they have been using performance-enhancing alfalfa! ruling body decision: banned for a year!
Tsuzy 10 years ago
Hahaha... Oh Muggins... Lucy and Gunny got the 'bunny crack' ...nevermind, we'll see you next year! =)
Muggins' Lover 10 years ago
But I...uh...darn!
Family of Quinn Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Family of Quinn (member) 10 years ago
Now that Gunthers out of the running I think Peanut can take the gold in chinning!

Nutter, you already peed on Dads guitar, you sure you need to chin it too? by Family of Quinn
Caroline_S_T 10 years ago
I would like to enter Sunny and Pumpkin in "tandem tunnel digging"

Tandem tunnel digging by Caroline_S_T
ladylagomorph76 10 years ago
i object......i submit that ALL the bunnies have been using alfalfa...AKA "bunny crackk"...so therefore...Muggen's Lover should be allowed back IN. i personally know that Bunners AND Nutmeg have *used*.
Muggins' Lover Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Muggins' Lover (member) 10 years ago
Yes! I second that! Besides, it enhances the performance! Which makes it cuter, and therefore, improves the games integrity.
I move to allow not only all buns who use alfalfa, but to also encourage it's usage in other bun athletes. (For the purpose of athletically cute improvement, NOT as a diet supplement).
mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
objection noted...oh okay then, if we're all just going to use 'bunny steroids' then i'm going to join in too. i'm all for drug use (as you know) and Horatio is particularly fond of alfalfa hay (though rarely gets it any more, but now...he will be in the chinning event believe me!)
ladylagomorph76 10 years ago
YES! whooo hooooo Bunners and Nutmeg are back in, too!
mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
Silky Dumpling will be representing Great Britain in the gymnastics - floor exercise.

mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
BUZZ will be entering the swimming in the Breaststroke event in the Paralympics, alongside HORATIO, as his 'seeing bunny'. (he will just float along beside her!)

Family of Quinn 10 years ago
ugh Moss your buns are all so squishy and cute! *cough* um and to stay on topic... Athletic!
mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
yes, that's the word for their build 'athletic', althletically huge feet buzz just like Michael Phelps!
~Vero~(busy) 10 years ago

Lori (boy) is always on jumping!!! :)
mossbinky 10 years ago
Lori i saw you throwing something the other day too! what about a field event for your throwing! you gorgeous little chubster
ladylagomorph76 10 years ago
whooo hoooo you GO Lori!
Tsuzy 10 years ago
Since everybun is a tough competition, Lucky is training hard =)

Everybun in BLU is a tough competition
mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
that's some serious training there tsuzyboys! are you going in for the boxing and weightlifting? very appropriate and manly for you guys (ps i love you)
~Vero~(busy) 10 years ago
Lori, boy:

I´m so strong!!!
mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
sehr gut my mann! was machst du den da?
boltandfrolic 10 years ago
Huddy and Honey go up against Emerson and Charisma in the synchronized napping event:

Tsuzy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Tsuzy (member) 10 years ago
Lori boy, I'venever thought a bunny can do that =O

Dani, L:ucky says he's going to win every competition and the heart of every girls, including yours =) They love you too =)
Tsuzy 10 years ago
Watch out BLUers =)

Lucky: I chinned it therefore its mine!
Lucky: I chinned it therefore its mine! No pain, ONLY gain =D

Lucky kissing his new "claimed" throphy
Lucky kissing his new 'claimed' throphy =D

Whats out everybun on BLU... =)
ROFLOL!!!! This is the best thread ever! You are all bunderful photographers of buns in motion......or NOT!!!! Made my week! Anne
mossbinky Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mossbinky (member) 10 years ago
tsuzy is this for kickboxing? VERY appropriate for a bunny.

Miss Moss will be entering the Backstroke swimming
[Flickr">oh moss for goodness sake, relax will you!]
StrangeTikiGod PRO 10 years ago
"And here we see Kiwi and Lily exhibiting perfect divergent forms in the Synchronized Recumbent Disapproval event. Just look at the striking difference between their poses; Kiwi looks away in disdain while Lily appears to crumple back in on herself like a delicate, pudgy flower. Just breathtaking. Back to you, Bob."

Tsuzy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Tsuzy (member) 10 years ago
awwwww... Kiwi and Lily, you two have the perfect Loppy's frawns =)

Dani, Its a karate full contact throphy. Yeap we all had been bashed in full contact by our bunnies in some ways and my boys are the winners in their own right =)
Not to mention for being cheeky naughty little boys =)

miss moss looks like a champion!!
mossbinky 10 years ago
yeah i can't figure out why she hasn't got a swimmer's physique though??? too many sunny seeds maybe? LOL
sensitivebunnyguy PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by sensitivebunnyguy (member) 10 years ago
I think you know what I think by sensitivebunnyguy
Olympic Disapproval at it`s finest so upset he is even talking about it Max Bunny Pro
Muggins' Lover 10 years ago
I would also like to nominate Max as the official singer of national anthems.
sensitivebunnyguy PRO 10 years ago
I`m sure he`d be honored,I`ll have to teach him the lyrics ha ha
mossbinky 10 years ago
i second that nomination, he looks so serious and earnest while he is singing, like a small tenor!
babysharknz 10 years ago
A couple of late entries -

Annabelle would like to enter the hurdles


and Cassie would like to enter the hide-and-seek, much to my dismay...!

mossbinky 10 years ago
ROTFL!! I'd be looking like Dolly Parton if i did that with moss
babysharknz 10 years ago
I was giving her a cuddle and she just burrowed on in there... I just had to get a photo! She stayed there for ages too!
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