hgberk (Helene Goldberg) PRO 7:58pm, 5 July 2009
Has anyone found good ways to print out iPhone art. I tried on my Canon printer with photo paper but the colors were flattened and a bit off. Have you tried Apple or other online printing services that are good? Some of my friends want paper copies (which is cool in itself).
are you printing with your iphone directly or with your computer ?
if it is with your computer, adapt light and contrast to your printer still getting what you want...
i tried one time printing directly from the iphone with my hp printer, was ok, a little fade.
I'll try that. Thanks.
Luis Peso (9monos) 9 years ago
Hi! I tried too, but didn't like the results. I realized that the color mode is RGB, which is perfect for screens, but not printing (do you see strange colors mixed if you watch it really close?) The point:we have to change the mode to CMYK.

The resolution is another story. Brushes Viewer exports at a big format, but it still have the "Internet resolution", 72 dpi. To print in high quality we need 200 or 300 dpi. And .tiff is better for printing that jpg of png, cause, again, these are for Internet.
Let's try and we'll find the better way! ;)
Thanks. I'm hoping we can come up with a good solution. I wonder whether print shops have better printers for this.
Blue Sky Day PRO 9 years ago
I have been doing some research ... Print shops will make a proof and tweak it with your input. Sometimes they may scan it in to create a high resolution proof so it can be properly printed. Haven't taken the leap yet tho. I want to find a local print shop to work it out
suzi54241 PRO 9 years ago
Friends. I'm working on a little primer on how I get my stuff ready for print using an Epsom printer. But I need some time to get my thoughts together so I can explain it..... And there are great services out there to help too but I'm thinking at this point economical might be good too.
I can't wait. Thanks Susiq
la legra negra 9 years ago
My results printing in an HPdeskjet was not good, but I think for a bad configuration of colour profiles. Today I printed some images from Aperture and from originals (72 dpi and RGB) and results are very, very good. I done it on glossy photo-paper, matt hoto-paper and watercolor paper and all are well. Colors are very similars to original and lighting is good. Some problem with shadows but easy correct it by software of impression (black point). Usually I like matte printing, but in this case, I like brushes works more in glossy paper.
Of course, if printing is not inside a bloc and sun light reaches it, colors life is limited, but it's the cheaped way.
Just now I ordered some printings on papel photographic over wood at 13x19 and 20x30 cm to When I recive it, I say you.
enormous discussion [deleted] 9 years ago
I know that ImageKind makes very good prints on all sorts of archival papers. They are also a partner with Flickr. You could always have ImageKind print, say, 8X10 'proofs' of your paintings on a good quality paper and then choose which ones you like best and have a local service bureau in your city use a hi-res scanner to get 300 dpi and then print again in large format...
Great idea. It's an interesting site. And you can see how your art looks framed.
suzi54241 PRO 9 years ago
A quickie answer. I got an Epson zoom picture mate that prints out glossy 4 x 6 prints, just copy the brushes JPEG (the one you send to flickr ) on to a thumb drive stick it on the machine, and it spits out a PERFECT 4 x 6 print. I can always count on it and I have a book of all my brushes paintings. The printer was less than 100 dollars and make 150 prints for each cartridge. I have just ordered at matt cartridge refill will try that next.

(The printer sharpens and adjusts saturation automatically. And I am pleasantly surprised by the results.)
suzi54241 PRO 9 years ago
Longer answer. WARNING!!!!
Not for brushes, "I leave it as comes out of my iPhone Purists."

I also print apx. 5 x 8 matt prints on letter size, archival paper with archival inks to sell in a gallery. I use an Epson R1800, a more pro version ink jet that prints up to tabloid size. Prints will last apx 100 years according to literature.

I first open the large tiff file from brushes viewer in Photoshop (or any image editor.) Like Joseandres I check black and white point (levels) and adjust accordingly. My iPod touch tends to run a bit dark... (Touches and iphones at this point do not have a photo calibrated color space.) and there is a difference looking at a picture on a back lit screen and printed on paper, so adjustment is usually necessary. If needed I boost saturation a point or two and lightly use smart sharpen, which works with color edges to reduce the softness slightly. I usually must make a test print to make sure everything is to my liking. When it is.... I save the file, for all printing and future use.

I sign prints once they come out of the printer. At this point I do not number the prints. I make them on an as needed basis. And I carefully put on archival backing board and use an archival clear bag to hold it or I have it framed. In each case I do not charge a lot for these prints. I cover the cost pus 40% for the gallery commission and about 15 to 20% markup for me, to encourage the printing regime. (Slight not major profit)

I am VERY pleased with the results. And I have sold a fair number of prints. I am happy and so is the gallery and buyer. Another small thing to consider is putting an artists statement in with the picture. It has a brief bio and I explain how I do the art in brushes, on the iPod and that my printing methods are archival, and most importantly that I consider this a true art form. Those that prefer paintings on canvas may buy them but the world is changing and I find people are very enthusiastic about new mediums.

Good Luck and have fun painting, and proudly display your fine work.
Luis Peso (9monos) 9 years ago
WOW!!!! I'm definetly sure I LOVE YOUUU!!! thank you soooo much for this detailed work through!! A complete guide of printing! Thanks for your time...
I'll try this method (I don't have an Epson :( ) but the idea of explaining how and where you did it is great! You're right, times are changing and people like the innovation! ;))
la legra negra 9 years ago
Susan. Your art-gallery has got ant web with your works? We can buy it on-line from outside USA?
suzi54241 PRO 9 years ago
No,LLN, my gallery is actually big for here in Wisconsin, but small on a big gallery/world scale. To do international sales and shipping would probably be a big headache. But thanks for asking... :-) Here's their blog
timmcevoy 9 years ago
Thanks so much for this discussion in printing Brushes art... I'm so excited to start printing now!
la legra negra 9 years ago
@Susan: thanks for the link of the flying pig. It's a pity we can't buy on.
la legra negra 9 years ago
@all: I just received my first printing online and I'm happy with them. They are printed on photographic paper on a wood tinny table at 13x19 cm y 20x30 cm, and results are very good. It's not a glossy paper but it's metalic-like reflections and this are good for iphone-itouch works because highlight changes of tonalities. Shades and colors are almost exact that on screen of my iphone, and they are vibrants. They are printed at
I expect another big size printing on plastified canvas. I'll say you.
enormous discussion [deleted] 9 years ago
I wanted to add that I did some test printing at home with an Epson Stylus CX4800 (not the best printer money can buy), however, the results were fantastic! The color and tonality that i got out of the printer was nearly a match for what is on the iPhone / computer screen. The tones are rich and buttery. I used Epson Presentation Paper (Matte) and used the highest quality settings on the printer dialogue. I really was impressed with the output. Perhaps this could be a quick and easy fix for anyone wanting to do at home printing.

Have fun!
I am dying to try Susan's suggestions, but this week my iPhoto program stopped printing because it seems to be corrupted. I'm waiting for Apple to send me a replacement disk. Frustration. I ordered a couple of prints from Artcow (they were very cheap), but I haven't gotten them yet. I'll tell you how it turns out. LNN: What online service did you use?
Luis Peso (9monos) 9 years ago
Thanks for sharing Steve!! I don't have a printer :(( and I'm looking models to buy one. I'll try Susan and yours! ;)
la legra negra Posted 9 years ago. Edited by la legra negra (member) 9 years ago
I print some paintings with my HPdeskjet 5550 and results are good too. But they lose colors over time if it gives them the light. I think is a good solution for an album but not for hang it on the wall.
@hgberk: I think it's only for Europe.
Luis Peso (9monos) 9 years ago
@Jose: gracias por la info.. Es caro??
Thanks for the info, is it expensive? (just thought of the rest ;))
la legra negra 9 years ago
No es barato. Pero todo es relativo. Según con qué lo compares.
En su web vienen los precios de cada opción y tamaño.
Si sabeis de páginas similares se agradecerá, que no cobro comisión de estos mendas.
@luis : yo uso una hp photosmart 5180 y estoy muy contento con ella, sobre todo imprimiendo en papel foto brillante (incluso se puede imprimir desde el iCuestion, el modelo en venta ahora se puede encontrar a 100€ en francia.
c r brown 9 years ago
An add on to Susan's excellent printing guide: to avoid adding GRAIN as well as COLOR SHIFTS to edges when SHARPENING paintings i use the following photoshop method: 1. change image mode to lab color, 2. in the channels window highlight the lightness channel to make it current, 3. perform sharpening on the lightness channel (i use smart sharpen set on lens blur), 4. change mode back to RGB or CMYK. Best of luck to everyone with printing, it's a bit of an art and a lot of trial and error....
la legra negra 9 years ago
I just received the plastified canvas printing at 40x60 cm. Is a big format for brushes paintings but results are SOOOO GOOD!!! Pixelation only can see it very very close, and colors and lightings are great. Very similar to my iphone screen. I like a lot.
The drawback: This is not cheap. About 60€ for painting.
la legra negra 9 years ago
Asked in another post:
What is teh difference betwen Gicless printing and a desktop inkjet printer? the resistance of colors to light is greater?. In my experience, a work printed in an inkjet printer into the wall without exposure to direct sunlight would not survive more than two or three years without deterioration.
the lifetime doesn't depends only on printer : photo paper quality and inks are very important in works to be exhibed.
you say 60€ is expensive for a 40x60cm print... just sell it 600€ and it will no more seem expensive to you dear jose andrés :)
suzi54241 PRO 9 years ago
I agree with Patricio I use special inks and paper rated for 100+ years, but it is still best to put them under glass or in an album. AND cr brown, thank you. I'm experimenting with your method today. (I am a control freak!)
la legra negra 9 years ago
Hahahaha. You're right Patricio.
Somebody want to buy me big size printed works at 600€? Just now I offer two for one!!! Only a few days!!! 8·)
jimblodget PRO 9 years ago
I just tried an online service that sends real postcards. I was looking for a way to send friends and family a Brushes painting as a postcard while on vacation. I researched several services and tried one called GoPostal. They make an iPhone app and they also have a website so you can send one from your computer. It costs $1.29 USD which includes the 28 cent postage. You can send cards from outside the US, but you can only send to addresses within the US. Postmark says North Metro, GA.

The print looks pretty good. It's 4 x 6 inches with a semi-gloss finish. Colors are accurate. Contrast is a little higher. Detail is a little soft, but that may be due to the limited resolution of the saved image on the iPhone.

Have any of you had good luck with other postcard services?
Flick Chick2 9 years ago
Yes-I've used Go Postal too. I like the glossy paper and results in general, but recommend using a rather wide solid frame from the Frame It app on your work first so it doesn't get cropped by Go Postal.
I do wish they would let us send photos to Europe tho.
Once again I am thinking about printing. I want to try giclees plasticized canvas, but when I try uploading my pics it says that they are too small to reproduced as 14 x 14 in. prints (from Layers). They are really expensive, but I'd like to try it. I'm also having some problems with Layers viewer. I'd like to see if I can try my photoshop elements to enlarge things, but I can't seem to save things in larger format. It is a combination of my ignorance about these programs and my prediliction for combining apps.
hey cuz, here it is what you can do :
-export with the layers viewer in psd 2400x2400
-open in photoshop elements
-change the resolution to 144 dpi without resampling
you would have a 14,1x14,1 inch to print
Thanks cuz. You are my hero. I know, I know.... Thank you for your clear instructions. I'll see if I can manage to follow them.
Erg... Very frustrating. My photoshop elements 3 keeps crashing when I try to open a file, and layers doesn't like my exports because it can't replay them (probably because I go back and forth between apps). I am wondering if I should buy a new version of photoshop elements. It would be nice if I could just use iPhoto. Computers are so wonderful....until they aren't.
Back to my printing attempts: I got two glycee or is it gyclee prints on canvas. They actually turned out really well. The colors are great. Of course, I think I would actually prefer paper.

I bought a pse 6 and I'm struggling to learn it. I created 2 flyers for a theater, but there is so much I don't understand that at any time the whole thing can be screwed up. Time.....
jimblodget PRO 9 years ago
Helen, have you tried Apple's Pages program. It's part of the iWork 09 suite ($79). They have a free 30 day trial version - . It integrates with iPhoto and is a very nice page layout program for creating flyers, newsletters, brochures, etc.
Hi Jim. Yes I have Pages and I've used it before, but I wasn't sure how to put type on top of a painting. It is actually pretty easy to do in PSE, but there are many important though minor things, like saving a copy of the finished project, that are very hard to figure out as a newbie. I like pages a lot. I use it all the time for wp because I hate Word on Mac.
Steve.Sprang 9 years ago
I used to be on the iWork team. :-)
Steve you have brought a lot of joy to my life between brushes and Pages I think you have made most of my creative work so much better. I hope you are already thinking about converting Brushes for the new iTablet when it comes. I want to start painting right away.
suzi54241 PRO 9 years ago
Steve, on iWork, very cool man. I suggest that program to every Mac owner. And YES, please be dreaming how to port brushes as soon as that tablet is announced. Will it be next week? I hope so.
MiaBia_DC PRO 9 years ago
*sigh*...i reading through all of this--i am such a novice when it comes to this tech talk....i have attempted twice now to make prints through a printing company. first time, I increased dpi to 154 or something (per printer)...they told me that the image was way too pixelated and would not print well past size 8x12 (which is not what I want)...then after readin mike's post, i increased dpi to 300 (well, IIIII didn't, but a friend changed size of image to 12 X 18 to see if that would help...STILL got a call from printer...still pixelated. NOOWWWW, I have submitted a whole new image with same dimensions to see if that changes anything since the previous image did not have much contrast between colors...(it was figure in red skirt--which is already pretty hazy)...waiting to hear back. but I am a bit discouraged. don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!! :-( i want to cry...

but I'll just finger paint something instead. we've really got to get this figured out. any luck out there?
Well, I had 2 of my ipaintings printed by giclee on platicized canvas. The colors are great but I would prefer matte paper. It was very expensive (@$75 each) and they are 14x14. I gave them high res tiff images from the brushes viewer. I would like to find a cheaper way, but it's very satisfying to see them on the wall.
MiaBia_DC PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MiaBia_DC (member) 9 years ago
Hey All,

thanks to guidance from the gang, mikedia, a family friend and ongoing dialogue with the printer, I was able to get my "hardest to print" image on canvas! I am beyond pleased witht he outcome and am looking forward to making more and more prints.

per the printer (canvasondemand), the sizing requirements will change from image to image. but for this one it was as Mike recommended, 12 x 18, 300dpi.

they were actually going to print A Pretty Dress instead because this image was still heavily pixelated on their screen. After some encouragement to "be brave" and my commitment to accepting ANY outcome, they went ahead and put Figure in a Red Skirt on canvas. Surprisingly, it printed better than what they were showing on their screen.

yay--it finally printed! by MiaBia_DC
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