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New Sox 8:36pm, 19 May 2006

i was looking on the brownie-camera.com site and came across the date of manufacture.

i was wondering when everyone else's was made. maybe some are from the same batch. that would be cool. they could be related or share the same zodiac sign. anyway.

there are various ways to determine the age, but i believe the easiest is the four letter code stamped on the film holder in your hawkeye. it says that not all brownies have this code, but if you refer to page there are other ways.

so the four letter code goes.


my code is YRRE. so Y=0, R=5 / R=5, E=4
making it born in 05/54, may 1954 making it 52 yrs old this month. happy birthday hawky! i think it's time for your bath. lol
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Apocaplops 12 years ago
CCRR - November 1955! Neat, thanks for sharing this! I and my Hawkeye are both Scorpios - very fiery and passionate!
DeborahK PRO 12 years ago
I am going to have to check mine out. Thanks for sharing!!
Olivander 12 years ago
1955 & 1958. Don't recall the exact months off the top of my head.
New Sox Posted 12 years ago. Edited by New Sox (member) 12 years ago
hey apocaplops, i'd like to think we're both gemini's too.
glistening lamp [deleted] 12 years ago
Oh man, I can't wait to finish my roll so I can find out!
Paul Mysterioso 12 years ago
CCRA ... November, 1952!
Luke H 12 years ago
YSRM: July, 1953

I'll have to use up film to check the other two we have in the house.
dakgirl1 12 years ago
YARS (The Pirate Brownie!) -- Feb 1957
YMRI, March 1958.
But one has the others' innards -- organ donation, I guess.
Voxphoto PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Voxphoto (member) 12 years ago
YCOY--02/60--I guess mine's the baby!

Hmm, this makes me older than my Brownie. Troubling.

Hey Luke, where did you get the Zeiss spray? I have some other cameras I'd like to spritz that onto!
Luke H 12 years ago
I picked it up at Scheel's sporting goods store at the mall. It was by the binoculars and telescopes there. 3.50 or around there in cost. It's milder than Windex on everything :)
vertigo25 12 years ago
YRRO: 05/1956

Happy birthday little fella :)

Also, there's a piece of Dymo tape in the handle that says, "Whiteley" although I doubt it's from the original owner. I don't think they made blue Dymo in '56.
Luke H 12 years ago
if it's wider than present day Dymo, it may be from 1956.
glistening lamp [deleted] 12 years ago
My new one that just arrived today (reserved purely for the monthly challenges) was born in May of 1959.
rampant observation [deleted] 12 years ago
hmm, mine has no code. but the knob is metal. from that site the only info i've found is that it was produced somewhere between 1949 and 1961. i didn't see any info on when the knob went from being metal to plastic though.
Olivander 12 years ago
I believe that the metal-knobbed ones were only made during the first couple years of production. Does your long-exposure button say "Long" or "L"?
rampant observation [deleted] 12 years ago
it says neither. just "b". does that give you any clue as to when it may have been made?
Olivander 12 years ago
Now I'm curious. I've never seen a "b" version. Does yours actually say "Flash" on the front and have the flash attachment posts on the side? They made a non-flash model from '49-'51. I wonder if that's what you've got.
rampant observation [deleted] 12 years ago
yes, it says flash. it looks like all the other brownie hawkeye flash models i've seen pictures posted of and does indeed have the flash posts on the side. i even have the attachments, but of course don't use them. the only other thing i've noticed is that on the inside in the upper corner on the rightside(underneath where the film spool is) the number 14 is etched. i've no idea if that means anything or not.
vertigo25 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by vertigo25 (member) 12 years ago
I could have sworn that I read somewhere that "B" was on the model for another country (who apparently understood the term "bulb" better than Americans). I could be completely wrong, though. I do know that other Brownies were marked with B for awhile, and then later changed to have more popular appeal.

So I'm guessing that you've either got a pretty rare model, or a foreign one.

Now I'm wondering what that number under the feed spool is. Mine is a 20. I'm betting it's probably a die number.
leslie from the woods Posted 12 years ago. Edited by leslie from the woods (member) 12 years ago
carc - 12/51 - this one also has a B on the side of the switch; also has the metal knob

ysro - 07/56 - a cancer, like me! has "L" and greyish plastic knob.

ccrt - 11/59 - "Long" & grey plastic knob.

Cool link. Thanks for the date info...
faint grass [deleted] 12 years ago
6/53 guess its my bhf's b-day,!
Olivander 12 years ago
When I come upon BHFs in antique stores, I can't help but to crack them open, both to look for a forgotten roll of exposed film and to check its birthday. This weekend, I found what must have been a misprint: CMRA. 13/52. I'm not sure if I want an unlucky Brownie!
Luke H 12 years ago
Olivander, my first BHF has a B on it.. made in 1955 if I remember right.

The 1953 one says "L" on it.

Lindsay's says "Long" on it and has the focusing corners and plastic viewing window.
Olivander 12 years ago
I'm very tempted to begin one of those geeky spreadsheet things to track all of this.
amazing84 12 years ago
i just got mine over the weekend....apparently my dad had it in the garage for about 15 years, and was quite dusty....took a couple hours to clean. anyways, mine doesn't have the code either. sounds like its pretty similar to formica's. has a metal knob, and says "B" on the long exposure setting. I do have a '13' etched under the film spool. interesting.
Luke H 12 years ago
Ahh, finally I'm dipping my negative for the May challenge.

YORA on my first BHF, meaning June, 1952. (has 'B' for bulb mode)

go-lick 12 years ago
YROY - 05/60. I've got a baby too!
the life of liza 12 years ago
CYRE - November, 1954
Thanks! that's cool to know.
Mayzshon 12 years ago
CCRC= November 1951.
I think that makes mine the oldest so far.
jwill9311 12 years ago
firda 12 years ago
YTRA = 09/52 (metal knob and B)

CCRA = 11/52 (plastic knob and B)

YERR = 04/55 (plastic knob and L)

CYRS = 10/57 (plastic knob and LONG)

I also have an unmarked non-flash version (metal knob and B) that I've turned into a pinhole camera. Not sure how old that one is.
Paul_Gray Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Paul_Gray (member) 7 years ago
06/56 Long
08/57 Long
rampant observation [deleted] 12 years ago
my first bhf had no date of birth on it. but my third one is YTRO which makes it 09/56. unfortunately i can't get the screws out of this one to flip the lens. :( i still need to dig out my second one to see if there is a date of birth on it.
Dennis Dixson 12 years ago
Mine are YSRO (08/56) and YTRO (09/56).
xobscura 12 years ago

My other one has film in it, but one of mine is YARE, making it 02/54, making it 53 years old this month!
Olivander 12 years ago
Two additional ones:
YRRA (05/52)
YIRM (06/53)

Tragically, the '52 BHF met an ugly end on the basement floor while it was being worked on. A replacement is on its way.
god_dess_ss PRO 12 years ago
CARA... 12/52.
a nameless yeast 12 years ago
YERM ... 04/53 and a great name too.
Traci Bunkers 12 years ago
I have twins! They are both YORMs--06/53. What a coincidence. I just shot my first roll with one of them. I think the lens needs to be cleaned because all of the photos looked like the had a layer of "fog" over them. And the weird thing is the photos were either under or over exposed. None seemed just right.
hessiebell PRO 12 years ago
odd... one of mine is YMRR = March 1955; but the other is CMRR which would be 13th month of 1955. i didn't know there was a special 13th month that year!
Chris Weisberg 12 years ago
It's not really months, it's more like 4-week build periods. So that was the last 4 weeks in 1955. I hope to see some of your BHF shots with it!
seasidebear PRO 12 years ago
YMRI 03/58 - a Canadian one :D
kralefski PRO 12 years ago
YCRI . 01/58 - Mine is a Canadian one too.
jake7474505b_1999 ( the Coroner ) PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by jake7474505b_1999 ( the Coroner ) (member) 12 years ago
Yarm 02/53
Ytrr 09/55
New Sox Posted 12 years ago. Edited by New Sox (member) 12 years ago
well, i started this thread so, i guess i have a responsibility to make heads and tails of it all before it gets out of hand. i hope i didn't make any mistakes or miss anyone out... just let me know and i'll change it. there are a few same month Brownies, the two 13th month Brownies aswell as Luke H's unknown month brownie. listed so far. :)



jun--Luke H

apr--a namless yeast
jun--Shane Goguen
jun--Traci Bunkers
jun--Traci Bunkers
jul--Luke H

may--New Sox
nov--the life of liza

...--Luke H

aug--Dennis Dixson
sep--Dennis Dixson



may--Mr. E.

may--Andy Golich
Chris Weisberg 12 years ago
There are some ones you missed, in here:

Chris Weisberg 12 years ago
And, not be be a downer but ya can't always determine calendar months for them based on their build code.

Since the C-A-M-E-R-O-S-I-T-Y code corresponded to a 4-week calendar, by as early as March, more than half the "Kodak month" may be already overlapping the next calendar month.

know what ah mean?

For example, in 1949,

YCxx = January
YAxx = January or February
YMxx = February or March
YExx = March or April
YRxx = April or May
YOxx = May or June
YSxx = June or July
YIxx = July
YTxx = August
CYxx = August or September
CCxx =September or October

and so on

Olivander 12 years ago
I need to update my spreadsheet, too.

BTW, Sox, here's the thread discussing BHF variations that started all this spreadsheet stuff.
New Sox 12 years ago
wow, thats quite something. i wasn't aware you guys had done all that (i'm not very active with my BHF). anyway, this of course takes things to a new level, through doing all that your kind of charting the history of BHF manufacturing. why not!

looking at the charts, it seems weird how sporadic some the parts are. was this down to the using new parts as the design evolved and then reverting back to some of the old left over parts. i can only guess at this point. you guys are obviously quite clued up. it would interesting to see what conclusions, if any, you could come up with by combining the charts with a little info on the history.

Chris Weisberg, i do see what you mean and it's good to know, but surely for sanity's sake you just got to go with the date printed. :)

my 54BHF goes: left side release, L, no guide marks in finder, plastic winding knob and rivets. no rules broken there i don't think. everyone out there who hasn't, should help out and post their dates and specs. :)
nice one.
Graustark 12 years ago
I just joined this group ... I have two BHFs that I have been neglecting. (Though that's about to change!) Here are their stats:

YCRM (01/53): Right-hand release, "L" on the bulb switch, no finder guide marks, plastic knob, rivets by flash and on nameplate, accepts a 120 spool as feeder but not takeup.

CARO (12/56): Left-hand release, nothing at all on the bulb switch, no finder guide marks, plastic knob, no rivets by flash, but rivets on nameplate, , accepts a 120 spool as feeder but not for takeup.

... and I guess I had never opened CARO before, because there's an ancient completed roll of 620 in there! W00t! I get to develop someone else's filmz! The roll has silver backing paper, black edges ... anybody know what kind of film this might be?
Olivander 12 years ago
Got a picture of the roll?
Graustark 12 years ago
Well, now I have pictures from the roll ... check out the mystery family.

I had the backing paper (and spindle -- these things are valuable!) returned to me, but it is completely free of brand markings. As you can see from the pics, it's gotta be old. If anyone's really curious, I can take a picture of it.
alternatePhotography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by alternatePhotography (member) 11 years ago
Mine is CARM, so looks like December 1953! Thanks for the handy tip :-)

BHF...Finally :-)
RobandSheila PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by RobandSheila (member) 11 years ago
alright. kinda new here, but after nearly 15 years with this baby i now know her age? excellent, thanks!

YCOY = Jan, 1960
Camera.Ed 11 years ago
I have two. neither are marked (darn it)
One is a Brownie Hawkeye (no flash) it takes 120 on the feed, has a metal knob, and has a "B" for Bulb.
The other is a Fash Model, has a metal knob, won't take a 120 roll at all, and has a "B" for Bulb. I've never used this one for photography. I need to find another 620 roll first. I flipped the lens on this one... that was why I wanted 2.
jdota 11 years ago
My two were born on:
02/53 & 08/55
rleigh 11 years ago
YARO: February/56
glistening steam [deleted] 11 years ago
mysteryonion 11 years ago
Gray and Long
YSRO= Jun/Jul 56
maryEmayer 11 years ago
I have a lucky 13 too. CMRO 13-56? LONG
And the red one is a metal knob YCRA with a B on the bulb side. The fact that it is 01-52 makes me think the red color might be a first run of something?
ilovejim 11 years ago
The one I just got for my BF was made 12/56 CARO---
mzv 11 years ago
just got my second bh (sans the f) on ebay. another hawkeye with no date markings.
on the plus side, it had two 620 metal spools! who-ray!
maryEmayer 11 years ago
Hey Liquid Lucidity... I am a CARM. I was born December 5, 1953. Yeah Im old but my camera is a little bit older.
Comtesse DeSpair 11 years ago
I just got a May, 1954 baby off Ebay for $4.95! I can't wait until the next time I travel back to my parents house so I can steal their old BHF that's been sitting in a closet for 30-some years.
mzv 11 years ago
my third bhf finally has a date.
my first two have metal knobs / labeled 'brownie hawkeye' (no 'flash' designation on metal plate) / no date markings.
this one is an cyrm - 10/53.
matthew2000tx PRO 10 years ago
Mine is CCRO Nov. 1956.
Scott L. 10 years ago
Mine is CCRT, so November 1959.
fototechnika 10 years ago
YARE=02/54, Just had a customer come in and tell me about the group and the born date. good to know and Hello from Jacksonville, Florida
Spookygonk Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Spookygonk (member) 10 years ago
July 3rd

CMRC = 1353 which don't make much sense. thirteenth month of 1953?

and I've just dropped the camera onto a hard floor and the shutter button's boken off it's connection and pinged out. Damn.
Graustark 10 years ago
The "months" were actually 4 week periods, not literal months as I recall. So, 13 4-week periods in a year.

Bummer about dropping it. maybe the shutter button will pop back in?
Spookygonk Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Spookygonk (member) 10 years ago
It does pop back in and the shutter fires, but I can see myself losing it if I'm not careful. Time for a bit of surgery at some point, but for now, an elastic band should do.

So, 13 4-week periods in a year.
That makes it December '53 then?
alohadave 10 years ago
YEOY = Feb 1960 for mine.
.RayPG. 10 years ago
Yorm = June 1953 :D
deFe. 10 years ago
In the french model there isn't any abbreviation or code, so I won't know anything about its date of birth :|
David Flisher 10 years ago
YCRS January 1957
Bonnie*B 10 years ago
Mine is YRRR, so April/May '55...

Neat thing to know!
seriykotik1970 10 years ago
YTRA September 1952

R. Lanning 10 years ago
CMRO 13/56? Ok, I get the RO/56 part, but what about the CM/13? Did we have an extra monty back then?
R. Lanning 10 years ago
I guess I should have read some of the other posts....lol I get it now, Dec. of 56 for me.
Grumpies PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Grumpies (member) 10 years ago
CMRI = 13th period of 1958 (I guess I just missed its 50th birthday). Cool detective work. I was so excited to see when my BHF was "born" that I opened the camera only to find an unfinished roll of film of mine in there... I wonder what's on there?

Also, the same code works with my Brownie Bull's-Eye: YTRO=September, 1956
David Flisher 10 years ago
My second brownie wasnt stamped with a date.
fanatical number [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by fanatical number (member) 10 years ago
mine's a 09/53 - YTRM.
T. Paul Wrobel 10 years ago
Just got my first BHF in the mail yesterday. 02/52 - YARA
Poodle Superstar 10 years ago
YSRR = July 1955. Mine's a summer baby.
*Snap_Shot* PRO 10 years ago
Cool! I was just wondering how to tell how old my Brownie was. Once I finish up the roll inside, I'll report back!
*Snap_Shot* PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by *Snap_Shot* (member) 10 years ago
Looks like mine was born in May 1959 -- YRRT.
Jack-imageX 10 years ago
Mine is CMRA so I guess 13/52 which would be December 1952.

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye

It's in great condition except for some corrosion on the mirror in the viewfinder. I hope to put the first roll online soon (I have a development/scanning queue I need to work through).
rds3wave PRO 10 years ago
My everyday camera is:

YCRS : 10/57 (plastic knob and "LONG")

Thanks for explaining this to me. Now to figure out my other, no code, and "B" on the bulb slider...
rds3wave PRO 10 years ago
And my other is a:

pre-code Hawkeye (non-flash) right-lock, B for bulb, metal knob, screws for nameplate (1949-1951 as I understand it)

The lens is very corroded with small white crystalline entities. I see there are many web links on cleaning them, and I will do that, but right now it's strictly "for parts"; e.g., I have swapped the backs to use the one least cracked and light leaky.
Morris Eaddy 10 years ago
BHF = CARA: 12/52 (plastic knob "B")
Voxphoto PRO 10 years ago
If anyone is curious about the odd thirteen-month calendar adopted by Kodak, it was a quirky calendar-reform project you can read about here...

For example, the "9th month" according to this scheme would actually extend from Aug. 13 to Sept. 9 in the regular calendar.
November 1953! My other one doesn't have anything on it
the melody censor PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by the melody censor (member) 10 years ago
I have two, both made in Canada...

One that has been in my bf's family since it was new: YORO (May21-June17, 1956). Plastic knob, no marking on Bulb switch and left hand closure.

The second one, bought today (I was looking for a 620 spool to salvage, but found a camera in fantastic shape with the original box!): CYRA (Sept10-Oct7, 1952). Metal knob, B on bulb switch and right hand closure.
Soulrac 10 years ago
winter babies
DEC 51 & JAN 55
Jyrkalypse 10 years ago
Sept 1955 same as my bfs mom! :P
Aaron™ PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Aaron™ (member) 10 years ago
53/365 - Warm Brownie

This one is "YORE" making it June 1954.
f6point3studio Posted 10 years ago. Edited by f6point3studio (member) 10 years ago
Mine is YART, almost a Pirate Brownie but more like a cartoon dog's bark, making it 02/59. Happy birthday, Hawkeye: 50 years old this month! Still lookin' good and still goin' strong.
tinm@n 10 years ago
YCRO 1956, nice thing, and I'm soon to develop my first negatives from it in C41, also first time. Fingers crossed
bonnieprincedave69 10 years ago
I've have two, July of '59 (my favorite), and November of '55.
rlnv 9 years ago
CYRC, aka October 1951. Funny, my father was born in September 1951...I don't think that's a coincidence.
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