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panda♥pop ADMIN January 2, 2013
Photo Challenge no. 34 is Winter wonderland! Please remember, Blythe must be the main subject of the photo. Happy New Year everyone!

Group Description

Please pm me. **

Love photography? Love Blythe? This group is for photo challenges & here's how it works:

* A photo challenge subject is posted once a month on the 1st.

* You have up to the month deadline to submit 1 photo for the challenge (I will announce what the deadline day is on each challenge). You don't have to wait until the end of the month to post the picture, you can post it anytime that month, you cannot change the picture once if has been submitted.

* On the last day of the month I will pick 3-5 pictures that best fit the challenge title and are the most creative. You will all be able to vote on which one you think should win. Then I will announce the winner on the 1st.

* Blythe is to be the main subject in the picture, other dolls or you are fine as long as Blythe is the focus.
* Photos must be submitted by midnight of the deadline date (I will list the deadline for each challenge)
* The photo must be taken by YOU, not someone else.
* You must tag your submitted picture with: BlythePhotoChallenge
* The picture must be taken AFTER the challenge is listed, no old pictures please.
* You must love Blythe, hehe ♥

Prize ... yes, there's a prize!!
Your winning picture will be used for the next month's group avatar, a small prize, and you will receive a blog badge to show off your win on your website or blog!

Previous challenges
1. Up Close & Personal (winner: Lunarsea)
2. The Sweet Stuff (winner: Headuh)
3. Blythe in Motion (winner: Luxielou)
4. Fun in the Sun (winner: EmbellishYourself)
5. Black & White (winner: Squirrel Junkie)
6. Blast from the Past (winner: MorgonOrton)
7. Costumes/Things that go bump in the dark! (winner: whitefridaynight)
8. Blythe Family (winner: TamsArt)
9. Blythe Christmas (winner: Jenniferabe)
10. Blythe Party (winner: camembear)
11. Blythe Occupations (winner: Kimberfli)
New admins took over ...
12. Carnival! (winner: jeds123)
13. Superstition (winner: camembear)
14. Glamour (winner: DollAddict)
15. Stripes (winner: Slave to the Wage)
16. Rainbow (winner: Lawdedas)
17. Butterflies (winner: Swan Love Designs)
18. Danger (winner: jeds123)
19. Inner Witch! (winner: Pixiepoo)
20. Spot the Blythe! (winner: Primabowlerina)
21. Festive Wonderland (winner: Pixiepoo)
22. New Year's Resolutions (winner: Bruno-Margot-Anne)
23. Blythe & Love (winner: TheIvyTide)
24. Ready for Your Close-Up (winner: mellow is me)
25. The Great Outdoors (winner: SleepyGirl2)
26. Take Your Blythe to Work Day (winner: blythe-chan)
27. Summertime (winner: blythe-chan)
New admin took over ...
28. Blythe & Traveling (winner: birdinanest)
29. Blythe in the Kitchen (winner: primabowlerina)
30. School/Back to School (winner: B *enblythened*)
31. Autumn (winner: mustang_sally5)
32. Green Blythe (winner: CollectingBlythe)
33. Holiday Blythe

Group Rules

You may only submit 1 picture per challenge.
It must be taken by YOU.
Your photo must be submitted by midnight on the closing date.
You must tag your submitted photo with: BlythePhotoChallenge
You must love Blythe (had to throw that one in!) <3

If after 3 months you have NOT participated in the challenge by uploading a photo, you will be removed from the group. We want an active group please.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each month.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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