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Pete Ashton 7:29pm, 1 May 2006
I figured it'd be useful to have some kind of listing of the many Birmingham-related groups on Flickr. Consider this an overly comprehensive work in progress - if you know of any more leave a comment and I'll update the list.

(New groups in bold)

2nd City Living
Birmingham: It's Not Shit
Birmingham Exposure
Metroblogging Birmingham
Birmingham Post and Mail - Read the T&C before adding photos
(BCC) Birmingham News Room - Read the T&C before adding photos
Visit Birmingham - Read the T&C before adding photos
Birmingham Updates - For use on www.facebook.com/BhamUpdates

Birmingham Flickrmeets
Black Country Flickrmeets
Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk - Birmingham England 2009
Kelby Photowalk - Birmingham England 2010

Educational Establishments
Aston Uni
Birmingam City University
Birmingham Uni PhotoSoc
Friends of Fotofilia Studio (Birmingham UK)
UCE Visual Communication
University of Birmingham
Wolverhampton University

Artsfest and other events
Artsfest 2007 Official Group
Artsfest 2007 Public Group
Artsfest 2008 Offical Group
Artsfest 2009 Offical Group
Artsfest 2010 Public Group
Artsfest 2011 Public Group
The Big Hoot
Birmingham 2012 (2012 Olympics)
Birmingham Christmas market Read the T&C before adding photos
Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market
Birmingham Pride
International Food Festival Birmingham
Supersonic Festival
Sutton Coldfield Festival of Arts 2008

A45 Road Birmingham/Solihull/Coventry
Acocks Green
B14 Kings Heath (linked to the www.b14kingsheath.net/ website)
B17 Harborne, Birmingham
B29 postcode
B31 Voices (linked to the www.b31.org Website)
B72 Postcode (linked to the B72 Blog)
Balsall Heath
Birmingham Eastside
Broad Street
Edgbaston Reservoir, Ladywood
Hall Green
Jewellery Quarter
Kings Heath
Kings Norton
Number 50 Bus Route
Selly Oak
Sheldon Country Park
Stirchley and Cotteridge
Sutton Coldfield
Sutton Park
Visit Northfield
Woodgate Valley
Your Sutton Park photographs

Specific Locations (smaller than a region)
Apple Store Bullring
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Birmingham Library The Old (closed) Library - in Chamberlain Square
Birmingham Marriott Hotel
Birmingham Moor Street & Snow Hill Stations
Birmingham Nature Centre
Birmingham New Street Station
The BT Tower, Birmingham
Cannon Hill Park
The Cube: Birmingham
Floozie In The Jacuzzi
Highbury Park
The Library of Birmingham The New Library - in Centenary Square
Selfridges Birmingham
The Thinktank - Read the T&C before adding photos
Victoria Square

Birmingham Chain Photos
Guess Where Birmingham

Art Deco West Midands
Aston & Erdington Photographic Society
Aston Villa
Birmingham at night
Birmingham Bicycles
Birmingham BMX
Birmingham Canals
Birmingham Churches
Birmingham City FC
Birmingham City Football Club fans
Birmingham City Transport
Birmingham Culture
Birmingham Demolition
Birmingham - Forward (for the city Coat of Arms)
Birmingham Ghost Signs
Birmingham Graffiti and Street Art
Birmingham Green Spaces
Birmingham In Protest
Birmingham Kitsch
Birmingham Loves Photographers
Birmingham Music Live
Birmingham Parkland
Birmingham Street Name Signs
Birmingham Sunrise & Sunset
Birmingham then and now (U.K)
Birmingham Tornado
Birmingham Through the Viewfinder
Birmingham Type (urban and public lettering)
Birmingham Urbex Meetup Group
Birmingham Wildlife
Blue Plaque Birmingham
Boring Brick Buildings In Birmingham
Brum's surprising vistas
Brum Type (Birmingham Typography)
Buildings of Birmingham (the original)
Busy Birmingham - Street Photography
Concrete Birmingham
Favourite Birmingham buildings
Haunted Birmingham
I Am Bimingham
The John Madin Group the work of the architecht John Madin
Lomo Birmingham
Long-Gone Birmingham Snow Hill
Made In Birmingham
Public Art in Public Transport
The Pubs of Birmingham
Purple Mermaid (Uni of B'ham Circus Society)
Rockabilly Birmingham
Sporting West Midlands
Style Birmingham
Suburban Birmingham
The Yellow Wall

Black Country Museums
Black Country Pubs
Bostin' Black Country!
Chiltern Line
Clent Hills
Dudley Zoo
Kidderminster Graffiti and Street Art
Lapal Canal, West Midlands
Live in the Midlands (Music gigs)
The Midlands
Midlands Pics
Twycross Zoo
Warwickshire Parish Churches(including Birmingham,Solihull, Coventry etc)
West Midlands
West Midland Bird Club
West Midlands Cafe Society
West Midland Hard Core (DIY photography)
West Midlands Libraries
West Midland Urban Explorers
Wolverhampton Photographic Society

Red Brick Buildings (tagged)
Canals (tagged)
Any more?

It's also well worth exploring the group tags for Birmingham related things that don't have a group.

For example:-
jewelleryquarter, and so on.

or try Flickrs "Places" interface for Birmingham
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brendadada 12 years ago
Nice work. Thanks :)
physical earth [deleted] 12 years ago
That's an amazing collection. Thanks for collating it
Kippers Pics 12 years ago
Thanks for adding the Hall Green Group to the list.

An excellent idea having links to all Birmingham Groups in one place.
nobody knows anything 12 years ago
How about adding the Aston Villa group? Do the Baggies or the Blues have groups?
srboisvert 12 years ago
Splitting into so many groups is a bad idea. Use tags instead. That way if you want to see Aston Villa you can just point your RSS reader at the AstonVilla tag feed.

Too much fragmentation and you end up with an bunch of isolated photo collections that won't draw many eyeballs.

My two cents canadian worth.
Pete Ashton 12 years ago
The group tags are a keen idea - I'd not looked at them for a while now and have added some to the list.

On the whole, I think a multiplicity of groups is a good thing. Have a look at the London group which is an indication of where we're heading. 2,748 members and 30,929 photos and it's a nightmare to keep on top of, but it does function well as a portal to groups for regions within London.

Photos in the main Birmingham group should (in theory) represent Brum as a whole and many photos taken in Birmingham won't do that. A blunt example is the Live Music pool - none of those should be in this group but the group is part of the Birmingham experience.

On a more subtle level, I take a lot of photos in Bournville and on the canals. Some of them are suitable for the main Birmingham group but many aren't because they're too specific. At the same time I was thinking we could do with a Birmingham Flickrmeet group to keep the chummy photos of each other out of this pool - they're important but they don't represent Birmingham (though I may be wrong about this).

As for having stagnant groups that nobody uses, that's okay. If nobody's using them then they can just sit there out of the way. This particular list is meant to be overly comprehensive so has oddities like the Apple Store group but in everyday life such things are never going to bubble to the surface. It's Darwinism in action and we need a wide number of groups in order for interesting stuff to emerge.

So there.
ikkio_too 12 years ago
is also a stratford group< but it seems to have died....... ;o{
Tom (hmm a rosa tint) 12 years ago
Perhaps we should have a seperate Birmingham FlickrMeet group, anyone that's interested can join and we can do a mass FlickrMail/post in the forum to let them know about what's going on. It might also give the meet photos a better context.

What do you think?
mike warren PRO 12 years ago
good stuff,
theres also a Kidderminster group

and a Stourbridge group
Pete Ashton 12 years ago
☆eight☆ PRO 12 years ago

my own humble group, which will feature 50's inspired gigs, people, cars, clothes and the local rockabilly scene(yes there is one - largely undiscovered).
only been going for a short while though...
nobody knows anything 12 years ago
Could you add Sporting West Midlands to the list?
Aeioux 12 years ago
Hey could you add the new website group on there please?
Pete Ashton 12 years ago
Done. Added the new Digbeth group too.
Aeioux 12 years ago
Ooh.... my neighbourhood...
amortize Posted 12 years ago. Edited by amortize (member) 12 years ago
In a fit of enthusiasm I have created Birmingham Botanical Gardens when I saw that there were nearly 500 photos tagged with birminghambotanicalgardens.

(Admittedly, on closer inspection I saw that a lot of those were for Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Alabama. Oh well!)
tim ellis PRO 12 years ago
I don't have any photos from the botanical garden of Flickr at the moment, but I do have some of a friends band playing in the bandstand there at a country music festival a few years back that I could re-visit...
amortize 12 years ago
that would be excellent, Tim!
Pete Lewis PRO 12 years ago
Hi Pete, I've just created a group for the Clent Hills - perhaps this could be included in the "Wider" section?


Pete Ashton 12 years ago
Both added.
Ned Trifle PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Ned Trifle (member) 12 years ago
Pete - could you add this group to the list - perhaps under themes?

The Pubs of Birmingham, England
ijv22... 12 years ago
Hi Pete, if you would like to add it to your list, there is also a group Selfridges Birmingham
Pete Ashton 12 years ago
Done and done.
editorialgirl 12 years ago
There's a Kings Heath group now too...
g4z 12 years ago
Great list! Thanks Pete!
nobody knows anything 11 years ago

Now with added West Midlands group and the Longbridge group that I stumbled upon.
nicnac1000 PRO 11 years ago
If anybody has any photos of Broad Street....

Tom (hmm a rosa tint) 11 years ago
Wider groups could include:

Wolverhampton Uni


nobody knows anything 11 years ago
Broad Street and Wolverhampton are now up there. Wolverhampton Uni is aready in Educational Establishments.
Raynah Thomas PRO 11 years ago
andrew meager PRO 11 years ago
srboisvert 11 years ago
somebody civic minded should setup a yahoo pipe that aggregates all these into one feed...
Pete Ashton 11 years ago

☆eight☆ PRO 11 years ago
...thanks for that!
rfb180868 11 years ago
Oh no! More groups to join! Seriously, great work!
Liz Walker 1975 11 years ago
Don't forget Beautiful Birmingham many of you guys are in it!
As a relative newbie to Flickr, all this makes my head hurt... Great to see so many Birmingham related groups and photo's to flick through, though.
☆eight☆ PRO 11 years ago
a place for art-deco images from around the birmingham area: www.flickr.com/groups/artdecobirmingham/

i've dumped a load of my own photos on there to get it started, but i know there's plenty of people with similar stuff and nowhere precise to show it, so get involved!!!

anything goes, as long as it's in that style.
all are welcome 8-)
tim ellis PRO 11 years ago
A couple of recent groups that aren't here yet

Birmingham Christmas market For pictures of, wellm Birminghams Christmas market...


Birmingham - Forward For pictures of the City Coat of Arms
tim ellis PRO 11 years ago
Make too many suggestions and you suddenly find yourself in charge of the list! I've updated it with all the ones since Pete's last update...
hapdaniel2000 11 years ago
Aeioux 11 years ago
Nice work! Thanks.
feltip1982 PRO 11 years ago
Any chance you could find room for the Birmingham Cube group, either as a specific Birmingham building one or as a themed / relevant one please. I think once the cranes get going and the building comes alive it will be a lot more popular :)


tim ellis PRO 11 years ago
I've added the Cube.
feltip1982 PRO 11 years ago
Cheers, thanks
nobody knows anything 11 years ago
Now with added Jewellery Quarter
nobody knows anything 11 years ago
And Urban Explorers
nobody knows anything 10 years ago
And stirchley and cotteridge
☆eight☆ PRO 10 years ago

based on the book "haunted birmingham" by arthur smith & rachel bannister (published by tempus publishing ltd).
☆eight☆ PRO 10 years ago
for images of this now legendary wall in the jewellery quarter
tim ellis PRO 10 years ago
Now updated with the above, plus one or two others that had been posted to the main group but not here, and some added to the "Wider" section that I am aware of and felt fitted - All new groups are added in Bold.

I also tried to re-impose an alphabetic order which was mostly already there - I've ignored the word "The" in titles when doing this.

I added Black Country Flickrmeets under "Social" rather than "Wider" on the basis that "University of Wolverhampton" was already listed under "Educational Establishments"
tim ellis PRO 10 years ago
Added Edgbaston under "Regional"
Alain's old account 10 years ago
Here's a link for for the new Wolverhampton Photographic Society flickr group. If you are keen on or enjoy photography and live locally then why not join it. You don't have to be a paid-up member of the society.

The group can be found at the following link -

tim ellis PRO 10 years ago
I've added the Wolves Photo Soc, also the CIPIL libraries group mentioned in a separate thread, and some Artsfest groups that were previously not included...
Alain's old account 10 years ago
Thanks Tim
tim ellis PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by tim ellis (admin) 9 years ago
I've just added the new Birmingham Post & Mail group, with a note to check the T&C's before posting there, since doing so grants the post and mail a licence to use your picture in their papers. They will credit (but not pay) the photographer, and you retain all rights to the picture).
Discussion of whether or not this is a good thing should take place somewhere other than this thread please!
tim ellis PRO 9 years ago
Added "West Midlands Cafe Society"
ilakast Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ilakast (member) 8 years ago
tim ellis PRO 8 years ago
martinpickard PRO 8 years ago

birmingham library before it goes and one for the new library.
ilakast 8 years ago
tim ellis PRO 8 years ago
Added those three groups
☆eight☆ PRO 8 years ago
a new group for collective images of the handsworth area: www.flickr.com/groups/handsworth/

i've stuck a load of my recent images, taken there over the last week - but of course, please join and contribute!
tim ellis PRO 8 years ago
I've added a couple more groups, mostly prompted by them posting requests on my pictures...
The (Council run) Birmingham Newsroom and the Tourist Office Visit Birmingham are both looking to use your pictures elsewhere - as with the Post & Mail site, I've added a "check the T&C's" flag - please don't use this thread to debate the ethics of this policy!
cezzysblu 8 years ago
can never get enough lists.
aachesstudio Posted 8 years ago. Edited by aachesstudio (member) 8 years ago
ArtTeaShopMeet ! ! !

ArtTeaShopMeet ! ! !

January 16th 12;00 midday

This is an invite for the 16th January, 12;00 midday

Any Birminghamflickermeetgrouppeople and any other photographers, Flickrerites, and their affiliates, associates, and even models are welcome to attend a meeting at 27-29 Grove Lane, Handsworth, B21., to drink tea and eat biscuits at the premises alluded to in the Guardian article below;


The main aims of the meet would be to socialise, network, and from about 2:00 pm take about an hours walk around Handsworth, taking photographs.
Thereafter, from say 3:30 pm till about 6:00 pm we could resume activity at the shop.

BUT it would be a kind courtesy to "book in" on this Discussion thread, or send an email or flickrmail.

27-29 Grove Lane, Handsworth, B21.

It's the same side as Handsworth Grammar School, not so far down, and dead opposite the Sikh Temple.

or the following should take you there,



the 101 bus from beside Snow Hill Station
stops dead opposite the shop, and the 74 and 79, from Bull Street, opposite the Minories, stop on Soho Rd., just past the top end of Grove Lane, about 300 yards from the shop.

atvb Stan
editorialgirl 8 years ago
Please could an admin add Andy's* new Balsall Heath group?

(*try saying that without yer teeth in!)
tim ellis PRO 8 years ago
I've added Balsall Heath, along with a couple of others that had come to my attention
pigsonthewinguk Posted 8 years ago. Edited by pigsonthewinguk (member) 8 years ago
The West Midland Bird Club group (which I look after) covers Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands County (and thus Birmingham) and could go under the "wider" heading. Pictures are used in rotation on the home page of the West Midland Bird Club website - the Club is a registered charity.

There's also Birmingham Kitsch, a John Madin group, Birmingham City Transport, Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market and Edgbaston Reservoir.

LocalGovcamp was held in Birmingham, but is probably too obscure for this list.

Finally, there's Sheldon Country Park, of which, others having quit, I'm the only member!
tim ellis PRO 8 years ago
All added (except LocalGovCamp - at least for now, unless anyone wants to argue for it's inclusion...
ell brown PRO 8 years ago
I've just been made an Administrator of this group Ladywood. Is based on the Ladywood constituency - including the wards of Ladywood, Aston, Nechells, Soho and the Jewellery Quarter (but not the City Centre).

The admin has to accept photos to the group.
pigsonthewinguk Posted 8 years ago. Edited by pigsonthewinguk (member) 8 years ago
@Tim: Thank you, but please note it's "West Midland Bird Club" (singualr "Midland")!

Also... Hands On Handsworth: www.flickr.com/photos/handsonhandsworth/
tim ellis PRO 8 years ago
I've added Ladywood and corrected WMBC (one midland, one bird).
handsonhandsworth is an individual photographer rather than a group, so I think falls outside of the remit of this thread.

I've also moved all the "West Midland(s)" groups into the "Wider" catagory, as some were there and some were in "themed" with no obvious reason why.
dave_d_5678 8 years ago
Please add Aston & Erdington Photographic Society.


Meets at the Bevan Jones Memorial Hall on the Chester road- B73 5HU- Mondays 7:30pm until 10:00 p.m.

Note - Annual Exhibition this Saturday - see the What's New section on the web site.


tim ellis PRO 8 years ago
Added International Food Festival Birmingham
geeksquared 8 years ago
just started a group for pictures of Halesowen: www.flickr.com/groups/halesowen
tim ellis PRO 8 years ago
I've added Halesown
I thought I'd previously posted to say I hadn't added The Aston & Erdington Photographic Society as it is a link to an external site, and this is intended to be a directory of groups on Flickr...
pigsonthewinguk Posted 7 years ago. Edited by pigsonthewinguk (member) 7 years ago
To fill what seemed to me to be an obvious gap, I've just created the group, "Blue Plaques Birmingham" - You know what to do!

Permalink is www.flickr.com/groups/blue-plaques-birmingham/
fotofiliastudio 7 years ago
Great idea. Thanks for the research!
tim ellis PRO 7 years ago
I spotted that when you invited one of my photos! - I'll create the link (and add in the rest of my photos) later - but I'll mention the Open Plaques group here, just in case anyone is unaware of it...
tim ellis PRO 7 years ago
I haven't forgotten but there is a bug in Flickr at the moment which generates error messages when you try and link from Group discussions to groups/sets/galleries etc
tim ellis PRO 7 years ago
now updated
pigsonthewinguk 7 years ago
Another Sutton Park group, "Your Sutton Park photographs": www.flickr.com/groups/1682956@N21/
fotofiliastudio 7 years ago
How about the "Friends of Fotofilia" group?

Based in the Jewellery Quarter, made up of attendees of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, mac and Fotofilia courses.
tim ellis PRO 7 years ago
I've added the new Sutton Park group - though I'm not sure why we needed another one - It looks like it was set up by the Council News Room, but doesn't have the same rules & conditions as there other groups?

I also added the "Friends of Fotofillia" group (under Educational Establishments, on the grounds it is for people who have been on their courses)
Greyken1957 PRO 7 years ago
Add www.flickr.com/groups/b17/ (B17 Harborne), www.flickr.com/groups/1004985@N22/ (Birmingham at Night), www.flickr.com/groups/oldbrum/ (Birmingham then and now (UK)), www.flickr.com/groups/651365@N21/ (Buildings of Birmingham (the original)), please, if not already listed! I may have missed one or more.
tim ellis PRO 7 years ago
Added these new groups
Greyken1957 PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Greyken1957 (member) 7 years ago
Another of which I am a member is www.flickr.com/groups/number50busroute/ (The No 50 Bus Route (Birmingham, UK)). Not as specialised as it might appear!
editorialgirl 7 years ago
That's already in (under "themed").
tim ellis PRO 7 years ago
Added "Birmingham Pride" and "I Am Birmingham" (Which I thought was already here...)
ell brown PRO 7 years ago
There's a new group for Acocks Green www.flickr.com/groups/acocks_green/
R~P~M PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by R~P~M (member) 7 years ago
I wonder if you might consider adding my Birmingham Moor Street & Snow Hill Stations group?
tim ellis PRO 7 years ago
Finally got around to adding Acocks Green & Moor St & Snow Hill Station Groups...
somerubbishusername 7 years ago
Hi there, there's now a Quinton group too - not much there at the moment...

ell brown PRO 7 years ago
Birmingham Nature Centre


created by ASD Photography
Terry-Morris Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Terry-Morris (member) 7 years ago
A little bit off topic maybe....but i have permanent HQ camera feed, refreshing every 30", trained on our skyline....... www.brumcam.co.uk

Just one big time lapse project!
All the best
tim ellis PRO 7 years ago
I've added Quinton & the Nature Centre, as well as Birmingham Eastside and Brum's Surprising Vistas

As with the Aston & Erdington Photo club above, I've not included www.brumcam.co.uk in the index as it is an external site, and this is a list of Flickr groups.
ell brown PRO 6 years ago
Birmingham Loves Photographers

for the 48 Sheets billboard art project that is going on during April 2012.
tim ellis PRO 6 years ago
Added (under Themed - not 100% convinced this is the right place for it though? )
ell brown PRO 6 years ago
One of my photos has been invited to this group

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