Mayaa Thistle / Apsara / Jalwa / Bilo 10:22pm, 16 November 2012
Bilo/HANDverk Photo Contest

Do you have a passion for SL photography? Original mesh content and eclectic clothing/accessory/furniture design? Are you a fan of the Bilo and HANDverk brands? Then this is a contest for you.

1st Place - 10,000L + 1,000L Bilo & 1000L HANDverk store credit
2nd Place - 1,000L Bilo & 1000L HANDverk store credit
3rd Place - 500L Bilo & 1000L HANDverk store credit

1. Each submitted image must display one Bilo and one HANDverk item (at minimum). You may submit multiple images.
2. Please list the items used in your image description and make sure they are easily visible, i.e., please don't use earrings that are obscured by your hair.
2. Submissions are only accepted via Flickr, please tag each submission with 'bilohandverk' so we can identify submissions.
3. Please add your photos to our Flickr groups.

11:59 PM, 30 November 2012

By entering this contest, you are consenting in the use of your image by both Bilo and HANDverk for promotional purposes, either in-world or on the web. Don't worry though, you'll be credited.
.clint 6 years ago
who won?
I apologize if anyone missed the announcement. The winners were announced in our respective in-world groups, websites, and social networking site- plurk, but flickr was an oversight! Here are the winners.

First place:
Second place:
Third place:
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