Rose Family Photostream PRO 12:58pm, 25 November 2007
Or - as Tonya calls it orange+khaki.


Let's just say - any light shade of brown... This one was another challenge for me and I don't even know what to expect from you all - except good stuff, of course.
Muppster PRO 11 years ago
oh, this will be hard. so many shades of gray (well, tan) to choose from... and when you have a terra cotta colored house, you've got lots around to choose from....
outoffocus53 11 years ago
This will be a tough one I think, cute gardener by the way!
Yes - so many. The three I've uploaded so far are 3 different shades. Doesn't make for the best looking mosaics but it is fun to see the difference in the "feel" of the color combos... Tough indeed. I still need to find another shot to take this week.
Rose Family Photostream PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Rose Family Photostream (member) 11 years ago
Such good stuff -- good, good stuff this week


Thanks for the suggestion Tonya - vibrant+calm - really nice.
MineFull 11 years ago
I love this color combination, a great week 20:
fav's from color+color: week 20 orange + tan
j.towbin © PRO 11 years ago

Great week, Amy! Thanks Amy and MineFull for including my shot in your mosaics!!! :-))
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