Rose Family Photostream PRO 2:54pm, 19 August 2007
It's August. It's hot. Let's do a HOT color combo.


This week's challenge is from mela-mama, queen of colored straw photos (I know she has pink+orange ones if her cute girls haven't used them all up already.)
emilysaurus PRO 11 years ago
Is this pink+orange or red+orange?
Former Jamba Juice Headquarters in Potrero Hill
mela-mama 11 years ago
happy - lmao about your comment.
today my family must call me queen of the straws!!!
j.towbin © PRO 11 years ago
Love these hot colors together and look forward to seeing some real beauties from the color+color gang. :-)
mela-mama 11 years ago
pink & orange

pink & orange mosaic

it is really hard to just put 4 photos in the pool...
aplseed photography 11 years ago
Shocking,I love it.LOL
Danarah Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Danarah (member) 11 years ago
I'm going to start playing!

Do these count?

Fresh Flowers

Sunset Silhouette

Jellies #1


Or do they have to be new?
Archived pics definitely count here!
sadalit 11 years ago
Hmmm... the 2 pics I found in my archive are already in the group from the A Year Of Color days... how does that work? Will you find them using a tag search?
yes, I guess one could. If you really want folks to see them again you could post them here in this discussion thread. Otherwise... keep your eyes out for something else pink+orange in your world this week.
_Lei 11 years ago
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From pink to orange, I think it's all in there. This is one of my favorite color combos!
MariaCampanita 11 years ago
polka dots
MariaCampanita 11 years ago
10 weeks old
I love this color combo (and so does mela-mama evidently) but it was harder than I thought for a lot of you. Or maybe it is hard to photograph? Anyway, there were still many outstanding examples, some being:


Mela - would you care to choose your faves?
mela-mama Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mela-mama (member) 11 years ago
some of my favorites:

intense colors:
mail joy received!

yummy pink & orange:

i would have liked to be there:
Strange Fruit performance

i have no clue how to post pics of someone else in this thread...
help please!
thanks happythings :o)
mela - I'm pretty sure only administrators of the group can do that -- so you did the right thing just adding links and then I can go back and add the linked image for you!
MineFull 11 years ago
my fav's mosaic for pink and orange week!

fav's from color+color: week 6 - pink and orange
aplseed photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by aplseed photography (member) 11 years ago
Favorites Color + Color  Week 6 Orange & Pink

My faves mosaic. for week 6
lej619 PRO 11 years ago
My creation
I can't just pick 5 or 6 so i chose 9
emilysaurus PRO 11 years ago
Muppster said this was her favorite of mine from pink+orange.

gardenhoe 11 years ago
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