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aquilterstable PRO 10:41pm, 6 July 2012
The inspiration for making polaroid blocks comes from Little Miss Shabby.

We'll follow the instructions set out by capitolaQuilter HERE. Let's make JUST the basic polaroid block - 2 1/2" square feature print with white borders. **DO NOT trim the white borders before mailing.** To keep the integrity of these small blocks during mailing, everyone can trim their swap blocks and add their own borders to the blocks they receive back.

Blocks do not all have to be the same. In fact, depending on how many swappers we have, we'd hope everyone would get a set back with no duplicates. So a variety is good! And some nice 'art' is totally fine by me...(ie. not all novelty prints)...

Please use a white-white for your block borders, such as KONA White. Visit the gallery I created to see samples of a variety of polaroid blocks.
Let's swap blocks in groups of 5 - 5, 10, 15. You will receive back a random assortment of blocks - the same number as you send in. I will FM my address to you once you are ready to mail. Include a SASE envelope in with your blocks for return mailing; just SAE if international & I'll FM you costs later. *Feel free to estimate the number of blocks you'd like to swap now, then revise as you mail in - totally fine!*

The swap begins July 7, with all blocks postmarked and mailed to me by August 15, 2012.

1. flickrdeb50-25/rec'd 110/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
2. capitolaquilter-60/rec'd 60/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
3. KellyS @ Live.Love.Create-40/rec'd 40/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
4. shecanquilt-50/rec'd 50/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
5. amyinuk-30/rec'd 30/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
6. Knotted-Thread-40/rec'd 40/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
7. Katie Mae Quilts-60/rec'd 49/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
8. Diane {from blank pages...}-rec'd 60/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
9. Michelle from CityHouseStudio-10/rec'd 10/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
10. Heygiz00-40/rec'd40/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
11. busybeequilts-75/rec'd 75/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
12. fabricmutt-10/rec'd 10/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
13. GreensAndJeans-rec'd 25/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
14. PolkaDotClassic-10/rec'd 50/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
15. UllaBee - rec'd 25/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
16. tramtadam-40/rec'd 70/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
17. FairlyMerry-rec'd 25/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
18. Solar Threads-50/rec'd 50/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
19. Sewmama123-40/rec'd 40/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
20. gillianms85-30/rec'd 65/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
21. Dorrylu-40/rec'd 40/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
22. rebeccalbark-30/rec'd 30/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
23. littlemamaD-15/rec'd 20/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
24. history quilter - rec'd 15/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
25. Connie @ A Piecework Life-20/rec'd 20/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
26. hobblecreekquilts-50/rec'd 50/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
27. nanotchka-30/rec'd 50/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
28. Silly lil' Doe!-20/rec'd 20/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
29. mollyjolly-rec'd 130/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
30. Tina ~ Seaside Stitches-35/rec'd 35/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
31. qreativequilts-25/rec'd 55/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
32. Jennie's Threads-30/rec'd 70/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
33. {sew} allegorical-30/rec'd 30/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
34. binkiege-10/rec'd 20/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
35. Amid This Moment-rec'd 205/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
36. SewingByStephanie-65/rec'd 65/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
37. Runs w/ Scissors-45/rec'd 45/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
38. knottygnome-40/rec'd 40/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
39. t. anne quilts-10/rec'd 90/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
40. therausers-30/rec'd 30/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
41. lmlewis-20/rec'd 60
42. Materialmoments-50/rec'd 50/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
43. Butternutlake-30/rec'd 30/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
44. audreypawdrey-40/rec'd 100/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
45. spontaneousthreads-70/rec'd 70/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
46. Cherry Sprinkle-rec'd 60/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
47. occasionalpiece-25/rec'd 25/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
48. Brookquilt-30/rec'd 30/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
49. CaKath-90/rec'd 90/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
50. creativeinspiraciones-120/rec'd 120//FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
51. liveacolorfullife-20/rec'd 20/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
52. asrayx-25/rec'd 25/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
53. Principiessa-40/rec'd 40/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
54. Andrea @ Quiltmanufaktur-20/rec'd 50/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
55. espritpatch - rec'd 30/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
56. rraustin-10/rec'd 49/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
57. bruinbr-25/rec'd 25/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
58. marilynkb-30/rec'd 60/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
59. Uta Hanson-25/rec'd 25/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
60. Marci Girl Designs-25/rec'd 25/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
61. LookWhatladyfacemade-15/rec'd 20/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
62. waglets-15/rec'd 30/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
63. zaynoo1-20/rec'd 20/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
64. Manda Made Quilts (stayathomelibrarian)-150/rec'd 150/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
65. AJ Dub-rec'd 30/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
66. savinggrc-75/rec'd 75/FINAL BLOCKS REC'D
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(1 to 100 of 292 replies)
capitolaquilter 6 years ago
I'm in for 30 but may up that number later - thanks!
KellyS @ Live.Love.Create Posted 6 years ago. Edited by KellyS @ Live.Love.Create (member) 6 years ago
I'm in, but I don't know for how many yet. Let me check on my fabrics!

Ohhhh I found a great one. Do you want us to post our fabrics?
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
Yes! Post fabric and blocks! Sounds good.
shecanquilt PRO 6 years ago
I'm in too. I am not sure how many fabrics I have at my cottage for fussy cutting but I am sure I can find some. Do I need to say how many I will send in advance or can I see how many I can make in time.
amyinuk 6 years ago
I'd love to join in. A couple of questions - are we actually making the blocks with a fussy cut centre and white borders or are we just sending the 2.5" fussy cut centres?

Sounds fun!!!
Knotted-Thread 6 years ago
I'm so in - even with the move!! Great idea Debbie!
Katie Mae Quilts 6 years ago
Ooh, I'm not sure what I have here for fussy cutting. Can I be the late one? I'll get back to my stash around the 13th of August and whip some together ASAP then.
busybeequilts 6 years ago
I am in! I love the look of this quilt. Can't wait to get started!
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
I'm fine with a wild estimate for now & then just revise when you send them in.
Yes, we're making the block with the white border, just leave the border untrimmed when you mail. ok?
Glad you are all excited about this!
shecanquilt PRO 6 years ago
So about how big is that block on the button for your gallery, the one with 9 polaroid blocks set a bit wonky? I have to figure out two things, one is how many fussy cuts I have and two is how many blocks I will want in the end.

My other question is do I have to make all the blocks I send the same or can I send all different fussy cuts? And can some of them be nice geometric patterns - like modern art - or are we all hoping for images of things like animals, vehicles, kitchen and sewing gadgets, etc.?
Lots of questions, I hope that is ok.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
Can you answer 's question about your block with 9 polaroids? 15" or ???

NO the blocks do not all have to be the same. In fact, depending on how many swappers we have, we'd hope everyone would get a set back with no duplicates. So a variety is good, don't y'all think? Some nice 'art' is totally fine by me...

Questions are good!
capitolaquilter Posted 6 years ago. Edited by capitolaquilter (member) 6 years ago
The nine Polaroid block is 12.5" because once sashed wonky, they were cropped to 4.5"square then joined together in rows. I'll add that to my blog post.

The great thing about this swap is that since WE ARE NOT trimming the white down, once they arrive we'll have the flexability to do whatever we want and I'm hoping that there will be some people will do a creative spin to what has already been done.
Is there a sign up form? or can we just be in or out once the deadline comes around? like if I get 5 or 30 made I'll send those in, and if I don't I wont? I guess that's a dumb question. lol. anyway, just wondering if there is an official way to say we're in?
Tiny Pink 6 years ago
Is the swap open to international? Cause then I'm in, oooh I soo hope it is.

Sounds like fun!
Sign me up for just 5 right now--don't want to over commit!
snippetsofsweetness! 6 years ago
Put me down for five blocks! Thanks for organizing.
Heygiz00 6 years ago
Please count me in! These blocks are just darling!! I am hoping to do 25 or so...might be more...want to make a wall hanging for my sewing room. Thanks!

aquilterstable PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by aquilterstable (admin) 6 years ago
No sign up form! Just indicate here your intention. And yes, send in what you can - if it doesn't work out, it'll all be ok!
International is fine by me ... we'll figure it out!
Glad to have the rest of you joining in...I'll start listing us in the post above shortly...
shecanquilt PRO 6 years ago
Debbie, I am not sure I can send you American stamps from Canada, I will check. I may have to send you money instead to buy the stamps for the envelope, I do have some American cash about. Or I could pay you via paypal, which is what some of the other swaps who want shipping covered have done once you have posted the envelops. Any of those are fine but I am pretty sure if I send you the Canadian stamps it won't work.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
ok, so obviously I'm a newbie at this - but paying me after shipping via paypal would probably be fine. I have sent $ via paypal but never rec'd so if anyone knows about this, please let me know. I just want it as simple and workable for everyone as possible...Thanks, !
busybeequilts 6 years ago
Okay, I've cut mine. I have 35, 37 counting one that's not perfectly fussy cut and a pair of donkey boots. We are bathroom remodeling, so my husband won't be thrilled if I'm online too long, but hopefully tonight I can sew them all together and post tomorow.
I've got:
great blue heron
garden gnomes
a purse
and a poodle!!!
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
Awesome! You go girl!
fabricmutt 6 years ago
Okay, I'm taking the plunge! Sign me up for 10 blocks, Debbie!
GreensAndJeans 6 years ago
I'm in. Just not sure how many I'll be making. I need to go look through my fabric stash.
Ok, I'm in! I want to make I-Spy sleeping bags for my 3 children and these would be so much fun to add in there. I definitely want more than 5, but maybe I'll say 10 to start out with and hopefully end up making a lot more. :) Thanks so much for putting this together! It'll be interesting to see what we all receive back.
PolkaDotClassic 6 years ago
Please sign me in!! very excited to get some cute blocks
I think I will sing up for 10 but I'm sure I will make more :)
dancergrrlliz 6 years ago
I'm in, but I don't know for how many. This seems like a perfect use for my Spoonflower I Spy charms!
Solar Threads 6 years ago
OK, just went through all of my scraps, as this seems like a perfect way to use up some. I love novelty prints, and easily have enough scraps to make up 40, so that's my final answer! I'm so excited!! These are incredibly cute and clever!!
Sewmama123 PRO 6 years ago
Great idea! I am in for 10 but could probably do more!
enfili 6 years ago
I love these blocks! I'm in for at least 10... but wouldn't be surprised if I end up making more...
Dorrylu 6 years ago
I love this block! I'm in for 40. I have some I-spy charms that will be perfect for this. Thanks!
capitolaquilter Posted 6 years ago. Edited by capitolaquilter (member) 6 years ago
What a turn out - this is great.
FYI: I've updated my "how to" post to help clarify a few things for the swap (and fix a typo -oops) so you might want to revisit the link above and please alert me to anything needed since this is only the second time I've tried to write a tutorial type of post. Thanks
rebeccalbark Posted 6 years ago. Edited by rebeccalbark (member) 6 years ago
After reading capitolaquilter's awesome tut, I'm in! It looks like you can get 15 per strip, so I'm going in conservatively at 30 (or two strips). If I get ambitious, I'll up my number. Thanks for organizing, I've loved these blocks for a while now!
Blue.Ridge.Girl PRO 6 years ago
This sounds fun! I'm in =) Just to make sure I understand correctly...I make a certain number of blocks and mail all of them to Debbie, correct? Then in return I receive an assortment back? Put me down for 15, but I may get ambitious and end up doing 20.
capitolaquilter 6 years ago
Yes that is correct - although many people keep a set of what they have sewn to go along with those they get from the swap - optional but wanted to mention it since that's what I usually do.
enfili 6 years ago
After looking at my stash some more, and seeing how few 10 really is, I'm upping mine to at least 30! :)
spicedpear 6 years ago
I will make 10. :)
kirsten67 6 years ago
I will check my stash and see if I have enough prints to fussy cut.
I love the idea of this swap and would love to join in! Sign me up for 20 blocks. Can I increase that later if I can make more? Thanks!
capitolaquilter 6 years ago
Yes, estimate what you think you'll make and then make a comment in the thread to increase the number of blocks if you make more - or less to let Debbie know.
hobblecreekquilts 6 years ago
These look so fun. I'm in. I have lots of novelty prints so I could do several. I'll commit to a number later.
Sewmama123 PRO 6 years ago
OK - increase my number to 30 - since I just knocked out 16. These little blocks are sooo addicting! Yea!!
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
what capitolaquilter said! All estimates are flexible.
frustratedquilter 6 years ago
I would love to join in this looks fun. Not sure how many yet but when I mail them I will let you know :) Thanks for hosting this swap what fun !
amyinuk 6 years ago
Debbie - are you in the USA? If so, when I post them back to you I won't know how much it will cost to get them back to me (UK) for the self addressed stamped envlope - so any suggestions?
smooth sleep [deleted] 6 years ago
I would like to jump in if its not too late..
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
Yeah, I realize that . . . there's a possibility you can pay me through paypal after shipping. I'll figure it out, ok?
Hi Debbie! I'm in! This looks like a lot of fun. I'll shoot for 20 blocks.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
findingsweetland 6 years ago
I'm in for 10. Thx!
Jennie's Threads Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Jennie's Threads (member) 6 years ago
This sounds great - I'm in - let's go for 30! I'm in the UK btw!
fantastic friction [deleted] 6 years ago
I was *just* thinking about doing a Polaroid quilt yesterday! So glad I saw someone posting about this swap on my blogroll..
I'm gonna say I'm in for 30. (I have a *huge* scrap bin so I might end up with more.)
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
That's great.
Glad you happened to see & are wanting to join in!
Sounds good!
Don't really need to know how many till you mail!
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
smart girl!
happy to!
you are IN! These would make a great wall hanging.
Happy to have you all in!
Silly lil' Doe! 6 years ago
Count me in for 20, please! Thanks!
amyinuk 6 years ago
I'm in for 30 - and they are ready to post :) I'm happy to mail them ASAP if that suits you? as they are coming from the UK and I go on holiday at the end of July and back 13 Aug which is kinda tight for teh deadline....

Also - I'm in your top list twice!!

Thanks - this was a lot of fun to do!! If I get a chance I will try to make more. I can paypal you when you need me to - just let me know :)
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
you're IN!
wowsers! Just FM'd you my address and I fixed the top list - thank you. Glad you enjoyed this .... we'll talk about paypal later...
binkiege 6 years ago
can i still join? i'm interested in 10.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
yes! You're IN!
Amid This Moment 6 years ago
I would love to join if it's not too late. This is a really neat block. Does it matter if we send you several of the same block? Not too many since that would make it difficult to divvy them up, but a few. Also, any idea what percentage should be fussy cut and what percentage can be artsy?
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
of course you can join in! Feel free to send some of the same. And can't really say what percentage...just do what your stash dictates! If you're implying most of yours would be artsy - well that's fine by me.
SewingByStephanie 6 years ago
I'd like to join! I'll make 40!
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
great! I'll add you to the list!
KellyS @ Live.Love.Create Posted 6 years ago. Edited by KellyS @ Live.Love.Create (member) 6 years ago
OK put me down for 40. I have 34 fussy cut centers already without the house fabric. LOL Are we avoiding Joann's and Hobby Lobby/Hancock fabrics? I have some cute ones from those too, but you never know about the quality...

I am already on the list, just to let you know!
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
Great. Yes, please use quality quilting fabric as much as possible, though I understand some scrap-diving will be done . . .
Amid This Moment 6 years ago
Thanks! This is my first swap and I'm super excited about it. Now I just need to find some Kona white so I can get started. Thank you for hosting this!
Runs w/ Scissors 6 years ago
Click...szzzst...wave, wave...wait....ah, like magic! I am going to make 30!
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
knottygnome 6 years ago
i'd like to sign up for 15. i might be able to do more but i'll have to go through the stash first. thanks for setting up the swap! looks like great fun.
shecanquilt PRO 6 years ago
I think I have decided, please put me down for 50.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
Great & you are welcome!
Done! (Are you making some to keep at the same time? I'm hoping to.)
t. anne quilts 6 years ago
This looks like so much fun! Sign me up for 10. [maybe more, TBD].
littlemamaD 6 years ago
Fun swap! I'd like to sign up for 15.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
& Great! Added you to the list!
shecanquilt PRO 6 years ago
Well, I counted the polaroid blocks in Rachel from Stitched in Color's quilt in your gallery and I counted about 150. So I thought that I would try to make one for me and one for the swap as I go. And then I could make more or make a smaller quilt or if things went really well I could send more in the swap.

Are other people doing that - making one for themselves for every one they send in?
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
I'm doing the same as you...I don't know about others - I'll ask!
capitolaquilter 6 years ago
That's what I'm doing too, keeping one of each for myself. 150 is a lot of little guys isn't it?? I'm going to make another few batches and up my swap count.
Butternutlake 6 years ago
OMG! I want to join!!!!!! Can I?
thecreamsiclecat PRO 6 years ago
Okay, I want in on this craziness! LOL! I'll shoot for 15.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
Of course!
crazy fun, maybe!
I'll add you both to the list!
Materialmoments 6 years ago
I'm new to this as this would be my first swap. Is it too late or can I still join in on the fun? If yes I would do 15.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
This is a great first-time swap - glad to have you join in! I'll add you to the list!
Butternutlake 6 years ago
I'm in for 30.
heatherkojan 6 years ago
I'm in. I'll shoot for 30.
Watch Meesh Run 6 years ago
Hi there! Please count me in! I think I would like to start with 10 - if I am on a roll, can I send in more?
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
great! I added you to the list!
spontaneousthreads PRO 6 years ago
Ok, back from traveling WAY too much. PLease count me in for 30 please. Can't wait!!!
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
great - yes, just let me know your final count when you ship!
Katie Mae Quilts 6 years ago
I'm in for 60...yikes! I have Kona White here, so I'll cut strips before I get home. Then I just have to quick fussy cut and sew in between unpacking!
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
YIkes! You're ambitious, girl!! ;-)
ShelleyBrooksQuilts PRO 6 years ago
Holy cow this is so stinking cute. Count me in. 30
occasionalpiece 6 years ago
Oooh! Oooh! Can I play?

Put me down for 25.

aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
added you to the list!
CaKath PRO 6 years ago
I'm in and I'll make 30 also.
AJ Dub 6 years ago
I am in, and I will reserve my block number until I see how many blocks I can get out of the fabric.
Kona Snow is not a White White is it? That is the white fabric I have. Do I need to get something else?
shecanquilt PRO 6 years ago
Unfortunately you will need to get some Kona white. I have both and the snow is a lovely ivory but noticeably different.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
added you!
I'm sorry, but I agree with
AJ Dub 6 years ago
Will Bella White work? What is everyone else using? Does it have to be Kona White?
creativeinspiraciones 6 years ago
I am in... and will make as many as I can! Possibly 40.
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