xilixir 9:46am, 25 July 2017
Removed: posting 5+ photos of different lens on 1 day and or week
Ban: Posting 1 photo in 200+ groups from lens and camera body
ex.: 1 photo in 20 different camera brand groups and 20+ different lens brand groups

Just follow the group rules to avoid to be in this list :) Have a nice shooting...

- Ramiz AKSOY ( Removed )
- Ferran Juaneu ( Removed )
- g1rd4p ( Ban )
- Flávio Costa ( Removed )
- hmetosche ( Ban )
- Adis Redzic ( Removed )
- Mar Díaz -Korama- ( Ban )
- H-Michael-B ( Ban )
jumbled lake [deleted] 2 years ago
Good work. Well done. xilixir:
xilixir Posted 2 years ago. Edited by xilixir (moderator) 2 years ago
The Limbo Connection:

Thanks ^.^ It's ok if it is once or twice, but this person had like 5 of them so it's a 'Favorite attention seeker' if you know what I mean
and it was also in different lens groups so
MrDAT 2 years ago
Only 5? There are those who post whole streams. *facepalm* ;)
xilixir 1 year ago

Hehe, well I'm a moderator recently so from now on it will be checked and deleted and if same person post more than 5 on same day or week I'll remove them.

If that is ok for you ofcourse since it is your group :)
xilixir 1 year ago
Sad to see the list grow in such short time... is it so hard to checkmark a group for one lens...
MrDAT 1 year ago
xilixir, if they violate, remove/ban... itate(?)!
xilixir 1 year ago

What do you mean by 'itate' ? :p
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