Patrick Jakubowski 6:25pm, 19 April 2012
Hi everybody.

I joined to this group only to share my experience with this lens on full frame. I am doing this because I needed myself that information and it is very scarce on the Internet.

Before upgrading into full frame I was using this lens on Nikon D40 and I was very happy with results. Just after upgrade i had no full frame lens. Before I bought some I was using AF-S 35/1.8 on my new D700.

Well. This Nikkor is like lens between DX and FX format. I've been very surprised that it is usable on FX. It vignettes but has no sharpness loss up to the edge of image circle. Image circle is not big enough to cover FX, but lacks very little in corners. In fact image looks acceptable at large apertures f/2.8 and above. If you crop image to 5:4 or 16:9 it looks as it should on FX lens. Below are some photos.

Night shot with blue filter by Patrick Jakubowski



See my set for more. Some of photos are corrected for vignetting in post processing.
phuviano 7 years ago
Thanks for the info, good to know.

So these pics are cropped slightly? yes?
Patrick Jakubowski 7 years ago
To make things clear I've made new shots. All are unprocessed accept adding white, green and red frames to mark DX frame, 16:9 crop and 5:4 crop. All has full resolution of D700 RAW image (4284x2844, 12MP).


f20 by Patrick Jakubowski



f40 by Patrick Jakubowski




f11 by Patrick Jakubowski

CyP Photography 7 years ago
Thank you for sharing. I also tried this combinaison last night. Shot wide open, the vignetting is actually nice, but of course it wouldn't work well in every situations. Here are the results if you are interested (after some pp work in lightroom though):

(the image with the piano is made with another lens, Samyang 85mm)
David Pinkerton 7 years ago
The D800 has a 1.2 crop mode which makes this lens completely useable in all situations (equivalent 42mm focal length). I find that it also works great in 5:4 mode which is what I use most of the time anyway. I've been very happy with this lens on the D800 and also very disappointed with my 50mm f/1.4 G (extremely soft wide open on that body) so I'm getting rid of the 50mm.
D402010 7 years ago
Does the distance to the subject matter? So more vignetting with the landscape pictures above, less so with let's say portraits?

Apparently the 50mm 1.8 is not soft and half the price (or less if you take the old AF-D or a 2nd hand Ai-S of course).
CyP Photography 7 years ago
Yes, the distance matters. You will have indeed less vignetting by focusing close. Anyway i find 35mm works generally better with a foreground.
Patrick Jakubowski 7 years ago Your photos has the same character as my taken using AF-S DX 35/1.8. 99% vignetting annoys me but as I said when I shot larger than f/4 especially with 5:4 crop, plus some post processing I am completely happy.

David Pinkerton I have been thinking about crop capability of D800. Actually I always shot RAW. I crop photos myself then. So not a big problem for me. I also crop to 3:2 about-1.2-crop-like. I am happy that I am not alone with shooting DX lens on FX body.

D402010 I didn't tested it myself but I have read somewhere on the Internet that with closer distance vignetting is lower with AF-S DX 35/1.8. This is possible.

I own AI-s Nikkor 50mm f/1.8. It is sharper wide open and also at f/5.6. In many aspects it is superior to AF-S DX 35/1.8. Has very little vignetting wide open. No distortion at all. No chromatic aberration. Optically close to perfect lens. But AF-S DX 35/1.8 does something that most of fast lenses don't. It properly renders strong point of light at night at f/2 and even f/1.8. And this is what I need. Other lenses render halo around those light points. See comparison of the center of the field at f/2 of lenses:

Voigtlander Ultron 40mm SL-II Aspherical

AI-s Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 G

At f/1.8 difference is more visible.

Voigtlander Ultron 40mm doesn't go to f/1.8.

AI-S 50mm

AF-S DX 35mm

Since I discovered this, DX 35mm is my night lens (handheld) until I find better lens for night. For daylight AI-s 50mm is my best performer. But I like 35mm focal length more. That is why I have Ultron 40mm. All Nikon's 35mm seems to be not good enough for me.
CyP Photography 7 years ago
Has anyone made a comparaison between this Nikkor lens and the Samyang 35mm 1.4 on a full frame?
mariosworld343 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by mariosworld343 (member) 7 years ago
35mm on a d700 wide open. Its a photomerge of 3 photos :)

vertical horizons
clickshots 7 years ago
Glad I'm not the only one using the 35mm on FX!

I use the Nikon 45 f/2.8P mainly but sometimes I want a bit wider aperture and AF so I started using the 35mm with the 1.2x crop mode - works a treat!
Tessar. 6 years ago
Is it definitely cut off with the image circle which limits the lens coverage? Could it be mechanical vignetting from front or rear light baffles on the lens?
Arthur van Beveren 6 years ago
I'm amazed every time I use this lens. Have used it for quite a while on a D90 and I'm now using a D600 which is still super. I use it in fullframe mode as I use this lens only from 1.8-3.5 anyway. Still quite sharp. Little lens with character! And cheap cheap cheap for what you get!
Carsten Saager 6 years ago
FWIW, I experimented with the Kenko 1.4x teleconverter and the 35/1.8 - makes a nice 50/2.5 and beats the 50/1.4G in the center. No vignetting on FX anymore
carmablues 6 years ago
I also like this lens on my D700, very good at low light situations wide open or a bit closed down. And you get quite a good amount off the vignetting in Lightroom.
Enjoy the moment by carmablues
lucylizimages 6 years ago
Would it be acceptable to still use on ff as a portrait lens? Specifically newborns and children? I currently use this as my go to indoor on my d7000 it's the sharpest lens in my bag. Can't beat the price either. I'm upgrading to ff and don't want to get rid of it especially after reading posted like these! For those who have upgraded, did you get a 50/1.4 in addition to your 35? They are so close in length i don't want to double up if I don't have to.
MrDAT Posted 6 years ago. Edited by MrDAT (admin) 6 years ago
When I upgraded from DX to FF I already had 35mm f2, 50mm and 85mm lenses. Only recently when my wife sold her DX camera is when I confiscated the 35mm 1.8G DX lens. I really like it on FF. I also like my 50mm and 85mm. They are all different lenses for different purposes.

They are not "so close" in focal lengths. They are completely different lenses. Having a 35mm AND 50mm has been very common for many years. Lots of people also have 24mm and 28mm lenses. They are different.

Now, to answer your question about using it as a portrait lens... well, if you like that type of portraits, then yes. It's great. Any lens can be used for portraits. You just have to know the characteristics of the lens to make a judgement call if you want that look.

Keep it and when you get your new camera, go to the store and try the 50mm and then make a decision. If you can, buy the 50 and try both for a week.
Carsten Saager 6 years ago
I briefly owned the AF-S 50mm and sold it, portraits with the 35mm on FX, yes, if you want to capture an expression,. It is is definitely less "pleasing" for half-portraits than a 85mm, but the slight wide angle draws into the subject at close distances - this is why I got a 35/1.4, BUT: the tiny 1.8 looks less scary to averarage humans, not everyone is attracted by big lenses
Jerk with a Camera 4 years ago
I love this lens on Full Frame! I have some info here I treat it more like a holga lens then an actual FX 35mm replacement lens. But the vignetting on anything shot wide open is kinda neat. I have used it on the 800, 610, & DF with the same sort of awesome results.

_DDF1931 - September 03, 2014.jpg by Jerk with a Camera

_DSC3841 - May 16, 2014.jpg by Jerk with a Camera

_DSC3836 - May 16, 2014.jpg by Jerk with a Camera
sweetankush16 10 months ago
Hi Guy.. i just got this lens and it is very sharp. I use it on my nikon d610 for portraits. Please have a look in my profile. All 35mm focal length pictures are from this tiny little lens. I use it for wide open shots and man they are just awesome. Some pp and the pics are good to upload on any website.
sweetankush16 10 months ago
I have noticed that this lens distorts along the edges but you can remove it also in the post-processing. It's a bargain lens and I would encourage people having full frame cameras to give it a try at least. Watch the sample pics on my profile. Cheers!!!!
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