Auntie P PRO 8:28pm, 18 December 2009
This will be the group's twenty-third DILO day!

Here's the "how to" bit:

The event date - 20th March 2010

The idea - take as many photos as you like, on the day, of your day.

The (optional) theme for this DILO is Shadows which you should tag dilomar10shadows.

Afterwards - tag your photos dilomar10 and post your five chosen photos to the group. (There is a pool limiter set allowing every member to post a maximum of five photos).

It would be nice too if you would load ALL your photos taken on the day into your photostream and/or create a set within your own Flickr account called, something like, DILO and the date. Then we can see the whole story of your day.

Post a message on the thumbnails thread, add a thumbnail of one of your photos and write a little bit about your day. You can create a link from this message straight to your DILO set.

Please also tell us your location and country.

Thanks for taking part.

Your photo EXIF data must show the date to be 20th March 2010. Please make sure your camera's clock is set correctly.

If you use film and scan your images, you must re-set the date to the DILO date, otherwise the lovely Hipbot will bounce your photos out of the pool.
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