VHF Antenna

Fast Lex 1:52pm, 12 January 2014
Hi guys,
I need to modify the bracket on the top of the mast, in order to fix the VHF antenna, do you have any experience, I would appreciate some photos, thanks !! Regards Alex
NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
My vhf aerial is fixed with a cranked bracket fixed to the side of the mast. Nothing had to be modified. The aerial I used was This aerial has a neat system for connecting the cable to the aerial which does not need soldering. I have had lots of problems with other aerials but not from this type. Just in case you are buying an aerial remember for installation at the top of a mast the aerial gain should be 3db. I also have a NASA wind direction and speed sensor on a similar bracket on the other side of the mast. Sorry no photos available.
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