rothwell_neil 10:22pm, 2 January 2014
Dylan is always worth a watch and Andy Baldwin who he met somewhere around Whitby is well worth a watch!
blueachilles Posted 5 years ago. Edited by blueachilles (member) 5 years ago
I met Dylan a few months ago when he gave a talk to a yacht club not far from us. He was a very good speaker, great sense of humour.

His Keep Turning Left trip is getting him towards Scotland now, and he is looking for something a little larger than Katie L, a Hunter Minstrel.

He has kept the YBW Scuttlebutt forums busy with a scheme to buy a Westerly Centaur with a duff engine for a song, and create a cockpit well in it for an outboard. So he was interested when I said we sailed an Achilles 24.

I think its a mad idea myself, but I don't think I dissuaded him.

His KTL films are a delight; Santa brought me the latest two DVDs.

Andy Baldwin seems to have come from the same mould as Roger Taylor...
PhilJazz 5 years ago
Talking of Roger Taylor, have you been following the development of Mingming 2? I was surprised to see what he (Roger) did to an Achilles 24!
Amrum 9171Y 5 years ago
Yes, I've been following his work on the boat, and particularly enjoyed the videos of his sea trials a few months ago. The junk rig looks great, and seems to work exactly as designed. I'm looking forward to his first long cruise in MingMing2 later this year.
rothwell_neil 5 years ago
Exchanged e-mails with Dylan and he has been viewing the plugs that people with A24s use and will be building one of those if he ever finds Centaur cheap enough.
PhilJazz 5 years ago
Amrum: yes, I'm enjoying his account of sailing to Iceland. He makes the junk rig seem so easy to handle. I almost wish I had one on my 840, as it would be so easy for my wife to handle.
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