when it's done it's done 11:51am, 29 December 2013
Have any of you repaired a soggy coach roof and if so which method did you use?

Mine has gone black and soft on most of the starboard side, and needs all the rot digging out , replacing and glassing.

Do I cut away the glass from the bottom and work upside down or peel the top off, glass a sheet of ply on there and then put the top back on, like on the boatworkstoday video.

blueachilles 5 years ago
I confess we got a professional to do it. He worked from underneath, taking off the inner skin, getting rid of the wet balsa, replaced it with ply, and re-glassed. A very neat job, as you can see from the photo in our flickr stream, link - www.flickr.com/photos/9019403@N03/3338433300/

Working from underneath is better cosmetically as your work is covered up by the headlining (also see our photo stream)

It was done in 2009, and cost £390 - money very well spent, as the chap who did it said he wouldn't like to do too many as its a messy job. He was excellent though, with not a drop of resin spilt in the cabin.

It was done by Jeremy Underwood, in Falmouth, 01326-210856. Highly recommended if you're based down there.

That looks great! I'm in Swansea though. Looking at that, I would be inclined to work from underneath. I would have to do what you've done x3 as my wet patch is much more extensive.

I just checked out more of your photos. Wow, what a superb job on the headlining.

Do you know if Jeremy used epoxy or polyester resin? I could give him a ring I suppose, do you think he'll advise me what to do if I want to do it myself?
blueachilles 5 years ago
I don't know what he used I'm afraid. We found him only because his card was on a board in the local chandlery. He may advise you, and/or he may know someone in the Swansea area who can assist.
pjbharrison 5 years ago
How are your keelbolts? If you're considering removing keel for any reason you could do what a chap in my club did. He removed the keel, got a lot of helping hands to roll the boat upside down and propped it up with hay bales. He then cut out the rotten areas and effected the repairs
Bolts look ok. That's an extreme measure, I think I will explore the other options before going that route.

Sounds like it's not an uncommon problem. Did anyone discover which deck fitting was leaking?
blueachilles 5 years ago
Ours was the deck gland for the cables that go up the mast.
I've got two of those. Also I don't know how much stress was put on the mast step when she was dismasted.

I hope all will be revealed when i start my investigations.

Mattg29 5 years ago
Hi Lee,

I have a little patch of soggy balsa in the coachroof of my A24, which I'm planning on cutting out and replacing as soon as it gets warm enough to get expoy to cure.

My boat is also in Swansea (I live in Bristol), so perhaps some collaboration is in order. You'd be welcome to check out whatever I end up doing as it goes along. It might help you plan your own job.
That would be good. Perhaps you could email me with your contact details and we can arrange to meet up.


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