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alanhhendry 11:41pm, 27 December 2013
Hi, I'm Alan Hendry this is my A24 sula sail No 1165C based at rosneath, I have owned her for almost 24 years sailing on scotlands west coast.
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
Very welcome...
But passed my bedtime.!!
A264 Clytie 5 years ago
Hello Alan, welcome to the website, tell us about that modified front hatch?

NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
Welcome Alan, Quite an extensive repair. Yes I am also intrigued by the extended hatch, I presume to get extra height when on the loo.
alanhhendry 5 years ago
Hello everyone, as you see have had to replace a lot of deck core & beef up the mast step, boat damaged in storm on her mooring in the gareloch perhaps a dozen years ago, fore hatch worried loose by wind & I assume slammed against the mast till hinges broke, never did find the hatch. laminated up replacement but could never get it to seal properly. Modifications carried out at same time as coachroof repairs, lets in a lot of light & yes more headroom and totally waterproof in submarine mode
Scott and Portia1386 5 years ago
Hello Alan we sail Portia 1386C out of the Holy Loch look forward to seeing you about
alanhhendry 5 years ago
Hi Scott will look out for Portia on my travels, will post more photo's of Sula when I get the interior looking more respectable, this to include the coachroof extension and hatch.
Scott and Portia1386 5 years ago
Alan will look forward to that
closed title [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi Alan, what make / size of forward hatch did you install? Mine has leaked for years, even after numerous seals, etc.
alanhhendry Posted 5 years ago. Edited by alanhhendry (member) 5 years ago
Hi, its a lewmar hatch, from memory its an ocean 60, I think, but will try to confirm that. I had hoped to give you all a reasonable account of this conversion but boats interior still requires much work, but will post more pictures when head lining completed, briefly I replaced some core forward of the bulkhead after cutting out original hatch surround, so that the edges of the ply jutted out to provide support for the the hatch bed also fashioned out of ply, in fact the whole construction has maintained the deck core theme (plywood core encapsulated in woven roving/epoxy) however I wanted as much as possible to preserve the integrity and strength of the original deck moulding. With this in mind I removed gelcoat from the fore deck and abraded this and built out onto the foredeck this has also provided a further stowage area under the fore end of the hatch where the original foredeck curves up, the loo rolls usually find there way in there. if it ever stops raining I'll get on with it & post more photo's, hope this helps. yes it's a size 60 (507x507mm cut out)
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