AchillesHeeled 9:07am, 8 December 2013
It's going to have an article on "great secondhand buys" including Ajax, Achilles, Squib...
bengunn2 5 years ago
Thanks for the heads up, Is that the one that is on the shelf mid January & do you know who is doing the article?

NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
I believe it will be by Peter Poland who has been in touch with me. The article is really about Oliver Lee the designer. I have suggested that he do a similar article on Chris Butler and his boats and have given him some details. He seemed to be positive about this suggestion, but whether it will happen or not I do not know. The magazine February edition is number 570 and will be on sale from 3rd January.
bengunn2 5 years ago
Ah! thanks Norman, Peter and I were part of a consultative group involved in the Recreational Small Craft Directive way back, that was when Dave (the bearded one) Greenwell did most of the boat test stuff on PBO, and Peter, like me, was still building boats, albiet on a different scale.
I look forward to the article.

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