Red Marlin 2014

Red Marlin 8:13am, 25 November 2013
Plans have now been made.
Last year decided to have one more year in Turkey but moved from Cesme to Didim. Hope was Jan would sail more. But like many sailing wives she supports me in my hobby but does not enjoy sailing any more. As we live on the boat when in Turkey this means the boat never leaves the marina. İn August when temperatures soared to 40 İ could not stand on the deck and below was uninhabitable so we flew back and have not seen the boar since.
Better by far to bring it back. İ will go to Didim early March and do boaty work. Jan has will come out mid April and stay until our marina contract runs out 6th June. Then İ will move the boat on my own heading for South of France to enter the canals. İ need to get there July or August while the flow rates down the Rhone are low.
So should be fun. İ will let you all know progress.
pjbharrison 5 years ago
Hi Tony

Shout if you need crew for some of the legs

Red Marlin 5 years ago
İ would be over the moon if i could get some company on the trip back.
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
From freezing to boiling Paul?
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