A264 Clytie 4:25am, 19 November 2013
Can anyone advise the height of the uppermost point of the pulpit on a triple keel to the ground (nett height not including any blocks or trailer that the keel might be raised on)? A fin keel height would be fine to as I would subtract 6 inches. The shipping line need to know whether the yacht height will be above the container top load line for stacking.

Edit: another query, does the stated 1,180kg displacement include the rig?

Many thanks
bengunn2 5 years ago
Hi Richard, regarding the pulpit to ground dimension, my newly acquired fin keeler is out of the water and I can measure tomorrow for you. Hopefully a bilge keeler will post for you, but failing that I'll go ahead.

regards Ian
SHAMAL411 5 years ago
Our triple measured today in the boatyard . Top of the pulpit to the ground 98 inches .
A264 Clytie 5 years ago
Many thanks gents, I have passed 98 inches on to the ssco.
spearhead_027 5 years ago
Designer's displacement figure would include the rig and allowance for sails.
(another) Ian
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