geoffmorris2 11:20pm, 12 November 2013
Sorry to be newbie asking question already! I am a dinghy sailor who has spent this year enjoying having dry feet while crewing on a Squib.
I am looking for a smallish boat thats reasonably fast that I can sail single handed if necessary and am mulling over an Achilles. I wonder if I could ask a couple of questions please? I see that there are a couple of Sparta's for sale, would there be much real difference over a 24? Anything to watch out for, or would I still be better going for the 24?
Many thanks, Geoff
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
No experence sailing a sparta, They are very pretty,,
Lots on an Achilles. Superb single handed vice free handling. Hence Ming Ming 2
If you want one I have two. ron,dustow
pjbharrison 5 years ago
Spartas are rare and look very nice.
Anyone who has ever owned or sailed an Achilles 24 has great praise for them. Anyone who owned one and sold it regrets selling, me included!
My vote would be for the 24. I sailed mine single handed most of the time with very little alterations. Some have crossed the Atlantic single handed.
How many other boats have a site as good or as active as this one?
It goes to show the appeal and the capabilities of the Achilles 24.
Red Marlin 5 years ago
Look no further but I may be a little biased. I moved from dinghies and had a 24 for 5 years then changed to a 9 metre that I have had for 23 years, Could be said I know little about other boats and I am sure there are many good ones but for me my Achilles have given me everything I could ask for from a boat and more.
geoffmorris2 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by geoffmorris2 (member) 5 years ago
Thank you for your replies.
I think a 24 would be the sensible choice, if for no other reason than the availability of spare parts, most of which probably secondhand, as there appears to have been only 12 Spartas made. But they just really do look so pretty!

I'm hoping that my sailing club will allow me to moor a small boat on the trot moorings with the Squibs, other moorings are scarce as well as pricey of course and from this point of view the smaller it sounds and looks, the better.

My other consideration is my height (v. tall) , but I'm really more interested in sailing than accomodation, so as long as there is somewhere dry to throw a sleeping bag and some other basic bits and pieces, I think I'll be happy. Well as long as the boom doesn't sweep me over the side that is!
I've never had the opportunity to be aboard an Achilles of any type, so I suppose trying one for size might be a good next step!

busy home [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 5 years ago
Where are you?
Welcome to Cornwall anytime
geoffmorris2 5 years ago
I'm in Suffolk, I'm thinking it's probably not a stronghold of A24's although I read that their ancestors (Ajax's) still race on the River Orwell. Thank you for your kind offer which I would like to take up sometime, especially if you have one too many boats!
Mike A1 5 years ago
Hi Geoff,

I keep my A24 on the Orwell and you are welcome to have a look at her. She's out of the water for the winter but I'll still be going over to see her from time to time.

geoffmorris2 5 years ago
Thanks, I'd really appreciate that, when are you going to see her next? My email is
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
I have two too many boats.
geoffmorris2 5 years ago
what have you got? :-)
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
Merlin and Goskar
Click on my 324 icon
geoffmorris2 5 years ago
Nice! Are they advertised anywhere?
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
No ,,,, Lots of people follow my progress. refurbishing,
(niether ready for sale just yet)
Email if you are interested.
Mike A1 5 years ago

I've sent you a FlickrMail.
Heapmart 5 years ago
Just bought a 24 myself as a first boat and had her brought up from Exmouth to the Dauntless Yard at Canvey off the Thames. She needs some work but from what I can see, they are very solidly built whilst being very attractive boats and I absolutely cannot wait for the Spring - I hear great things of them and whilst I only have modest experience, she looks pretty straightforward to handle - am currently ordering new running rigging which is a bit tired, but it's a very simple/standard layout and with most things diverted back to the cockpit, I'm looking forward to some single-handed days out. Good luck with your search.
geoffmorris2 5 years ago
Thank you. Good luck with your boat, I wonder how many there are on the East coast?
b.mercer 5 years ago
I sail out of West Mersea, there is another being rebuilt at one of the yards and I saw one last winter on a trailer but never saw her in the water. There is Dulcie who lives at Heybridge I think. Norman's list on the Achilles site will tell you of others out and about on our coast.
Bets of luck with your search...they the best of boats to sail.
Vidwatts 5 years ago
I've seen a few Achilles 24 on the East Coast. I have a triple-keel which I keep at Greenwich Yacht club and have happily explored the Medway, Crouch, Blackwater, Orwell, and Deben areas and points in between. I also race her in club competitions throughout the year. I can only speak highly of the A24 as a sailing boat and ownership experience.
geoffmorris2 5 years ago
Just back from seeing Mikes boat at Ipswich. Thank you Mike for showing me around, it was good to meet you and I felt very much at home on your boat, and i left thinking "I want one of those........well actually your boat Mike, but apparently it's not for sale ;-)

Thank you to all who replied to my post on this most excellent forum, hopefully we might meet up sooner or later

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