Mattg29 4:14pm, 10 November 2013
Hello all,

I've just taken ownership of PhilJazz's messy but broadly sound triple keel A24 'Blue Haven', currently ashore in a Swansea boatyard.

This is my first keelboat.

The scheme afoot is to tidy her up over winter, launch her in spring, and get well acquainted with the Welsh coasts next summer.

For the records, her sails bare the number 221. She has the full-length companionway opening, and a chain rather than anchor locker. I think I have the 12" deep bilge, but I forgot to measure it when I was up there. I'd be curious to know how that dates the boat.

I have plenty of questions, but I'll launch into those presently in another thread.
Skykomish1 5 years ago
Welcome Matt be nice to see some pictures of your new boat good luck with the work you intend doing, you can be assured of a wealth of Achilles advice from the site should you need it
Fast Lex 5 years ago
Congratulations! Looking forward to see some pics. Don't hesitate to ask, rgs Alex
NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
Welcome Matt. My boat is in Burry Port. Often in Swansea. If you would like to meet up some time to discuss your boat etc send me an email at
From the details of the boat you have provided it looks like it is an early 70's similar to my last A24 Archimedes sail number 232.
Good luck
Mattg29 5 years ago
Thanks for the welcome guys.

Norman, it would be great to meet up and talk boats.

I live in Bristol, and will be travelling over to Swansea to work on the boat. When I know when I'll next be over, I'll let you know, in case you're in town too.

How do you find Burry Port? I was strongly considering it as home for my Achilles once she's afloat. Ferryside also pips my interest.
NormanKlipspringer Posted 5 years ago. Edited by NormanKlipspringer (admin) 5 years ago
I am planning to move to Swansea in the new year because of the problems with sand in Burry Port. The ingress of sand has made the window for getting out much smaller or non existent. My boat is up in the air about 12" on the sand when the tide goes out so I have to wait for about 30mins after the gate drops for enough water. Not too bad for going out of the estuary for the day or longer but getting silly for one tide sailing, which is what I do most of the time. Happy to show you around if you are still interested.
I have joined Swansea Yacht Club and have my name down for a mooring. In the meantime I plan to move to Swansea Marina. Ferryside can be difficult with strong tides and muddy foreshore (friendly yacht club). The bar to get out into Carmarthen Bay can be tricky. - not for me.
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