bengunn2 5:03pm, 7 November 2013
This Achilles has been kicking around Rye harbour for quite a few years and has, to my knowledge, only been out once. I know the last two owners, and for one reason or another, not much has ever been done to her.
I have just agreed to purchase her and restore over the coming months Arrrrgh! does anyone on this forum have any previous knowledge of this yacht, she is currently called "VIM" might be named after the "polishing" compound used on the topsides. Thanks in advance for any history on her.
Regards Ian
NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
On all the listings I have from the 70s and 80s 141 is named 'Vim' with owner Mrs S C Vear of Chiswick, London and is a fin keel. This is therefore probably the original name and first owner. Other than the owners details I do not have any other information.
Good luck.
pjbharrison 5 years ago
Welcome to the group and congratulations on your purchase.
Just had a look at you photos. You have a busy winter ahead of you.
It's a very rewarding project though...I've been there, as have many other A24 owners.
Post more photos as the work progresses
bengunn2 5 years ago
Thank you for the info, I could not be sure about the name and had thought there were some letters missing but, this is that yacht. there are the remains of a saildrive but I shall be replacing with an outboard well. the deckhead and coacroof are not too bad but I plan to strip internally and replace core. Very definately a fairly busy winter. there was one I used to race against in Cowes back in the 70's Tuesday night club stuff, in our family folkboat, I shall look back at records and see if I can find it's name.
thanks again, Ian
Fast Lex 5 years ago
Welcome, It is nice to see that another A24 will be re-born, good luck with the restauration! Rgs Alex
Skykomish1 5 years ago
oooheer just had a look at your photos and indeed a lot of work.... you mention that you are looking at replacing the core... this is a big messy job, I know others on here have had it done, but not a job for the faint hearted.... once you have got that bit done the rest will be fairly straight forward and the speed that significant work can be done on these boats will certainly keep the enthusiasm going as you will see results virtually overnight. Aeolus looked very sad when I bought her originally and the look on Linda's face when she saw her spoke volumes, but over the couple of years of ownership, we brought her back to very presentable with very limited skills. For some real inspiration though take a look at the boats Ron has restored... "Chilie Pepper" . Good Luck and you can be sure of an endless stream of advice from this site.
bengunn2 5 years ago
Thanks for the encouraging posts, the site certainly has a good deal of inspirational stuff on it, and hopefully I may be able to add to that as my refurb progresses. Life in general, but sailing and it's associated diy in particular is a big learning curve. I am constantly learning as each new project brings it's own challenges and solutions. I shall try and post bits I think may be of interest. Core replacement, keel, outboard well and rudder/skeg rebuild are my initial tasks followed by all deck fittings checked and refitted, if I type really quickly it wil not seem to big a job.
regards Ian.
bengunn2 5 years ago
Hi, I have just had a conversation with Sue Vear, the long time owner of Vim 141, and discovered we were both sailing in Cowes back in the 1970's and beyond, same club, same races, and yes this was the Achilles I mentioned in my previous posts. What a small world!! she has very kindly promised to copy all her photos and send them to me, although well into her 80's she was so enthusiastic about the Achilles and recollects many adventures cross channel etc many single handed. Sue was /still is, a very practical lady and tells me she has a lot of structural picys concerning the cockpit and deck layout that instigated, particularly for single handed work. I have uploaded a couple of pics she has already emailed me, in advance of a memory stick hopefully full of period stuff.
Amrum 9171Y 5 years ago
Fascinating! How great to find the first owner, and looking forward to seeing the pics.
robingclimb 5 years ago
Hello Bengunn2

Tabatha A24 also based Rye - Have done most of the jobs on her and will post some pics.

I think she is sn 181.

Planning outings Sun/Mon

NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
I can confirm that from my records Tabatha is 181. I have added your name Robin to the sail numbers list on the main site. Hope this is ok?
bengunn2 5 years ago
hello Robin, I knew the previous owners, and see Tabatha at the River Cafe, will watch out for you tomorrow as there is a bit of water am.

bengunn2 5 years ago
PS Robin, just looked at your picys, I gave Andy the paint for that crane.
robingclimb 5 years ago

Thank you for that - yes, please do; the boat is actually a joint ownership between Robin and Adie

robingclimb 5 years ago


Well managed to poke the nose out Monday and Tuesday.

Let me know how you are progressing; always happy to have a look at how to do things etc.


bengunn2 5 years ago
Hi Robin,
She's not in the Yard yet, hopefully tomorrow, I'm standing here pressure washer at the ready to blast away 5 years of pigeon poo.
I'm glad to see you using nida honeycomb it's really the only way to go, if I'd known you were doing that kind of work you could have borrowed my vac bagging gear. I just want to get started, spring lift in will soon be upon us.
It's a distraction from Bengunn's restoration, as I sold my 1/4 tonner over 18 months ago, I feel the need for some sailing. wave next time you pass by.

Cheers Ian
robingclimb 5 years ago
Zoots - I asked andy if he had a vac pump.....
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