Skykomish1 2:59pm, 26 October 2013
Storm is a coming due to hit West Country tomorrow and sweep through the country best check your mooring lines and sails are secure!
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
Yup, 'Hotfoot' tucked inside the shed as of this morning.

Unless the shed takes off we'll be ok.

The Monday morning commute to Falmouth will be interesting.

It will be a howler for sure.
matthewA750 5 years ago
Just off to the marina to check my lines
Skykomish1 5 years ago
We "Rigged " Skykomish for storm this morning clearing the decks, taking off the sprayhood securing the furling jib with extra lines to ensure that it doesn't unravel, even doing this we were buffetted quite badly by the gusts that are already building. We also noted that the yard had taken the precaution of ratcheting down with lorry cargo straps boats on the hard that are not in full cradles like skykomish is . I unfortunately have to work tonight and will be in the thick of it having to take a patient to Norfolk hospital... right in the path of the "beast"!!!
Super Snoopy 050 5 years ago
I was on rescue boat duty for this morning's Flying 15 races. Only 2 braved the F6 (with F8 gusts) before one suffered a bent mast and the other ended up on a lee shore. Great fun though, especially on a RIB with a 50 horse engine. Like being in a washing machine! After the race the wind grew to a constant F8 with F9 gusts but at the time of writing we have a gentle F5. Time will tell if the Met office have over-reacted.
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
Trust me they haven't. Between 23:00 & 02:00 it's going to blow dogs off chains.

It is a very fast moving system though.
Super Snoopy 050 5 years ago
All dogs safely tethered in the Bristol Channel area, although I did hear on the wireless a lady from Melksham complaining that she had to light her gas hob with a match because there was a power cut.
Skykomish1 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Skykomish1 (member) 5 years ago
Driving home in the early hours was a nightmare.. got home at 0230 and we were only getting the overture here in South East but roads were flooded and trees were throwing off branches like a stripper sheds clothes.. windscreen wipers could barely keep up with the rain visibility only a few yards through cascading water on windshield... after taking some impromptu boating with my peugeot through unseen lakes that were once roadsI now have no reversing lights and no speedo...more expense!!!!!
b.mercer 5 years ago
Report from Mersea was 82 mph in the biggest gust ! I had stripped the boat and put another strop on after a great sail on Thursday. Seemed a bit overkill at the time but am glad now.
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