blueachilles 8:07pm, 30 September 2013
Blue came out of the water for the winter at lunchtime today. Its been a good year; between us, Andy & I have spent 53 days on the boat, which is not bad in six months.

Nothing broke, the outboard (generally) behaved, and we didn't frighten ourselves.

We didn't do much new, or cover great distances, but we had some great weather and some great sailing.

How was it for you?
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
It would not have been so nice today. raining a BIT here,
Yesterday I was fishing off the back of Carrie anne in the marina not a long way from Blue. in the nice weather..I did ring you but the phone was off. Or was it Andy there.You or he could have had a coffee.
My high point was seeing 8 kts on the gps.. With no drama at all .She held 7 odd for 3 miles My step grandson on the helm for the first time ..he was thrilled. (tony too . listen to his voice!)
Sue and daughter and tony came out more/ bigger boat /more room.
Im VERY happy with my Hustler. Much easier than the Achilles to reef, stow and no out board to lift, THeYanmar is great. I have a volvo 2010 I could fit but why?
The helm is DULL... ?? The Achilles was perfic..
We loved being in the marina last year so there again,Nice for a quiet cuppa together now Sue is retired. See you or Rod sometime?
PhilJazz 5 years ago
My sailing season had a hiccup in that the roller mech broke on the Tuesday of our annual leave. We managed sail quite a bit before that but like you we did not go far. But we had some fantastic weather, enjoyed the new sails, spent many a day sailing and many a night afloat. Still hoping for a couple of weekends afloat before Goldilocks comes out of the water just before Christmas.
rothwell_neil 5 years ago
Thought I would go for a last sneaky weekend. Set off with SW 3-4 forecast, got a nice 3-4 SW and had an excellent 21NM tack all the way to Kirkcudbright. Anchored up but had to move as swell was being bent round. Moved to Ross bay, flat calm so went ashore, wind dropped lovely walk round isthmus in bright sun. Back for an excellent meal and sunset. Stars were marvellous. Midnight, wind picked up to a 6 and went round to SSW, swell now deflected into bay and very bouncy, moved up the bay, seemed fine, wind went S and boat couldn't decide if it should lie to tide or wind so did neither and sat at 90 degrees to the now rather large swell, thought about moving to Ross Island but wind didn't look like that was an option and nowhere else, managed to get boat to lie close to wind with tiller lashed over. Got some sleep between being thrown all over the boat.

Sunday morning grey sea, grey sky, grey everything and a good 5 gusting 6, oh and lashings of rain. A rumbustious 21 NM fine reach all the way back into Maryport. Crew did very little this weekend apart from reefing the genny. Hustler seems to like carrying the main and reefing the genny.

There endeth 2013 apart from possibly a few afternoons before the boat is out in Nov.
PhilJazz 5 years ago
Glad to hear someone else is trying to extend the season. I've just arranged for a late December lift. So, any half decent weekend will potentially be a sailing weekend ;-). I hope I don't regret it :-/
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
Hotfoot coming out next Saturday @ Ponsharden/Falmouth.

Have been surprised by the little boat's performance and handling this first (short) season.

Our success in Fowey week has us wanting more so this winter she will have a full bottom job done and on deck we'll have a good look at the sail handling gear, stoppers/jammers/blocks/traveller, bits of string etc...

If only I could convince dad inlaw to leave all the unnecessary 'crap' in his garage :-)

Bring on the village regatta's & Fowey week 2014 !!
blueachilles 5 years ago
Blue is at Ponsharden, so we may see you there over the winter.
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