Vidwatts 5:04pm, 29 September 2013
Looking back to my excellent week around the East Coast in Aeolus this summer, the area where I'd like to make the most improvement is in reducing the noise coming from the Mercury 6hp 4-stroke outboard. There were some days where, due to lack of wind or the need to meet a tidal gate, the engine was running for a few hours some days and it is an irritatingly noisy noise to have right beside you for that long.

I've been thinking about doing something to contain this, as a winter project perhaps, and can only think of some form of "hat" such as a foam-filled box to sit over the top and sides of the engine cover.

Has anyone else contemplated such a device and are there any alternatives or considerations I should take into account ?

rothwell_neil 5 years ago
One major problem is that they need a fair amount of fresh air to run. Used to have a Hurley 22 and the engine was in the rear locker, had to prop open the locker cover to get air to it. The exhaust also tend to come up into the well so you would need a box with a tube from the air intake to allow it to breath. I found best way was an auto helm and then sit by the mast!
Super Snoopy 050 5 years ago
The 9 hour trip under engine fropm Ilfracombe to Newport, sitting forward of the mast while the autohelm steered was the reason we fitted an inboard to Snoopy. We did look at the baffle box idea but the overheating and breathing issues seemed insurmountable if the contraption was not to take over half the cockpit.
AchillesHeeled 5 years ago
I wear ear defenders (aka "marriage savers"). Yes they look ridiculous but they do help. Still noisy though
big headphones (over ear type) with your favorite tunes turned up loud! probably worse for your hearing but more enjoyable!
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