Mattg29 4:30pm, 26 September 2013
Hello there,

I might be moving an Achilles 24 by road in the near future, and hope that I might lean on the experience of this group for a bit of advice.

Does anyone here have any experience with, or comments on, putting a boat like an Achilles 24 on the back of a flatbed vehicle of Transit or LDV Convoy size?

The overall weight is within the legal capacities of that size of vehicle, and of course the weight is principally low down too.

My concern is that the boat will not be able to be loaded far enough forward because the bow would interfere with the cab, and I'd end up with too much weight behind the back axle, and an illegally-long rear overhang.

Has anyone done this before, or seen it done?
Also, does anyone know the distance along the ground between the front of the keel and the very front of the boat?

Apologies for crashing your group with questions, and thanks in advance,
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi.. I will measure up various relevent clearances for you tommorrow ,,
I have used a trailer behind a land rover..
A trolly on a trailer behind same,
A large breakdown lorry flat bed ...
I am pretty sure the Achilles will go over the cab enough to get the weight foreward enough,
Mattg29 5 years ago
Hello Chille Pepper,

Thanks so much for answering so quickly, and for offering to get the tape measure out!

I forgot to mention earlier, the boat in question is a triple keel, great for standing in the back of trucks, but I guess that makes it a little lower than a fin.

If you were able to measure how far forward of the front of the keel the boat started offering decent clearances (Say, 4' or 5'), I would be extremely grateful.

busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
I can measure Merlin ,, She will be 6ins deeper than yours ,, but easy to subtract.
(Merlin is 3ins deeper than the later fin with a bulge keel bottom . )
Mattg29 5 years ago
Hello Chille Pepper,

Did you have any luck with those measurement over the weekend? I'm very keen to know the verdict.

pjbharrison 5 years ago
Mattg29 5 years ago
Firstly, many thanks Chilli Pepper for taking those measurements! I'm not used to how Flickr groups work, so I was waiting for them to appear here, and not in the Photos section. Silly me.

Thanks also for PJBHarrison for pointing me in the right direction.

Secondly, I wonder if anyone here has ever had the occasion to investigate the actual dry empty weight on a Triple Keel Achilles 24?

I have found the displacement figure on the Achilles web site, but it would be reassuring to know if anyone has ever tipped the scales with an A24.

Kind Regards,
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
When empty a jcb will just lift one ... just.... (on the front loader..) and only a foot up!
Mattg29 5 years ago
That's a fine image, if perhaps a little unscientific!

I'm off to find out what a JCB will lift then.
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
2600 lb
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