stafford1977 10:43am, 9 September 2013
Dear all, I've been directed here by the Achilles Owners Association - I hope you might be able to help.

I've been to look at an Achilles 24 called Triton, for sale in Suffolk. It started life as a triple keel, but after an incident in which one of the fins was ripped off (caused by settling badly on the mud) it's had them both removed and is now in single fin configuration.

The yard selling her did all the work and were very up front about it - but I'm concerned that as the remaining keel is 6 inches shorter than that of the legit fin keel version then it's not going to perform, or even worse be dangerous.

Just wondered if anyone had any experience of this. The boat looks great otherwise - but I'm not sure about taking a chance on something with a serious question mark over it like this.

Any thoughts or advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for reading!
pjbharrison 5 years ago
The standard A24 has a 50% ballast ratio. Modern fin keel boats have 30-40%, I believe.
A24 fin is 1314 lbs
A24 tripple is 1140lbs + 2x 100lb side fins
You've lost about 1/6th of the ballast and it's not quite as low down. I think she'll still be better ballasted than most modern yachts. Don't think you could "legally" race her though as you couldn't get a rating.
There are plenty of other A24s for sale around the UK.
Ron, Chille Pepper, may have a spare one (Merlin)
matthewA750 5 years ago
I don't think I would buy this.
Th A24 triple keel is an excellent boat and performs very well. However, missing the bilge fins, I'd be very surprised if it's performance wasn't impaired.
Buy one that has proper fins and ballast. While it would be possible to rebuild the missing fins, it would not be economic unless you did it yourself.
There are indeed several others for sale and always more coming on the market.
Skykomish1 5 years ago
I tend to agree that looking for a "proper" A24 would be a wiser option as there are plenty about and in this present climate a lot are at give away prices... Even if you buy one that needs refitting internally at least you will be getting a boat that was how Chris intended it to be... there would have been a reason for those twin keels either side of the central one or else Chris would not have wasted valuable GRP making them...
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
Merlin is deeper still ,, No, 40 no bulb so deeper.,, If you want speed , flicker mail me..
Ive still got some work to do .. but available soon.
I would not be happy with a single shallow fin. All Achilles heel readily!
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
Or Goskar,
A264 Clytie 5 years ago
Ron, what is your email address please? Tks
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
Off this pm to Newquay bluegrass fest.
back Sun eve,
Bad internet in camper but try.
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