9 Metre engine

Fleur064 11:15am, 1 September 2013

The engine on Fleur is a Yanmar YSM 8G - good machine, but getting old and a little short of power.

I'm thinking of replacing it with a Beta BZ482 14hp, but I can't be certain there is enough room underneath, even with the shallow sump version.

Has any one done this, or have a boat with a Beta in it? Alternatively, has any one tried alternatives, like the Yanmar 15?
sailing bye1 5 years ago
Sailing Bye has the Yanmar 13hp fitted from new in 1983.
Super Snoopy 050 5 years ago
Super Snoopy has a 34 year old Yanmar 2QM15 installed via a conventional stern tube. When we get around to re-engining we intend going for the Beta 16 (only a couple of hundred quid more than the 14). We've had a preliminary measure up and it looks as if it'll fit. Maybe the engine beds for our Yanmar 15 are a bit higher than for your Yanmar 8. Best thing to do is download this page for their special feet and check the dimensions.
rothwell_neil 5 years ago
I am delighted with my nanni 2.1, cracking engine and I am told they are designed to drop onto yanmar engine mounts. Just a thought.
Tranquillity1 5 years ago
Tranquility has the Yanmar 2GM20 fitted
spearhead_027 5 years ago
I think 14 hp is about right - if I use full power with my Yanmar 2YM15 the stern drops and she becomes heavy to steer, although further adjustment of the pitch might help this, I'm told. My engine mounts are non-standard, made of heavy ply, so I can't give any directions on this; the P-bracket size and position also comes into the reckoning and may limit the propeller diameter, in which case using more blades helps with absorbing the extra power.
Incidentally, the full gen on Spearhead can now be found at
Fleur064 5 years ago
Thanks, Alan, for a realy useful link - that could well be the way to go.

I've also heard good things about the Nanni, which I think is the same basic Kubota as the Beta but not quite so readily available in the UK. I'll try and find a drawing and check the mounts.

8 hp is fine in flat water and calm, but doesn't push the boat uphill very well - worrying when trying to emerge from places like Porthmadog or Instow.
Freebird 1011 5 years ago
When I bought Freebird a new Sole engine had been fitted (17hp) an unusual choice but nothing wrong with it I think it is Mitsubishi block. It is bigger than the Beta 14 though and whoever fitted it destroyed the engine housing and most of the galley to get it in.
I have just fitted a Beta 14 to the boat I am building (see my photo stream) It is much more compact and i suspect more lightly to fit easily into the existing 9m engine housing.
I looked at lots of engines in the 10-14hp range - Nanni, Vetus, Yanmar etc. All very similar but went for the Beta because they are UK Co. with a very good reputation and I found their agents to be knowledgeable and helpful.
hope that helps with your decision making process.
Daddsie 5 years ago
I have a Lombardini 13hp, it is a very smooth running machine being a twin, I did not fit it but looking at the bits cut out of the engine mount bearers it obviously did not just slot in.
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