A264 Clytie 7:32am, 27 August 2013
The stated beam of the A24 is 7'1". Using the line drawings from the Achilles YOA website I estimate the height from bottom of fin keel to top of the hatchcover to be 8'0". I believe the triple keel yachts have a slightly shallower fin, therefore would come in under 8'.

The internal door height of a 40' High Cube container is 8'6", the internal width 7'6".

Basis a triple keel, has anyone containerised an A24? Did it slip in neatly basis the above measurements?

I realise you'd have to derig the pullpit/pushpit and guardrails and find some way to lift her in without a trailer. A strop under the fin between two narrow forks on a fork lift truck lifting just 1 or 2 inches? Would you dare push her in from behind the keel and pull her out with a strop from the front of the keel?

Any thoughts welcome, dad and 2 young sons need a yacht. ;-)
I work in a boat yard and none of our machinery would be able to slide a boat how you mentioned into a container, the forks would have to have a massive counter balance to do that, but the type of forks they use on dry stacks would do the job. But you could do it by muscle, in our boat shed we move boats up to 40ft side ways just by putting the cradle feet on what we call bomb trolleys (little tank tracks things about 15cm x 15cm x 5cm tall). Would of helped if they designed the shed properly in the first place!

Why container it, for anywhere in Europe just put it on a boat transport lorry or get a trailer made and tow it yourself....unless your thinking further afield?
A264 Clytie Posted 5 years ago. Edited by A264 Clytie (member) 5 years ago
Singapore! Are those bomb trollies commercially available or something you pinched from the MOD?! One (?) would have to go directly under the keel as there'd be no space for a cradle. Once in, I guess a cradle would have to be applied to support/keep her upright as the triple keel would otherwise lean over onto the container wall. I can hear the grunting already.
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
Open top 40 footer and lift her in on a cradle nailed to the floor.
A264 Clytie 5 years ago
BINGO! Why didn't I think of that!

You're going to tell me next I could even keep the mast up !!!!!!

I'll report the good news to the boys, many thanks.
well i never knew they did open top containers!
hotfoot_24 5 years ago

Ehm ..... mast up ?? the container crane spreader will have a field day :-)
NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
Be interested to know how much this will cost. I would be tempted to sell the boat and buy another at destination. Decent boats in UK for about £4500 or less.
pjbharrison Posted 5 years ago. Edited by pjbharrison (member) 5 years ago
Craig removed the keel from a Sparta and had it brought from British Virgin islands to Scotland.

Super Snoopy 050 5 years ago
The "bomb trolleys" could be heavy duty skates used for heavy machinery moving, such as

those heavy duty skates are just like what we use in the boat shed. It would still be easier to crane it in to an open top, but tiny bit better protection from a solid roof container i would guess. Id be interested in the cost as well out of curiosity, but if you where moving abroad you could fit a lot of other belongings in there as well.
A264 Clytie 5 years ago
Norman, there aren't any cheap yachts out here, the majority are proper cruising yachts and priced accordingly. There aren't many yachts full stop in Singapore because of the climate but to cap it all, the A24 is ridiculously under valued for what she is, priced no more than a secondhand Wayfarer or a nice GP14 so even if I have to pay 1,500 quid for the container it would still be reasonable value for money.
craig48uk 5 years ago
I shipped my 7 Metre back from the British Virgin Islands on her trailer, in a 40ft high cube container, pics on the site.
I took the keel and rudder off though, also the hatch garage, coachroof winches, stanchions and had the pullpit ready to come off if necessary.
Beam wise she was snug, but fitted fine, just reversed her into the box with the Jeep I had.
Cost me about 4000GBP 2 years ago, but we shipped our other belongings back too, as we were moving back to the UK/repatriating. Singapore probably has more trade and ships, so would likely be cheaper.
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