hotfoot_24 5:29pm, 21 August 2013
Evening chaps,

I'm writing this on behalf of my FIL who bought 'Hotfoot' a couple of months ago. She was kept on a mooring off the RCYC in Falmouth, but she now resides just a stones throw off the Pandora Inn in Restronguet creek.

At the moment we are 'campaigning' Hotfoot in Fowey week in fickle winds but we managed to win the Passage Race Falmouth-Fowey in class & overall (Cruiser class 1 & 2 combined) by a country mile. Pretty chuffed with that.

Achilles 24's do not like 8 knots of breeze :-( so hard going on the race course at the moment.

Very interested to know all the ins and outs on the boat so will chime in regularly.

Cheers, Roeland Vroon (helm)
Peter Harrison (owner - 'The Admiral')
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
Any tips on how to get the boat 'going' in light airs are welcome. I feel that the boat has got a very small sail plan and cannot compete against the sadler 25's, GK's with their big No.1 genoa's or tall masts.
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
For the owners register : Sail nbr. 320 owned by Mr. Peter Harrison - Carlyon Bay - St. Austell.
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
Update : we race under this new NHC rating system - let me tell you ..... its crap !!!!
b.mercer 5 years ago
I'm sailing in Mersea Week on the East coast this week and it is going o.k but slightly better breeze. Tomorrow looks as tricky. I have a very clean hull ,as smooth as I could get , a new genoa from Solo Sails and a decent main from Kemps. We can point as well as any. We heel to leeward to fill the genoa, a nice relaxed feel to trim and a minimum of movement in the boat.I had my hair cut tonight to feel the breeze ! But most important , we want clear air and have to work the tide and depth as much as possible in our more shallow waters. I usually have the back stay full on but relax it in light airs a bit. I always feel that it is a 20ft boat with a box on the back for a bit more length and really almost a classic day boat so it is a struggle sometimes but I love the feel and response she gives. Oliver Lee drew great little boats, just look at the Squib and Hunter 19 , Anderson 22 and of course the Ajax. Good luck this week !
blueachilles 5 years ago
Hi to Hotfoot. We are moored at Loe Beach, so will keep an eye out for you.

Rod & Di
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
@ B.Mercer : thanks for the info and we do all of that. Got a new main and spinnaker but the #1 genoa has got some air miles on it.

Could do with 10 ft more mast + canvas and a bigger rudder :-)

Thanks for the welcome!

Off for day 3 in a mo. Let the 'carnage' begin .... again !!

NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
welcome to the group and thanks for the information which I will add to the sail numbers list.
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi .. Im at Loe Beach in My Hustler 25 . I saw yo sail past . from Turnaware about 10 days ago
I wondered who you were. Not many yellow Achilles around.
When I had Chille and Goskar I found they loved light winds . Sadlers only saw my stern!
Im next to Blue ,come for a cuppa.
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
And a bullit today.......12 minutes clear of the fleet 1st over the line :-)
busy home [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 5 years ago
Well done !
Red Arrows ? brilliant.
b.mercer 5 years ago
Well done ! We had a complete washout yesterday so all to do today for the Week points.
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
Today all racing abandoned due to zero wind.

Delivery Fowey --> Restronguet tomorrow.
b.mercer 5 years ago
Came 3rd today but won the week at Mersea Week in my class. Two 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd and the Achilles was always the smallest boat. Such a lovely boat !
A264 Clytie 5 years ago
And probably the cheapest yacht in the fleet as well!
hotfoot_24 5 years ago
Well done!
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