9m Handicap

pjbharrison 3:51pm, 28 July 2013
Anyone know what the ECHO handicap for an Achilles 9m, 3 blade fixed prop should be?
Freebird 1011 5 years ago
Freebird with a folding prop sails of .880 This was a new cert. this year and is un-adjusted as we have only raced twice this year and not featued at all.
ECHO handicaps change a bit like a golf handicap depending on your results. All a bit daft in my mind but we dont take racing serious enough to get a IRC handicap.
pjbharrison 5 years ago
Thanks Duncan.
Applied to ISA for ECHO cert at the weekend and got it by email today. Same as yours 0.880.
Puts me in 2nd place in the Wednesday series so far
spearhead_027 5 years ago
If you're dragging around a fixed 3-blader, you should get some more allowance for that.
And on the Clyde there's a bit more for a roller genoa too.
You may have to provide photographic proof to get early action....
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