Hinge mistake

PAIXOTO 7:45am, 11 June 2013
Good morning

I did made this weekend my first mistake, I broke a hinge for the anchors cover place (see photo).
I ask your help to buy a new hinge or in second hand.
Must be equal.

Thanks in advance.
SHAMAL411 5 years ago
We have similar hinges on Shamal which are fortunately all intact so far.
Look at the hinges on the doors to the sink and cooker , they may be the same type as used on the anchor locker and the fore-hatch . I would use
one of these to get the match on deck and replace below .
PAIXOTO 5 years ago
Thanks for your replay.
They are not similar

Best regards
spearhead_027 5 years ago
The original sellers of these hinges went out of business as part of the Jack Holt crash. Before that they seem to have gone metric, with screw holes just that little bit too close together to allow direct replacement. In Britain at least, you can still find the odd unsold one in the bottom drawers of long-established chandleries, but even the metric versions are now becoming like hens' teeth......
In Malta I did find someone to repair a similar break by welding but, 2 years on, that has cracked again, so it's not a long-term answer. It might be best to make a replacement with the right screw-holes out of stainless steel strip - those observant enough to spot it are probably knowledgeable enough to know the reason why!
Sorry I can't help more,
b.mercer 5 years ago
Try Bosuns Locker, Falmouth website. They are on there at approx £17. There is a thread on here if you enter " hinge "
I bought some a year ago for the same reason but one hinge fitted but had to fill and redrill for the second hinge . They are still o.k.
NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
Scarborough Marine are also selling similar hinges through Amazon.
PAIXOTO 5 years ago
good afternoon,
I sincerely thank those who helped me find a supplier for the hinges.
I can inform all interested members that bought the original hinges YS-7176A carriage company will PROBOAT Ltd.
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