Daddsie 4:42pm, 12 May 2013
I am one short for the Round the Island Race on 1st June, thought I would offer the place to fellow Achillians before picking up a rock star off the beach in Weymouth!

Mail me if interested

Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
Oh, would love to, but hope I'll be in Mumbles. Have fun! I'll watch your progress if you have a tracker fitted. What class are you in?
Daddsie 6 years ago
Have not been given one yet, Tranquility and Siam are also doing it
avalon 9 6 years ago
Hello Daddsie.
I'm new to this forum, in terms of making contributions, but have been watching for some time.
A closet achillesyachts watcher.............

If you still have a space for the RTI I'd love to join you.
I have an Achilles 9 metre based in Portishead. Trying to make her go faster in our local races. I'm fairly new to all this yacht racing stuff----at the bottom end of a steep learning curve.
Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
Hi Avalon,
Good to hear you are getting out of the closet!
Hope to see out in Portishead sometime soon, or encourage you up to Oldbury.
Tranquillity1 6 years ago

The 9Ms are in ISCRS Class 7. My crew consists of my wife and two daughters, have to be careful I don't end up overboard.

Look forward to seeing Siam and Rumrunner on the start line!

spearhead_027 6 years ago
Welcome to the forum! Nice to have another 9m edge out from among the woodwork (or pontoons).
I've noted your details on the 9m spreadsheet, but I'm sure we would all like a picture or two, and the model of engine, when you have a moment.
rothwell_neil 6 years ago

Still looking?

avalon 9 6 years ago
Don't worry if there are others interested in RTI -- I'll defer to longer standing members of group......less than 24 hrs membership and counting!
I've succeeded in uploading some photos of Avalon, with some (irritable) help from younger family members.
Cheers, Owen.
Little_Plum 6 years ago
Hi ya Avalon !


(Little Plum)
Daddsie 6 years ago
Thanks for your replies guys, only just logged back onto forum. Have Paul off Orion making up No. 5.

Fingers crossed for good weather!
avalon 9 6 years ago
Hi Daddsie.
No worries regarding the RTI.
I might ask you to show me how to make these 9 metres go faster....
I'm afraid I've already followed your lead with Sanders sails ---new main and 130% genoa.
Any tips?
Daddsie 5 years ago
What are you finding a problem, speed, pointing, upwind, downwind?
Freebird 1011 5 years ago
Have fun!.

We went RTI last weekend (Clare island)
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