pjbharrison 10:48am, 20 April 2013
Hoping to bring Boomerang from Milford Haven to Skerries next week, leaving Friday 26th.
She has a Yanmar YSB12 engine that has just been serviced.

Does anyone know how much fuel she would use per hour?

My plan is to allow 2 litres per hour as I think she should probably use about 1/1.5 l/hr at 5knts. Anyone agree/disagree?
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
YSE s are known to be economical .. Mine seems to be good . I think you are right ,, I ran out of diesel when about to move to the crane!
refillrd but reluctant to start when opened the 1\2 Small bleed screw .
I slackened the 17mm injector pipe swug over a bit retightened and she went . immediatly.
Get your diesel from a garage not a super market ..
Super markets have cheap diesel with out the additives .
YSEs need all the oily bits left in ..
My mates BMW runs like a pig on super market diesel but is great on garage stuff .. He was told by BMW to use the dearer stuff.
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Thanks Ron,
She has been run on red diesel from the marina up to now. I was just going to fill her up at the marina and take some spare cans. The original fuel tank has been replaced by a 40+ litre plastic tank, like an outboard one. see photo
Red Marlin 6 years ago
My 9 metre is not a true comparison as it has a Yanmar 1GM10. Uses about a litre an hour at 5 knots. Will do 6 at a push in calm water but consumption goes up quite a bit. So I guess 2 litres is about right if the bottom is clean.
rothwell_neil 6 years ago
My nanni 2.10 10hp uses 1 litre per hour cruising at 5 knots and 2 litres per hour flat out at 6 knots. I go at 5 knots!, 4 knots is about 1/2 litre per hour. Makes a big difference for little speed gain, 1 litre will cover 3 nm at 6 kn, 5 nm at 5kn and 8nm at 4 kn.
Freebird 1011 6 years ago
We have a Sole diesel so not much of a comparison but would recon 2L per hour is plenty as long as you don't gun it for hours on end. Good luck with the crossing.
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Thanks for all the input, guys.
I'll go with the 2 litres per hour and a reserve tank too!

Weather looks Ok for the trip at the moment but the winds are NW or N so there may be a lot of motoring. May change by Friday.........

Fingers crossed
BERT A24 6 years ago
It will be warmer than your last trip, According to the forecast this evening it's to get cooler with showers for the weekend, so not too bad.
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