PAIXOTO 3:14pm, 19 April 2013
Good afternoon everyone,
wonder if anyone knows the original color of the hull of my Achilles 24

thank you
spearhead_027 6 years ago
Sorry to say there are no written (or digital) records of this sort of thing, so it's all down to personal recollection.

Alternatively take a good look round the hull and find where a chip has been taken out; under the bow-roller is a likely place to start. No good looking below the waterline - clear gelcoat was used there for sail numbers like yours. When you've found a chip, dig inside it with the point of a knife until you're satisfied you've got clean gel. I think the colours used all came from the Scott-Bader Crystic range, and you may still be able to get a colour card to confirm the exact shade.

PAIXOTO 6 years ago
Good morning,
Thanks for your kind replay.

PAIXOTO 6 years ago
good afternoon,

I am restoring my boat and I have to replace the screws securing the keel.
I have read the information on the forum, but I do not know what is the correct product to put between the keel and the boat.
I ask for your help.
Thanks in advance
spearhead_027 6 years ago
Are you sure that you need to do this? It is usually one of the least rewarding jobs to be found on an Achilles because the studs are so big, difficult to undo, well-installed and rarely in less than perfect condition when you do get one out. Normally if there is any rust, it only affects the exposed surfaces and it is sufficient to clean that off, treat with rust-killer and paint. I would say that unless there is a leak, leave the studs alone.

I believe the builders used a polysulphide mastic to bed the keel to the hull stub. Tighten very hard down to squeeze out as much as possible - any slackness will cause a crack to (re-)appear round the joint. It is because the studs are in a line down the centre that this crack tends to develop but, even when it does, it's not something to get worried about so long as the right non-hardening mastic is used.

PAIXOTO 6 years ago
Good Morning,

I will do a check of the joint and will verify the real dimension of the problem.
I sent after same photos.

thanks for your reply,

rothwell_neil Posted 6 years ago. Edited by rothwell_neil (member) 6 years ago
Check the threads on keel bolts on the site, most people find the threads are fine once they are removed which begs the question, why remove?
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
I have new nuts and threaded bar if you need them ..
PAIXOTO 6 years ago
Good afternoon,
I did take some photos,
what do you think I have to do ?

thanks in advance,

Best Regards,
PAIXOTO 6 years ago
Good afternoon again
The nuts and washers are in an acceptable state I did made a chemical cleaning with acid, and I put oil, I'm thinking if I decided not remove the keel to protect the nuts, washers and bolts paint with 99% zinc paint from German called ZINGA.

Best regards,
spearhead_027 6 years ago
Yes, I've heard of that stuff and reports are that it is very good.

Put on as many coats as you have patience for! Did you find what your original gelcoat colour was?

All the best for the re-fit.
PAIXOTO 6 years ago
Thanks for your reply,
The original gelcoat colour is Brown
I had doubts but the truth is that this Achilles has these colors.
What do you think about de keel after see the photos.

Thanks again.

Best regards,

spearhead_027 6 years ago
I made a comment below the picture of the worst bit.
songeur2010 6 years ago
I've had a look at your photos, If it was mine I would drop the keel off and make repairs as required. I don't believe you will be able to make a permanent repair from the out side only. The bolts themselves will in all likelihood still be in ok condition but you will have a leak here which only cause you annoyance for some time to come. Have a look at my photo stream and the comments under the keel photos. I had a boat builder look at mine and the procedure used was from his instructions.
Best of luck.
PAIXOTO 6 years ago
Thanks for your kinly replay,

Best regards,

spearhead_027 6 years ago
I think it comes down to whether there is a leak or not. If it is leaking then I would agree that the keel should come off, but I note that nowhere yet has Pixoto said that it is leaking. The studs are a long way in and if they are still dry then filling and sealing the outside should be sufficient for the foreseeable future. The important thing then is not to use a rigid filler on the outside, as it will crack again.
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