Thetis2013 4:58pm, 14 April 2013
Sailing in some funny weather yesterday, the wind whipped up & I decided to head back to catch up with my friends still at Ferry Nab in their new boat ( a Westerly GK24) and what did I find? Another A24!

I didn't get a name, but the lake reg number is 3054...something. Dark blue hull, moored near to Ferry Nab.

I posted a picture on the photostream, would be nice to get in touch & compare notes.

Got back into Ferry Nab, put reef in & changed to the jib from the Genny, went back out and the wind dropped right off! It rained even harder though! Just one more interesting thing... when our friends came out in the GK 24, we left them behind! Are A24's really that fast, or are we just better sailors?
Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
A24s are remarkably fast for their size, but it's clearly down to the sailors' skill in this case! Glad you're already having so much fun.
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