Mick G Nolan 7:37pm, 4 April 2013
Hi Good People of Achilles World

I’m not exactly new to the forum, but between passwords and other such Yahoo related questions I have been unable to log in, so here I am once more but with a new identity.

I am the proud owner of one half of an Achilles 24 ‘Picaroona’ the other half belonging to a good friend and sailing companion Bryan. For the record Picaroon has also had an alternative name in the past namely Marie Claire Sail No. 430. We purchased Picaroona two years ago from a gentleman in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland who bought her in Arklow, Co Wicklow and now she’s back in Wicklow Town. I suspect she has covered more distance by road than she has by sea!

Today’s problem is a fitting (please see photo) that connects the main sheet to and rotates at the end of the furling boom, it is worn down to a point of no return and it won’t take much for it to give. My question to you all is, is it possible to source this part? If not I have spoken with a local engineering company who will make up a part from stainless steel along with a new nylon washer.

Thanks for reading and I hope one of you has the right answer
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
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BERT A24 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by BERT A24 (member) 6 years ago
Sorry to interrupt the topic, did you get my email re the plug Ron.
NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
no photo! if I understand right the part you require is alloy and I do not know of a source for them. It is probably cheaper to get made out of stainless. That's what I would do.
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
No ! No email. Not even photo re reinforceing ..
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
Mick .. Make a short strop up to go around boom aft of sail in front of end fitting . like whot the racers have.
Mick G Nolan 6 years ago
Hi again and thanks for the heads up on posting a photo, I think it's now in place!

I get the sense its a case of a new stainless fitting! Not cheap at € 125 mind you it will probably outlast Picaroona :)

All the best for now
NormanKlipspringer Posted 6 years ago. Edited by NormanKlipspringer (admin) 6 years ago
That's ridiculous for a piece of bar with 3 holes - no welding. I would make one myself if I had to. Buy ss bar (5mm) (see for suggestion www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAINLESS-STEEL-316-MARINE-GRADE-FLAT-...) £10.31 +pp for 500m by 40mm X 5mm. You might be able to pick up a bit of suitable steel in a boatyard. Drill three appropriate sized holes (will need good sharp drill, lubrication and a pillar drill). Shape to look good, finish and polish. This should in my opinion not cost anything like your quote.
The following is a picture I found on the net of the type of fitting I am thinking of:
boom end
pjbharrison 6 years ago
You'll need cobalt steel drill bits. They're not expensive and many motor factors carry them.
Mick G Nolan 6 years ago
Thanks Norman & PJ

Great lateral thinking and much appreciated
NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
A friend of mine on a Sabre 27 has just has his aluminium version welded successfully and yes aluminium castings can be welded but you need a skilled welder with the right equipment.
Mick G Nolan 6 years ago
Think I'll stick with your original suggestion:)
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