gibson29 6:23am, 28 March 2013

Has anyone found a paint stripper that removes the black paint that was used to coat the interior of a 24 - what was this paint? I need to remove it in order to repair my stanchion bases but cannot get it all off in the small gaps between the stanchion bases and the hull. I have managed to sand off all the other highly exposed areas easily enough but am worried that unless I can get all of it off the new GRP will not bound?
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Might it be gel coat and not paint?
The saloon base and the seat fronts in mine were black gel coated but not the deck underside so it may be paint on the deck underside.
Got some photos?
gibson29 6 years ago
It's not gel coat as its right up under the deck, it's definitely paint of some type? All of the visible inner cabin walls and cupboard insides have been coated in it; with the black gel coated inner grp mould it makes the whole boat very dark. :(
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
I think its a gell coat .. they have all got it ..
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