Two amaryllises

BERT A24 8:39pm, 21 March 2013
Was down at the boat today and found the name board in one of the lockers. it reads as follows;


HYC Amaryllis BSC

The boat was bought down at Southsea in Portsmouth last June, unfortunately I haven't been able to get much done since October due to illness. A photograph taken at Elephant Boatyard in Bursledon is in Snifter 534's photos.
I managed to take some photographs today which I will try to upload. Does anyone from The Solent or IOW area know anything about either of the clubs mentioned above.
Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
Hi Bert, great to hear that the A24 I saw in Bursledon is now in safe hands in N Ireland, and I look forward to seeing your photos.
Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
I wondered if the H in HYC was Hamble, and the B in BSC was Bursledon, but I can't think of any sailing clubs with those initials in that area. There's Bembridge Sailing Club on the IOW. Not much help, I'm afraid!
BERT A24 6 years ago
With help from Norman I can now confirm that the Achilles 24 which I have is Amaryllis, sail number 469. She was originally owned by Roland Kaye and was moored in the Norfolk Broads. The X952 was her registration for the Broads.
future achiever [deleted] 3 years ago
HYC was Humber Yawl Club where amaryllis was for several years first in Winteringham Haven and then Brought Haven. Later it moved to Norfolk and the BSC was Buckenham Sailing Club on the riverYare. She was replaced by Aquilon a 9 metre which is berthed in Lowestoft.
Amaryllis was sailed on east coast from Humber to Holland and Suffolk rivers. She was sold to 2 airline pilots who took her to Brighton to race her.
She was a good boat and looked after her crew.
BERT A24 3 years ago
Thanks for the additional information Roland, it's nice to complete another link in her history.
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