Daddsie 5:52pm, 17 March 2013
The RYA has introduced the National Handicap for Cruisers (NHC) it starts out as a rating then turns into a performance based system. The base numbers which are calculated on measurement are interesting.

Are any of clubs that you are in adopting this seeing as PY is now longer supported by the RYA?
Super Snoopy 050 6 years ago
Yes, Newport Uskmouth SC is using it for the new season. It looks as if we'll have different handicaps for midweek short tide races; longer weekend tide races; day races and Regattas. It looks a complete abortion at the moment.
Daddsie 6 years ago
All the local cWeymouth clubs are still going to use py and run NHC in tandem. It is a bit awkward for us as our club secretary runs HALS' s and has been closely working with the RYA so we are under pressure to adopt.
b.mercer 6 years ago
Daddsie, you know all of this stuff. I'm not sure yet what West Mersea clubs are doing but I imagine it wil be NHC. However what does concern me is the rating for Achilles 24 at 0.843 where a Sonata is 0.831 as is a Limbo 6.6. and a Sadler 25 is 0.836.
I cannot see how an Achilles can go from 1079 ,Sonata 1041 , Limbo 1043 and Sadler 1064 to the new ratings ?
I hope I have misread these ,got this wrong and can only hope for local handicap to find a balance.
Daddsie 6 years ago
Have just come from a meeting at the club and discussed NHC base handicaps with the RYA rep. Their stance is that it will sort itself out after six races.

What we are proposing is to run NHC as a ghost series behind our normal PY series, if the results from NHC reflect those in PY then we may adopt NHC and also utilise the handicap numbers that have been adjusted whilst running in the background.

As Regatta chairman, my problem is everyone starting again on base numbers. Nightmare!
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