Hooray !!!!

G4NLA1 12:18am, 2 March 2013
My GP says I can go down to Little Plum for a few days !!

Which will be a far better medicine than any yucky drugs....

pjbharrison 6 years ago
Sorry to hear you've been unwell.
Glad you're feeling better.
Enjoy the trip
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
Get well SOON.. !
No better medicine than on your boat .. take it easy , not too much work .!
pjbharrison 6 years ago
How did it go?
BERT A24 6 years ago
Yes I know the feeling very well, I had surgery last November and am still attending GP's surgery to get the wound dressed. Thankfully it's every other day now for the last couple of weeks, but previous to that it was every day.
Hope you continue to improve, but take it easy and get into the swing of things at a leisurely pace.
Amrum 9171Y Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Amrum 9171Y (member) 6 years ago
Hi Gee! How are you now?
I and a few others from Thornbury are planning a trip to Portishead at Easter. Will you be around? We may sail off on the morning tide round the Holms and end up at Portishead in the evening.
HW on Good Friday is about 0900 and it's a spring, so we would be passing you around 1030 to 1100 if you fancied a sail in company.
If interested I'll let you know further details nearer the time. It'll be weather dependent, and we may go Saturday or Sunday if the weather looks better then.
G4NLA1 6 years ago
I had a nice time on the boat, but couldn't get much work done - but at least I got some much needed rest !. Still signed off work for another work, but hope to get to the boat this weekend.

Shamal was moored next door, and is looking great after her winter maintenance work. I have to fit a new panel into the cabin - it is one of the ones with the semi-circles at the end, the old one was starting to show signs of rot. To be honest the chippie that made the new one for me was so cheap I might get him to do the rest next winter. The new one should last as it is marine ply rather than exterior ply that the existing ones appear to be made from.

I will see how I feel over Easter, I trip around the Holms might be a bit ambitious for a first sail - but I will keep in touch. Whatever at least I will get to meet with you chaps in the evening !
G4NLA1 6 years ago
I met up with my crew (John) at lunch today. We will be joining in with the cruise around the Holms at Easter.

I think I am being a little bit thick - But how on earth do you send a private message to one of your friends on Flickr ? I think I have tried every single link I can find !!


NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
Go to their photostream by clicking on their name. Look accross from their name and you will se an envelope. Click on the envelope to send a Flickr mail. Good luck. To look at your mail click on your avatar in the top righthand corner and you will see Flickrmail listed as an option. Good luck and glad you are getting better.
G4NLA1 6 years ago
Thought I was being a bit dim, thank you so much Norman !!

I hope to get 'scruffy' to the mumbles bash - but will follow Snifter down ..

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


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