9m Fore Hatch

Freebird 1011 10:19pm, 22 February 2013
Our fore hatch leeks! In the two years of sailing it has always let in water, not rain but when a wave comes over the foredeck things start to get wet below.

We have tried just about every kind of seal with no success. We are now thinking of removing the moulded hatch and fitting a modern Perspex job. This will obviously require a small hardwood trim to be fitted first to take care of the camber in the deck.

Just wondering if anyone has done this or has a ‘miracle’ cure for keeping the water out?
Thanks, Duncan.
busy home [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 6 years ago
CT 1
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Daddsie 6 years ago
Cured my leaking fore hatch with exact seal from
Freebird 1011 6 years ago
Thanks, folks I am pushed for time with this winters jobs so may give seals direct a go. Chille pepper --- CT1 --- ???

Fair winds, Duncan
pjbharrison Posted 6 years ago. Edited by pjbharrison (member) 6 years ago

Like Sikaflex but can be overpainted and tube doesn't go off as quick.

The neoprene seal I used hasn't leaked since installed a couple of years ago. I'll be in Howth tomorrow and could pick up a couple of meters and post to you if you like.
Got some photos of the offending area? Not sure if hatch is same type as A24's.
Similar to below but 12mm square

Screwfix don't deliver to ROI
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
CT1 works.
Cures even when wet.
pjbharrison Posted 6 years ago. Edited by pjbharrison (member) 6 years ago
C-Tec Ireland
In Kilkenny

Stockist in Galway
blueachilles 6 years ago
Ours leaked in the rain, but new seal from Seals Direct has cured it. I guess that if it keeps rain out it'll keep waves out. I'd also suggest you ensure the it clips tight.

The Seals Direct website shows dozens of different seal sections, we used a simple rectangular shape, fixed with Impact adhesive.
Freebird 1011 6 years ago
Thanks again all, PJB it is very good of you to offer to post to me but no rush so dont worrie thanks. The boat is not going into the water untill April and I need to get new hinges as well.

I wil pop a few pictures up next time I am down at the boat

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