Amrum 9171Y 11:31pm, 31 January 2013
Ron - you were fitting a sculling oar to Goskar, and I've been toying with fitting one to Snifter and Amrum.
Any thoughts on the optimum length of oar both to scull over the stern, and to row facing forwards in the cockpit?
I noticed MingMing (the Corribee) had oars lashed alongside the cockpit for rowing her facing forwards, together with 2 long oars to use as a jury mast or emergency steering oar/scull. It will be interesting to see the setup on MingMing2.
Have you been sculling Goskar yet, and if so, what are your thoughts? How effective was it?
Anyone else had any experience of this?
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
I never did get a long oar for Goskar.. The thought was . emergency steering or skull the last few yards to my mooring in calms need a proper skulling rowlocl i think ,
Carrie has a rowlock , I spoke to the original owner who sailed her to the med and raced her ..Emergency steering he said .. He has her long oar still ! In Ireland .!
I think a skulling oar is much shorter than an emergency oar would need to be but never got either ,, sorry not to be much help ..
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Where is the oar in Ireland, Ron?
Maybe I can bring it over in June
Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
Thanks for that, Ron. I think I'll experiment. I have 2 old 7 foot oars which might work for rowing Snifter, but I'm guessing they might need to be 9 foot for Amrum. It's a long time since I did any sculling, so it will be fun to try it again. MingMing had wooden rowlocks as I recall.
What's the difference between a sculling and an ordinary rowlock? (I'll have a google in a second!)
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
The skulling rowlock has equal height sides ...
PJB I dont know.
Martin.h_A567 1 year ago
Hello Rob,
Did you do anything with the oars in the end? I was struck by the oars on Mingming2. Thought maybe I would try the same. Any guidance gratefully received.

I hope you're well.
greyhoundturning18 1 year ago
No sorry I never got round to aquireing a proper long oar.
I see no reason why it should not work though >>
The french use them a lot..
Martin.h_A567 1 year ago
Ok. Thanks Ron.
Best. Martin
Amrum 9171Y 1 year ago
Hi Martin,
Well, I finally found a 10ft oar (after 5 years!) - obtained for free when I bought two small dinghy oars for a tenner! - and I am about to try fitting a sculling and rowing rowlock to Amrum, and see how it goes.
I'll let you know In due course.
Martin.h_A567 1 year ago
That's exciting to hear Rob. Yes please leep me posted! Thank you. Martin
Martin.h_A567 9 months ago
Hey Rob, how are you? How did the sculling go?!
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