Skykomish E29 10:44pm, 14 January 2013
Visited the London Boats show yesterday and was deeply disappointed.
Instead of two halls everything was squeezed into one, and to be honest at one point I did wonder if I had walked into a car show instead as one section was completely devoted to prestige cars, which admittedly were nice to look at but what do they have to do with boats? similarly what the hell do I want with dining room furniture or skin ailment treatment or even massage couches?
One stand that was interesting was the computer manufacture of 3 dimensional objects. They can scan any object and recreate it in plastic within a couple of hours using a computer to create the 3 dimensional map. They can then use it as a mould and create a one off metal reproduction a real boom for those obsolete parts that annoyingly break. The cost is also very reasonable for small objects, I have the brochure from the company if anybody needs any parts made.

But all in all I feel that this was probably the worst boat show that I have been to with a distinct lack of goodies to tempt me, and was I think reflected by the poor turn out on what was after all only the second day of the show and a weekend at that! The place was not crowded at all and car park was virtually empty a sad reflection of the times one thinks.
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Thanks for that, Malcolm.
A friend had asked me to go to it on Thursday and I was just pricing flights etc.
You've just saved me €200!!
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
I would say save your money for the Southampton one. There were very few stands selling boat equipment and those that were only had small displays unlike those of the past. If you are into power boats then you may enjoy the vast display of motor yachts but in terms of sailing, there was a poor turn out however must say that Cornish Crabber had the very nice revamped "Mystery 35" which looks lovlier than the original Hunter version . I did manage to speak to the guys on the Beta Engine stand about my lift pump issues and they were very helpful so that alone made the trip worthwhile. But even the staff on the stands looked pretty fedup
Super Snoopy 050 6 years ago
Rhys and i went on Monday 14th and had a cracking time. It may be that living in the far flung west of the empire, we are easily pleased or perhaps we should get out more - anyway we enjoyed it.

Took the train up - on time; tube trains arrived promptly; not too busy at the show - I hate crowds; invited on all the boats we wanted to crawl over - the Oyster lady bouncer looked intimidating so we didn't go there; bought a new main from Crusader; new prop from Sillette; bits and pieces from TCS and others; ropes from English Braids; books from Roger Taylor; jacket from Quba; booked Solent September charter with Commodore Yachting; wetsuit from Andaark; ale (me) and lager (Rhys) from the Guiness Bar and West Cornwall pasties on the way home.

Invigorated by out mid winter fix. Itching to try out the new wetsuit by doing my Powerbosat 2 training on Saturday and Sunday. All is well in the world!! Go for it PJB, if you don't like it you can punch me on the nose in Mumbles.
rothwell_neil Posted 6 years ago. Edited by rothwell_neil (member) 6 years ago
We went yesterday, impressive the way that they get those big Gin palaces in the door. Loved the way that it went east west, east big F off gin palaces, prestige cars, then speed boats, aquatic chav jet skies then a few nice cruisers, yacht charter, few dingies then boat jumble, far west Roger Taylor with a dishevelled Ming Ming! Could have spent a few more hours there but wife wanted to visit a shop.

Liked the Mystery 35, didn't bother looking at the MoBos.

Bought a Scottish courtesy flag.
Daddsie 6 years ago
I only go to the Bealieu boat jumble, the organisers charge so much to the traders at the boat shows that they cannot afford to do "show discounts" any more.
Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
I tend to agree that it was disappointing, and not sure I'd fly over from Dublin, but I really enjoyed my £10 worth of entry, and was in London anyway for a granddaughter's birthday. Roger Taylor and MingMing were very interesting, bought some new foul weather gear (having sailed to Cardiff and back on Saturday on a GK29, and had rain, sleet, steady 35 knots of wind dead on the bow and never been so cold and wet before, so decided time for some new kit!), and got quotes from Crusader for new sails for Amrum. Not as good as Southampton, but I had fun. I should have checked if anyone was going yesterday and met up for a beer. I'll try and remember next time.
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
I have to admit I think that the Sunseekers and Princess' have grown somewhat but "Tacky" or what? We paid £16 each for our tickets online but were tied to getting there Sunday as since starting my new job it is proving difficult to get time off together now.
For me the Mystery 35 was the star of the show and at £165,000 I doubt that I will be rushing out to place my order, however we had an interesting chat with the guy on the Cornish Crabber stand about it , apparently they welcome visitors to the factory at Rock in Cornwall. The guy I was chattting to runs a charter business at Falmouth and knows Loe Beech very well.
OK will have to get better organised for Southampton .
I agree Daddsie that bargains are few and far between when we used to go to the Dive Show at the NEC we would come away with loads of bargains, it seems that the retail trade got hacked off with it as they would be undercut so heavily by the trade stands at these shows complaints were frequent in the dive press and so they stopped the discounting.
We got a great little sailing multitool from Classic Boat magazine stand for just signing up for one quarter subscription (4 issues) of their mag (1 to take away at the show and 3 delivered to your door) plus got a FREE copy of sailing today thrown in by the nice young lady!
Another good buy was the Adlard Coles Book of "Maintenance & Repair for Diesel Engines" this has step by step procedures for engine repairs similar to a Haynes manual but in full colour and great detail.
Have to say the book stands were one of my favourites, but always are I could spend a fortune on books!
Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
I saw that Diesel book on the Adlard Coles stand, and thought it looked very well set out. Decided I'd spent enough by then, so will add it to the list to be slipped through the credit card when my wife is looking elsewhere. Quite a long list already, and not sure how the new sails will escape her gaze however well timed!!
Darko Kapelina 6 years ago
Is anyone going to the Miami boat show interested in meeting to brainstorm regenerative sailing?
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Sorry Darko, this site is not intended for trolling for investors or marketing. Suggest you try elsewhere.
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