farmer boy 12:00am, 10 December 2012
Hi all, I promised a couple of group members that I would update them on my next "adventure" sorry I mean disaster... I have just arrived in LA Palma to prepare for the Atlantic crossing in a Vancouver 27. I am writing up a daily digest of cock ups various at......

Hope you are all well - how are things Neil?

busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
All the best John.. We missed you recently.. Write a book I would by it.
farmer boy 6 years ago
Thanks Ron, You are a good man. Just been out in the harbour checking out the engine and the fuel filter fell off - who would believe it.... it is a nice yacht though. Different league to the Vega. Lets hope I have a bit more success this time.
farmer boy 6 years ago
Just a thought Ron - you may be able to help.... The guy I am sailing with has a set of what I think are called running backstays which I have fitted to the mast - they attach at the spreaders and then the other end has a block and tackle arrangement for tightening to a couple of U bolts either side of the cockpit.
Can you explain what there purpose is? It seems to me that they will be a real pain in the backside because they will stop the boom from moving across the boat... he has not has them fitted until now so we are a bit bemused by them.
It is a cutter rig - ie it has a forestay to the top of the mast and another inner forestay which attaches lower down the mast.
farmer boy 6 years ago
ps - they may be called checkstays?
gibson29 6 years ago
Hi mate,

Try this description:

Running backstays support the headstay in a fractionally rigged boat. A masthead rig has the advantage of not needing them. A running backstay runs from each lateral corner of the stern to the mast at the level where the forestay begins in the fractional rig. Together with other rigging, it supports the mast. Because they are attached low on the mast, they can present a significant problem in an accidental gybe, as the boom hits the stay, with the possibility of breaking the boom, mast, or both.

During Sailing (Beating or reaching) the running backstay on the windward side is in tension. The one in the leeward side is lazy. As the boat tacks they change over. Another function of the running backstay is to adjust the tension of the forestay to suit the sailing angle and sea condition. In general, during a hard beat when the boat sails very close to the wind, the running backstay is tightened to increase the tension of the forestay. The genoa is sheeted in under these conditions, the draft of the genoa is brought forward reducing drag.

Have used them several times and they can be a pain but you soon get used to them and they are there for a purpose so best to use them if close winded if you can.

Fair winds

busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
hi john ...
Usually used when the boom was longer than the boat and the backstay could not be set up ,, IE the Falmouth working boats and most gaffers ..
I used to sail a First 31 , racer . running backstays ,, Ok with a crew ..
But not advised on a cruiser..
Possible I suppose as a help when it gets hairy, Dadsie would know more than me, Im no expert on this ..
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
Has she a Bukh 20? If so get a spare exhaust elbow ..
Vancouvers dont move under sail in less than 10 mph
You may need to motor a lot and Bukhs burn out elbows,,
farmer boy 6 years ago
Hi Ron, we have a nice new Lister Petter diesel - purrs like a long as the fuel filter stays attached...... she is not a fast boat and we are pretty heavy as well so I guess 4kts will be about our limit so it will be a long trip to the Caribbean..... I am jut glad that I still have a chance to give it a go. It is so much more fun with someone else to talk to.

I have been doing a bit of digging and I think they are checkstays,,,, it is a cutter rig - fixed backstays and forestay both go to the top of the mast.
craig48uk 6 years ago
farmer boy:

The checkstays/runners will be used to tension the cutter stay, just like your backstay tensions the forestay. Really they are for windward work, which you hopefully won't have any of!
They will give the mast a bit more support downwind, only one on at a time with the mainsail up and watch out for accidental gybes. An accidental gybe will have the main boom hit the checkstay at speed and may damage the boom, or rig. With twin headsails only, both can be left on.
farmer boy 6 years ago
Thats great Craig - it all makes sense now, we are off to Grenada on Saturday so I hope to be drinking rum some time soon. I bet you are missing the Caribbean weather?
craig48uk 6 years ago
farmer boy:

Actually I've only been back in the UK for 2 weeks after a 3 week holiday back in the British Virgin Islands! Hot as hell, hadn't yet cooled from summer, but the Christmas winds have now arrived (northerlies) that have cooled it to a more bareable level for us lot.
Bon Voyage, there'll be moments of boredom, horror and elation, as you've already experienced, just enjoy every minute, it's a very special experience!
farmer boy 6 years ago
Safe at anchor in Cape verde.....phew! It was a good trip and no major problems - we caught a massive bloody fish which filled the cockpit and nearly bit my foot off but otherwise all went well. Wifi is a bit flaky so will update later... if pos!
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
Well done /... Happy Christmas....
rothwell_neil 6 years ago

Enjoy Cape Verde, we had a great time there lovely locals and the setting is excellent. Always thought if I was anchored off there it would be hard to set off again.
Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
Well done, John! Have a great Christmas, and I look forward to reading the next episode in your inimitable style when you get some wifi. All the best.
Slycat777 6 years ago
Very well done!
farmer boy 6 years ago
thamks and Happy Christmas to all.... just off to customs and then a search for wifi and some grub... this place is very much African!
Daddsie 6 years ago
Was in Grenada earlier this year, Prickly bay and Hog Island, great hurricane holes.
Darko Kapelina 6 years ago
Anyone interested brainstorm regenerative sailing?
pjbharrison 6 years ago
Sorry Darko, this site is not intended for trolling for investors or marketing. Suggest you try elsewhere.
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