michaellucianojr 4:37pm, 7 December 2012
Hello Achilles 24 members,

I was recommended this group by Norman, who I found through his website "Achilles Yachts" because of its reference to Chris Butler. As the title suggests, I have an early Butler Mouldings OK-class dinghy that I'm looking to do a full restoration on and have come to you for help and guidance. Here's the kicker: I have never before owned a boat, let alone been on a sailboat. My entire boating experience has been in the form of working for a summer of replacing the transom and repairing the hull on a 55' mahogany sided motor boat with 2 enormous Detroit diesels.

Once I figure out how to post photos to this topic, I definitely will. I hope you guys enjoy my progress and steer me in the right direct as I go forward. As it's currently winter here in Massachusetts, most of my work has moved inside to ordering vintage/new rigging, building a new rudder, and restoring the destroyed daggerboard.

I hope you guys don't mind my lack of an achilles! I'd have one if my parents would let me park it in the yard, I promise you.

Best regards,
Michael Luciano
michaellucianojr 6 years ago
Photos of the project with brief descriptions:
1006121230c by michaellucianojr

1006121510 by michaellucianojr

As I found it in Ipswich, MA for $40 from someone who was moving that weekend.

1017121638 by michaellucianojr

Repair made where it appears someone stepped on the cleat and cracked the hull.

1017121639 by michaellucianojr

Replacement transom where someone had refiberglassed the entire hull without taking the paint off.

1023120928a by michaellucianojr

Rather than remove the paint to refiberglass the hull, someone chose to make a million holes?

1201122318 by michaellucianojr

Operations moved indoors for the winter, and here you see a new mahogany rudder with the original tiller and RWO hardware.

Hope you guys approve.
NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
Glad you found your way to the group. I am sure that there will be much interest in your project. best wishes.
rothwell_neil 6 years ago
Good luck with the OK, loved them when I was younger. Need to bend in the middle to get under that boom, must be the lowest boom on any boat!
Super Snoopy 050 6 years ago
Can't quite make it out, but does the 5th picture above show a plethora of osmosis pits on the RHS? Can't see how a dry sailed dinghy gets bad osmosis other than sitting on wet grass for an age.
michaellucianojr 6 years ago
Super Snoopy 050:

Looking at it up close, they really look like someone took a power drill and drilled hundreds of small holes to make the new layer of fiberglass adhere. There's even a uniformity to how they're spaced and sized. I'll have to get a better photo next time I'm up close.
michaellucianojr 6 years ago

Yeah, luckily I'm not all too tall (5'8), but I figure I'll figure out how to get under it after a few bad hits.
b.mercer 6 years ago
The photo when blown up does show a mass of very uniform holes .
I guess they wont have weakened it if they are only into the gellcoat.
I agree with Neil that they are great little boats once you master the tacking/ducking /hiking method. They are raced very seriously in our area of Nth Essex and Suffolk. The current National champion is from Dabchicks at West Mersea, my club and the guy I bought my Achilles from was a previous Champion. Old boats with a new mast and sail seem to do as well as new boats and they are well worth refurbishing here. There is a very good U.K OK website with access to plenty of information and help.
Daddsie 6 years ago
Terry Curtis ( was speaking to him this morning) at Weymouth SC is OK European champion. Didn't realise that Butler mouldings constructed OK's. You learn something every day!
michaellucianojr 6 years ago

Thanks for the info on the site. I've been digging around a bit but will have to check it out.

I'm kind of worried about the whole ducking method of sailing, but it should be a fun boat. I just ordered more vintage RWO hardware from the UK for it today!
michaellucianojr 6 years ago

The Butler mouldings OK I cannot find any real information on anywhere. My best source has been Norman who went to Mr. Butler for some info but apparently a fire took out most of the information. I'd be interested to know how many are out there.
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