Little_Plum 1:23pm, 31 October 2012
I got the first coat of weathershield on last weekend, and it is looking a lot brighter in there. Will get another coat on this weekend.

The new crew member ? - A Raymarine ST1000+ autohelm, which should make single handed sailing a bit more straightforward.

Thanks again for all the advice.


Amrum 9171Y 6 years ago
Did you buy the autohelm new, Gee, or on eBay?
Glad LP is coming along.
Little_Plum 6 years ago
Bit the bullet and bought a brand new one from ebay. I have got a second hand one that I think used to belong to Noah. It does work, but to go any distance I would need to be permanently connected to our local nuclear power station. !!.

Getting there steadily. I am so glad I bought an A24,, Most maintenance jobs don't involve vast quantities of cash !!

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