Red Marlin 3:27pm, 20 September 2012
This Saturday is the last race in the series of 5. Not going well. Ranking 5th out of 8 in my class. First weekend had crew problems only did one of the 2 races. This weekend took 4 old codgers out who had never been sailing before. Wildly enthusiastic but no experience told. No wind both days so start was delayed 2 hours Sat and 1 hour Sunday. Crews of most boats swimming in the calm. I started regretting all the items I have added to make life comfortable. 4HP outboard (should take that off). 2 anchors/electric winch/60 metres chain. Solar panel/goalpost to support it/ 2 x 110 batteries and so on. Do I stop cruising the Aegean and strip the boat down - or do I forget racing - or can I combine both. Biggest difficulty is crew really. Wife does not want to go out at all but loves the boat and is very supportive. We do have a flat and hoped to entice sailing enthusiasts to come out and sail with me - some success but really not enough interest. Cannot understand it really ideal sailing conditions and ideal boat and nobody interested. Ho Hum
Vidwatts Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Vidwatts (member) 6 years ago
Get an Achilles 24, strip it out and race that?

Actually, if it had an ounce of sense to it I could be tempted to do that: keep Aeolus as the de luxe version and pick up a cheap fin keeler,, take out all the unnecessaries, fit modern rigging and sails and have a lot of fun with it.
Red Marlin 6 years ago
Funny you should say thay I had been talking about that for a couple of years. My son said it was bizarre to have a good sailing boat and buy another so I could go sailing. Still think its a goer
rothwell_neil 6 years ago
Merlin is pretty much already stripped and a bargain eh Ron?
NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
Merlin is a race winner too. Remember this
Red Marlin 6 years ago
Last race yesterday for the Allianz trophy series. Clear blue sky and 15-20 knots of wind. Went to the briefing but did not understand a word of it so was not sure what I was doing, all the other boats were Turkish except a Vodaphone sponsored Greek boat, Also a new German X41 racing an identical X41. About 25 boats all fairly new and over 35 feet. We did pretty good but ended last. New experience for the crew. Alan was sick and will never step on a boat again. Arthur keen but not with it. Derek very excited about it and since he is recovering from a serious cancer that was removed from neck and shoulder area last winter I was pleased to see what a buzz he got from it.
We went to the prize giving but to be honest it was only because the marina provided a free barbecue with wine and beer. Live music was also on so party time. Prize giving was in Turkish of course and a couple of obvious boats were photographed for the press receiving their cups. And then amongst all the Turkish we heard "Red Marlin" mentioned, I went up and collected a cup and was also photographed and received a loud applause. It seem I was second runner up. How could this happen ? Are my Turkishn hosts being kind again ?
blueachilles 6 years ago
Sums up racing beautifully. Sounds like you had a good time, (apart from Alan), and had some good sailing even if you didn't know what you were doing (although I bet you did really). Then a free barbecue with booze and live music, and to cap it all, a trophy and a sense of achievement.

Sounds good to me, well done!
NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
Congratulations and well done.
Red Marlin 6 years ago
Enjoyed it but I think I have the answer to my question. They do not mix. Many of the additions I have added to the boat improve it for cruising but they all add weight. Some can be taken off but not all. The solar panel upwind went vertical and must have caused drag along with the frame to support it and the bimini. And it feeds 2 large service batteries that is also needed for the anchor winch. I took the anchor and 60 metres of chain off. Will probably go in a few races for fun but it is difficult to control the competitive urge. Would also need to get a regular crew and then travel to Teo/Bodrum/Marmaris to get more races in. A second boat is a good idea but getting it out here is a consideration, another adventure though. Sometimes miss the company of sailors who have similar age and size of boat (this site helps). Under 35 feet and older than 10 years I guess in a marina of 400 boats there are 2 but I never see the owners.
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