jendave1 7:29am, 21 August 2012
Since getting involved in sailing, I have looked at a number of sailing forums. Most are pretty awful in one way or another. I occasionally look at the Westerly owners, which has good technical info. Also look at Scuttlebutt, just to see how annoying and middle class sailing can be!
However, this forum is the first I looked at when we were thinking of buying an A24 and still my favourite.
Everyone is very helpful and genuine, you're not made to feel a fool no matter how inane your posting (talking about myself here!) or how little knowledge (or money) you have. It is genuinely inclusive, how many members no longer have an Achilles but still regularly contribute?
There is a 'family' atmosphere, the long-standing members are happy to share their experience with complete novices. Farmer John's adventures have been extremely entertaining, from the trip South when he bought his A24 to ending up in Spain.
We're a little remote for the gatherings, but I bet they are great fun. I feel like I know the people anyway.
So a big thanks to Norman for his input, and all members for their postings & photos. The friendliest and most entertaining sailing forum I've come across!
Slycat777 6 years ago
+1 well said

If any of you guys are in the Ballycastle/Rathlin area drop me a line
NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
Thankyou Dave for those kind words. The members make the group.
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
I second that Norman but you took the trouble to actually set up the site so it is you we should really thank
NormanKlipspringer 6 years ago
And you Malcolm for your work in seeing the need.
Red Marlin 6 years ago
Yes thanks for the site. The site and Achilles yachts seem to attract genuine small boat enthusiasts. It is good to see even if understandably some move to more spacious boats they still remain Achilles fans
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